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Arthur Akuien Chol

Date Snippet Page
2007/04 GOSS's finance minister [Arthur Akuien Chol] was sacked on suspicion of corruption. Snippet 261
Reference Mini-review
Hume, 2007/03/25. Bibliography item: Hume (2007/03/25) "SPLA Chief of Staff says he might be replaced". (Operating document). USG/Wikileaks. [Operating document] USG/Wikileaks. Accessed online.

This leaked diplomatic cable recounts an interview of a US official with the then Chief of Staff of the SPLA, Oyai Deng. Oyai thinks he may be sacked soon, as he has disagreements with Salva Kiir. The cable is also of interest in detailing allegations of corruption by Mamur Mete.

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