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2014/03/19 Defence Minister Kuol Manyang meets Sudan's President Bashir and defence minister. They discuss implementation of their security agreements, especially over Abyei. It is also reported that they agreed on re-activation of the UN-supported Joint Border Verification and Monitoring Mechanism. With regard to the rebellion, Sudan says it supports the legitimate government in Juba. Snippet 1655
2014/03/17 The UN Security Council expresses grave concern about the security situation in Abyei, and demands that South Sudan and Sudan withdraw their security forces as they agreed in June 2011. Snippet
2014/03/13 Increased tensions in northern Abyei risk sparking a new war, warns the Enough Project. SPLA cadres have been interfering with Misseriya seasonal migration. The existing agreement to demilitarize the area should be honoured, and the international community should pay attention to this. Snippet
2013/12/07 President Kiir meets UN Secretary-General on fringes of African Security Summit in Paris. They discuss the preparations for 2015 elections, security threats to UN staff and the Abyei problem. Snippet 1570
2014/03 Sudan says clashes between Misseriya and Ngok Dinka in the north of Abyei district on 1st March - in which 10 Misseriya were killed - were supported by the South Sudan army. Snippet 1535
2014/02/25 to 2014/03/01 77 people are killed in two attacks in Abyei regions, according to GRSS, which also claims that the government of Sudan is behind the attacks, with the aim of pushing Ngoc Dinka people to the south of the region. Snippet
2014/02/14 UNSC condemns alleged attack by SPLA in northern Abyei on 3rd February. Demands that both Sudan and South Sudan pull their forces out of Diffra. Snippet
2013/10/22 President Bashir of Sudan meets President Kiir in Juba. They agree only some general terms on Abyei, but apparently do not break the deadlock. Snippet 1367
2013/10/15 GOSS orders restrictions on public-owned media in their coverage of matters related to the forthcoming referendum in Abyei. Snippet
2013/10/10 Civil society group CEPO petitions the AU to stick to a fixed timetable for the Abyei referendum, rather than continuing to call for negotiations. Snippet
2013/09/23 The Peace and Security Council of the African Union issues a communique on Sudan and South Sudan which, among other things 'urges the two countries not to undertake any unilateral actions concerning Abyei that might impede progress'. This seems directed against South Sudan's plan to hold a referendum unilaterally in October on the grounds that this was the timetable previously mandated by the AU and that the delay was caused by Sudan. Snippet
2013/08/23 UN Security Council discusses Sudan and South Sudan, particularly the issues of Abyei, determination of the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone centre line, and Sudan's conflict with SPLM-N in South Kordofan. Snippet 1201
2013/07/20 At a ceremony with Abyei community leaders in Juba, VP Riek Machar calls for Abyei community members to return to Abyei in order to be registered for a possible October referendum. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
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Concise analysis of the latest intensifying of crisis about Abyei.

Enough Project, 2013/09/25. Dreams deferred in Abyei: Interactive timeline [other] Enough Project. Accessed online.

Chronology of the struggle over sovereignty and self-determination in Abyei since May 2004. Interactive, with links to sources and further details. Quite comprehensive and attractive for exploration, though the screen scrolling that it requires may not be the easiest way to see the links between different events.

HSBA, 2012-2013. The crisis in Abyei [Report] Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment, Small Arms Survey. Accessed online.

A periodically-updated report.

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