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Blue Nile State

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2014/03 to 2014/05 Refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) camps receive only 37 days worth of rations within a 90 day period. At least 2,000 of the 126,000 are forced to return to Sudan because of food shortages. The World Food Programme has the role of delivering the food. With the road from Gambella (Ethiopia) almost unusable in the rainy season, it has organized some airlifts and airdrops, but is also pursuing the cheaper alternative of barge transportation. Snippet: Refugees in Maban County (Upper Nile) camps receive only 37 days worth....
2014/03 Local people impose an ultimatum of two months for refugees from Blue Nile to leave their camp areas in Maban County. There have been clashes causing re-displacement of many refugees. One reason for hostilities is that the refugees are cutting trees for their shelters. There is also competition for firewood, grass and grazing land. The situation is made worse by interruption of relief food supplies. Snippet 1660
2014/03/01 AUHIP adjourns its mediated talks on the Two Areas (Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile) between GOS and SPLM-N. It had submitted a proposal, but SPLM-N had made a fundamentally different proposal. AUHIP will refer back to its mandating body, the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC). Snippet
2014/02 UNHCR has been trying to move refugees from Yida to other camps, as it considers Yida too close to the Sudan border, too militarized, and too big. But refugee groups are opposing this, and alleging undue pressure. Snippet
2014/02/13 Warring parties in South Kordofan and Blue Nile - GOS and SPLM-N - resume peace talks in Addis Ababa brokered by AUHIP and urged on by AU and UNSC. Snippet
2013/04/04 The World Food Programme starts humanitarian operations in part of Blue Nile State for the first time since conflict heated up in September 2011. It hails 'a major breakthrough' in humanitarian access, but SPLM-N points out how limited it is. (An agreement between Sudan and South Sudan for humanitarian access in August 2012 was never worked out in detail or implemented.) Snippet 819
Reference Mini-review
Jérôme Tubiana, 2013/10/08. Sudan and South Sudan inch toward war: letter from the borderlands [Article] Foreign Affairs. Accessed online.

Presents vignettes from the author's travel to rebel-held areas of Sudan from South Sudan. Argues that the border cannot be truly demilitarized, and that peace between the two states can only properly be addressed when each of them (but expecially Sudan) reaches agreement with the communities along the border, on their places and relationships with the state.

SKBNCU, 2013/04. Update on humanitarian needs in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States, Sudan...12th March – 10th April 2013 [Report] South Kordofan & Blue Nile Coordination Unit.

Reports on the situation of refugees from South Kordofan and Blue Nile States.

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