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Internet news outlets specializing in South Sudan


The most useful regular specialist news outlets for South Sudan in recent years have been Sudan Tribune and Gurtong. The internet service of Radio Tamazuj has recently achieved a similar status, while Gurtong's original output seems to have virtually ceased in 2014. However there are also other useful sites. See the list below.


Name and URL Content in brief Background in brief
Bor Globe Network

News, analysis and documentation with focus on Bor area. Has sometimes produced valuable exclusive content but often relies on material recycled from elsewhere.

Bor Globe Network is a non-profit and non-governmental organization run by members of the greater Bor community primarily in the US (ref).

Catholic Radio Network

Prolific website for news (with particular strength in church- and aid-related news), linked to a group of radio stations serving South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains area in Sudan.

Owned by the Sudan Catholic Bishops' Conference (which also embraces both Sudan and South Sudan), and funded by a variety of Catholic and other agencies.

Eye Radio

Internet feed of news and current affairs for South Sudan linked to a radio service.

Eye Radio is largely a project of Internews, funded by USAID. There is a local partner entity called Eye Media and an Advisory Board of South Sudanese people chaired by Jok Madut Jok. (ref)


Before 2014, Gurtong was one of the key sites for news and analysis. It is unclear whether its recent quiescence is temporary. It also published key public documents and background information.

Governed by the Gurtong Trust, an independent non-profit body with a board of South Sudanese people. It has been funded largely by the governments of Switzerland and Norway and the OSI (ref).


Mixture of original op-ed pieces (apparently mostly by South Sudanese diaspora people) and news pieces, some apparently original, some gathered from elsewhere.

Anonymous blog.

PaanLuel Wël

Useful blog including news and background documents on South Sudan. Some of the content is original, some aggregated from diverse sources.

The site declares itself run by PaanLuel Wël, a South Sudanese graduate of George Washington University, still based in Washington DC, USA, with the help of other bloggers.

Radio Miraya

 Formerly a major news source, but by March 2014 its output had become meagre, and in May 2014 the site seemed to have been closed down. (The radio service still continued, though also reduced.)

Operated by UNMISS.

Radio Tamazuj

Internet text and audio in English and Arabic linked to a radio service in Arabic and Dinka. Daily news and current affairs focussed mainly on the borderlands of Sudan and South Sudan (ref).

Radio Tamazuj is largely a project of Free Press Unlimited, a Netherlands-based organization which gets funds from numerous donors (ref1, ref2).

South Sudan Info

Blog which notably includes a 'Daily News' section. Although the coverage is not always daily, this links to a promising collaborative page at

Run by David Widgington, a Canadian media professional with a special interest in South Sudan.

South Sudan News Agency

Almost a standard outlet for press releases by civil society, diaspora and opposition groups. Also publishes op-ed pieces.

The site declares that SSNA is based in the US, but does not reveal much else about its background.

South Sudan Tribune

As of April 2014, this nicely-presented site offers about two news stories per day. Makes its most distinctive contribution in local stories from Central Equatoria State.

Anonymous. Seems to have started up in early 2014.

Mixture of news gathered from other sources, and original op-ed pieces by Southern Sudanese. Spasmodically updated. Focus particularly on Nuer.

Site registrant is a David Dak Machar in Sweden.

A mixture of op-ed pieces (mostly scathing in tone, anti-SPLM in direction) and news items put together (often without clear attribution) from international news sources.

Describing itself as 'the only and leading independent website for South Sudan since 2003', it does not clearly declare its background. But it appears to be run by Dr Peter Wankomo, from London.

Sudan Tribune

Important site for news and comment on South Sudan (and Sudan).

Non-profit website, based in Paris. Aims to 'promote plural information, democratic and free debate'. Has a team of professional staff. The site does not seem to declare its sources of funding.

The New Sudan Vision

News and opinion including some interesting original content, nicely presented but low in volume.

Its declared aim is to promote a well-governed society, and present news that fairly represents the interests of all ethnic groups. It appears to be run by diaspora South Sudanese.

The Niles

Reports about current political, economic and social conditions in South Sudan and Sudan, using both English and Arabic. Not daily news but background to it. By early 2014 articles were fewer.

A project of MICT (Media in Cooperation and Transition) funded by the German foreign ministry.

The Upper Nile Times

News site with original content of professional journalistic standard, but low in volume. Focus on South Sudan and within that on the area of Upper Nile state, perhaps a Nuer focus.

Sees itself as an 'independent online newspaper'. Appears to be under a company incorporated in the US: The Upper Nile Times Inc.


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