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AUHIP (African Union High Implementation Panel)

Date Snippet Page
2014/03 Japan announces some details of its aid response to the crisis: USD 2.5m for mine action work through UNMAS and in association with the Japanese engineers in UNMISS; USD 1 million for the monitoring and verification mission; USD 0.5 million for AUHIP's work. Snippet 1616
2014/03/01 AUHIP adjourns its mediated talks on the Two Areas (Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile) between GOS and SPLM-N. It had submitted a proposal, but SPLM-N had made a fundamentally different proposal. AUHIP will refer back to its mandating body, the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC). Snippet
2014/02/13 Warring parties in South Kordofan and Blue Nile - GOS and SPLM-N - resume peace talks in Addis Ababa brokered by AUHIP and urged on by AU and UNSC. Snippet
2013/08/12 Sudan's deadline for closing the oil pipeline is extended a further two weeks to 6th September, as a result of further mediation between Presidents Bashir and Kiir by Thabo Mbeki and Zhong Jianhua (China's special envoy to Africa). Snippet 1132
2013/07/29 The AU's Peace and Security Council extends the mandate of AUHIP up to January 2014. Snippet 1064
2013/07/26 Sudan appears to agree to proposals from China and AUHIP to delay its threatened shutdown of the oil pipeline by fifteen days. Snippet 1031
AUHIP and IGAD jointly launch an Adhoc Investigative Mission (AIM) to look at whether and how South Sudan and Sudan support rebel groups in each others' countries. At the same time is launched the AU Border Programme's operation to determine the centre line of the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone (SDBZ). (GOSS Website, 2013/07) Snippet 999
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