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2014/06/14 The Agriculture ministry aims to eliminate food shortages by 2018 using mechanized farming methods. Snippet: The Agriculture ministry aims to eliminate food shortages by 2018 usin....
2014/06 In Aweil South County (NBGS) people are imprisoned for farming within the county capital, Malek-alel. The Commissioner says rules were agreed about this, but the Paramount Chief says the chiefs were not consulted. Snippet: In Aweil South County (NBGS) people are imprisoned for farming within ....
2014/04/29 The UN humanitarian chief in South Sudan, Toby Lanzerh, asks the warring parties to observe a month of tranquility during May. This is to allow disaster-affected people to move more freely, and to allow farming in the crucial cultivation period. Snippet
2014/04/16 President Kiir launches a South Sudan Food Security Council (FSC), comprising 15 members of existing government institutions. (He had ordered the FSC's creation back in May 2012). In view of fears of under-production in the coming rainy season (due to the rebellion crisis), he suggests ways of increasing production: banning games of cards and dominoes; suspending local courts; suspending other activities on Saturdays so that people may cultivate. He also announces his donation to the agriculture ministry of 1,000 tractors for distribution in all of the states. Snippet 1818
2014/03 The rebellion crisis has diverted government money away from agriculture, according to the agriculture minister in WES. Snippet
2014/03/04 The agriculture sector needs (1) more government spending (largely on roads), (2) more mechanization (funded by development agencies), (3) more farmer co-operatives, according to the chairperson of the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC), a non-profit company supported by business and international donors. Snippet
2014/02 GIZ is supporting P4P (Purchase for Progress) a scheme in which South Sudanese farmers are trained and organized to sell food to WFP more effectively. Snippet
2013/10 A Jonglei-based group called Youth Mama Church Farmers is trying to promote peace through demonstration of farming for self-reliance. Snippet
2013/07/05 Germany and South Sudan sign an agreement under which the former will provide USD 40 million in aid over two years, focusing on ‘Decentralisation and Accountability’, ‘Urban Water and Sanitation’ as well as ‘Food Security and the Development of Agricultural Markets’. Snippet
2013/08 USAID / IFDC Seeds for Development project is distributing hybrid maize and fertilizer in Morobo and Yei Counties. But the Area Agriculture office of Morobo sees not enough difference between the performance of hybrid and traditional varieties in tests to justify the need for farmers to pay for the former. There are fears that the aid subsidy will lead farmers to become dependent on the former, which have to be purchased every year. Snippet 1190
2013/07 The CES government 'welcomes' the setting up of a sugar plantation and factory in Terekeka County, by Uttam Sucrotech International, an Indian company. Snippet
2012/08 Manepali Sugar Works Limited reportedly signs $350m agreement with CES for sugar works in 100,000 acres in Gemmeiza. (CRN 2012/08/18) Snippet
2012/11 Nov 2012 USAID arrangement with commercial banks reportedly unlocks $7m for lending to farmers (ST 2 Nov 2012) Snippet 577
2012/08 PLAN catalyzes setting-up of small agriculture businesses (e.g. Lulu in Magwi County) funded by UNICEF “Small Medium Business Capacity Building” (CRN 25 Aug 2012) Snippet 567
2012/10 In Oct 2012 GIZ gives equipment to Aweil Rice Scheme (Gurtong 17 Oct 2012) Snippet 557
Reference Mini-review
FAO and WFP, 2014/02/20. South Sudan: FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission to South Sudan, 20 February 2014 [Report] FAO and WFP. Accessed online.

Finds that cereal production increased nationally in 2013 compared with 2012 and the 5-year average, despite a decrease in the (comparatively small) sector of larger and mechanized farms. Livestock conditions were also comparatively good. Food insecurity was at a 5-year minimum: the proportion of people with inadequate food consumption in October 2013 was down to 33%, from 40% in October 2012. Nevertheless overall cereal deficit is still put at more than 400,000 tonnes.

FAO and WFP, 2013/02/22. FAO/WFP crop and food security assessment mission to South Sudan [Report] Food and Agriculture Organization, and World Food Programme. Accessed online.
Oakland Institute, 2011/06. NILE TRADING AND DEVELOPMENT, INC. IN SOUTH SUDAN [Report] The Oakland Institute. Accessed online.

Three-page briefing on a large land deal in which it is suggested a community interest in land in Lainya County was sold by a chief and others to private interests in a way which brought poor reward to the community.

EJAtlas, 2011-2014. Citadel Capital/Concord Irrigated Crops in Unity State, South Sudan [Web page] Environmental Justice Atlas. Accessed online.

A web-page case-file on a 25-year lease of 105,000 hectares in Unity State by an Egyptian-owned agriculture company.

EJAtlas, 2011-2014. Jarch Management Land Deal in Mayom County, South Sudan [Web page] Environmental Justice Atlas. Accessed online.

Web-page case-file on use of 800,000 hectares in Mayom County acquired by Jarch through the Leac for Agriculture and Investment Company from de facto rulers in the area in 2009-2010.

Indicator values are shown in the table below alongside the year for which they were assessed. For further information, click on the source and 'details' text. Put the cursor over the indicator values to see selected comparisons.

Year Indicator Value Details
Agricultural population (% of households whose main source of livelihood was crop or animal farming)
Stat 915
Cereal yield (tonnes harvested per hectare)
Stat 912
Proportion of land used for agriculture (%)
Stat 911
Cereal production (thousand tonnes, net of losses and seed use)
Stat 903
Pre-harvest cereal deficit (thousand tonnes)
Stat 902
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