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SSCinfo is looking for contributors. If you like our aim and approach, please think about participating in some of the following ways.



Most of the pages on this website include a place where users can submit comments. In this sense a comment may be:

  • a correction of fact,
  • an alert about a poor use of language or technical feature which does not work properly,
  • a contribution of updated and other further information on the subject, or
  • an important question or reflection which you think arises.

All comments are screened by an editor before being published, for politeness, relevance and usefulness. The submitted comments are either included or left out; they are not altered. So please take care to check details of language, facts, names and so forth. Normally a contentious statement of fact should include a reference, with a URL link if possible.

An editor may remove published comments when the main text on that page is revised. Normally the new version shouldl take account of the previously-published comments, and the commenter(s) will be suitably credited on the page.



If you comment regularly, it may be worth becoming a registered user. When logged in as a registered user, you will not have to fill in so many of the 'CAPTCHA' tests to verify that you are a human being. You will also be able to get email alerts if people respond to your comments.

Registering also enables you to contribute other kinds of material, such as questions and photos (see below).

To register, click on the link to 'Create new account' which you will find under the 'User login' box in the left hand column. All you have to provide is:

  • A username which will be used to attribute any contributions you make.
  • Your email address. This is for communications from the website and its editors only. It will not be made public or passed to others.
  • A password which you create for yourself.

As a registered user you agree that any text and graphics you submit may be published on the website. You agree to submit only text and graphics of which you are the author and copyright owner, unless you clearly indicate any parts where this is not the case.


Contributing photos and graphics

The website can be made more appealing if we intersperse text with relevant photos and graphics. If you have one or more which can illustrate topics here – and you own the copyright or know the copyright to be free – please consider sending us a select few. Photos will only be published if they respect the basic dignity and reasonable privacy of any identifiable people in them.

Upload the image using this general message form, and please include a note which can help the editor understand the relevance of the picture, and how to caption it.


Contributing questions

SSCinfo has a section for users' questions and responses. On the main Questions list page, there is a link to a form which registered users can use to submit questions. These should be:

  • relevant to the subject-matter of the site (i.e. civic affairs in South Sudan)
  • constructive
  • capable of being addressed through evidence, not just a canvassing of opinion
  • not easily answerable by searching the material already on this website or the internet in general
  • clear and concise.

The 'Title' should be a headline-style summary of the question.

Registered users may contribute responses to the questions (whether complete or partial), through the Comments mechanism.


Becoming volunteer staff

SSCinfo will benefit from volunteer staff. These are people who work on the website in consultation with the Editor using their own computers wherever they live in the world. They contribute snippets, bibliography items and other kinds of content, and take part in internal discussions on SSCinfo's policies and strategies. Besides sympathy with SSCinfo's aims and ethos, the work demands accuracy, commitment, good general knowledge of the kind of subject-matter covered by SSCinfo, and ability to develop skill and sensitivity in working with SSCinfo's features, especially the topic-tagging system. While the Editor retains ultimate responsibility for the contents of SSCinfo, the work of staff members needs to be of reliable quality. In terms of quantity, it is expected that staff would devote an average of at least an hour a week to the work.

Our low cost operating model means that we do not pay staff, except (if funds are available) for the core Editor or editors. Volunteer staff contribute their time and expertise because they want to support the SSCinfo project. SSCinfo will not exploit these free contributions by charging internet users for access to the site, or by using the content to generate a profit for owners.

If you would like to volunteer in such a way, please contact the Editor ( with relevant information about yourself (not more than 300 words). You may then be given additional powers to enter content into the website. These powers can be withdrawn if the arrangement does not work out. We are hoping to build a stable and effective team including a good proportion of South Sudanese members.

Staff volunteers will normally be credited in the list of contributors.


Authoring articles

If you have an area of special interest which you think ought to be covered by SSCinfo and isn't, please consider writing an article to cover it, and submitting it for possible publication. We are looking mainly for long-term authorities; people who, having written an article will be prepared to keep updating and improving it from time to time. The first version does not have to be perfect: hopefully it will attract some useful comments from other users. If your article is published, you will be credited on the article's page and in the list of contributors (unless you ask not to be).

We do not pay for articles, but hope authors will find SSCinfo a good showcase for their expertise, while supporting the aim of providing free civic information.

For more detailed guidelines on authoring articles – and a list of most needed subjects – click here.



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