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Aid projects

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ACBF (2013-) South Sudan Capacity Building Project (SSCAP)
AECOM (2010-2013) Sudan transition and conflict mitigation
AWEPA (c2012-2014) South Sudan’s Legislative Assembly (SSLA) and State Assemblies
AWEPA (c2013-2014) South Sudan National Legislative Assembly (SSNLA) and Local Councils
China (2013-) Katire/Kineti hydro power project
DFID (2002-2010) Scholarship Programme for Sudanese Students
DFID (2004-2009) Capacity Building For Debt Management
DFID (2004-2010) Support to SSAJ
DFID (2005-2010) Action Contre la Faim(ACF): Nutrition, Bentiu 2005
DFID (2005-2012) South Sudan Service Delivery
DFID (2005-2014) Multi Donor Trust Funds National
DFID (2007-2010) Strategic Development Fund Objective 2
DFID (2007-2010) UNDP Threat & Risk Mapping & Analysis programme
DFID (2007-2011) Support to the Fifth Sudan Population Census
DFID (2007-2012) Engage Civil Society in Criminal Law Reform CSCF410
DFID (2007-2012) Supporting Legislative & Electoral Processes in Sudan
DFID (2008-2010) Community security and arms control
DFID (2008-2010) South Sudan NGO Forum
DFID (2008-2010) Sudan HIV/AIDS sero-behavioural survey
DFID (2008-2010) Support to effective administrative and democratic governance in Southern Sudan (SEADGOSS)
DFID (2008-2011) UNICEF education project Abyei
DFID (2009-2013) Security Sector Development & Defence Transformation
DFID (2010-2014) Safety and Access to Justice Programme
Global Communities (c2013) Improving Market Potential for Returnees through Opportunities for Viable Economic development (IMPROVE)
Global Communities (c2013) Partnership Against Violence and Exploitation (PAVE)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Bold response initiatives to deter GBV in equatorial Sudan (BRIDGES)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Community livelihood improvement program for Southern Sudan (CLIPSS)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Juba water chlorination services (JWCS)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Southern Sudan radio distribution initiative (SSRDI)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Supporting economic transition by transforming livelihoods and environments (SETTLE)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Women’s empowerment to abate violence and exploitation (WEAVE)
IofC (2013-) South Sudan Initiative
MDG-F (2009-2012) Creating opportunities for youth employment in South Sudan
MDG-F (2009-2012) Sustained peace for development: Conflict-prevention and peace-building in Sudan through targeted interventions in selected communities along the 1-1-1956 border
NESEI (2007-2015) The New Sudan School of Health Sciences
Norad (2005 - ) oil for development
Skills for South Sudan (2008 - ) Support to effective administrative and democratic governance in Southern Sudan (SEADGOSS)
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UNDP (2007-2010) Crisis and Recovery Mapping and Analysis (CRMA)
UNDP (2008-2014) South Sudan Recovery Fund
UNDP (2009-2010) Support to Elections and Democratic Processes
UNDP (2011-2012) Crisis and Recovery Mapping and Analysis (CRMA)
UNESCO (2014-) Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative
USAID (2013-2016) PROGRESS (Project for Good Governance in the Republic of South Sudan)
USAID/Deloitte (2006-2012) Strengthening Institutional Structures in South Sudan
USAID/IFDC (2012-2013) Seeds for Development
World Bank (perennial) Development Marketplace program