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Bor town

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2014/04/18 to 2014/04/20 Reactions to the recent attack on the Bor UN compound by local youth: *Jonglei governor John Kong Nyuon deplores it and vows that the state government will investigate and take measures against the perpetrators. *National information minister Michael Makuei, claims the attack was provoked when UNMISS forces fired warning shots. *President Kiir calls it an ‘irresponsible act by irresponsible people’. *UN Security Council expresses outrage and warns that such attacks against civilians and peacekeepers 'may constitute a war crime'. Snippet 1827
2014/04/17 At least 58 people are killed when local youth invade the UN compound and begin shooting at people sheltered there. UN peacekeepers fight back. There are reports that the attack was triggered when camp residents celebrated the fall of Bentiu to rebel forces. Snippet 1824
2014/04 IGAD ceasefire monitors begin work in Bor on 1st April and Bentiu on 5th April. They are expected to start in Malakal on 15th April. Snippet
2014/04/11 Jonglei State Governor acknowledges that looters in Bor town during the recent crises included civilians and GRSS forces. He asks police to arrest suspects. Snippet
2014/04 Government in Bor is providing hard currency to selected traders, apparently in order to bring more imported goods to the area. Snippet
2014/03 People sheltering in the UN camp in Bor (and other places) lack access to secondary health care because it is unsafe for them to go to nearby government hospitals, and aid agencies lack the funding to provide this kind of care. Snippet
2013 Kenya Commercial Bank reports that its South Sudan subsidiary in 2013 contributed 9.4% of its $164 million group earnings: about $15 million. However, since the rebellion it has closed its branches in Bentiu, Bor and Malakal. Snippet
2014/03/02 Nuer residents of the UNMISS camp in Bor say they cannot go out because Nuer who go out are killed. Snippet
2014/02/24 Aquilla Lam, acting governor of Jonglei State, estimates that 60% of Bor town has been cleared in recent fighting. Snippet
2014/02 UNMISS South Korean and Indian contingents are providing emergency medical services for conflict-affected people in and around Bor town. Snippet 1457
2014/01 GOSS information minister Michael Makuei accuses UNMISS of sheltering rebels in Bor after its re-capture by the SPLA. The UN Secretary-General expresses alarm that senior members of GOSS and SPLA tried to force entry to the UNMISS civilian protection site at Bor, and threatened UN staff. Snippet 1394
2013/12/25 to 2013/12/31 GOSS forces recaptured Bor on 25 December, but lost it again to rebels on 31 December 2013. Snippet
2014/01/18 The SPLA with Ugandan forces recaptures Bor town from rebels (White Army and Peter Gatdet's forces). Snippet: The SPLA with Ugandan forces recaptures Bor town f....
2014/02 US presidential advisor Ted Dagne and activist John Prendergast visit Bor. The latter says that the destruction of Bor by rebels was the worst crime committed in South Sudan since its independence. Snippet
2013/10 HIV infection rates appear to be rising sharply in Bor town and its surrounding area. This is attributed to contact with sex workers who mainly come from neighbouring countries in East Africa. Snippet
2013/10/15 The office of Zain in Bor town is robbed at night of cash and goods valued at SSP 144,000. The safe was opened with shots but police assigned to guard the market area said they heard none. Those police have been arrested on suspicion of complicity. Snippet
2013/08 Acting Jonglei State governor, Hussein Maar, arranges with UNMISS (South Korean engineering unit) to help building dykes against flooding in Bor area. Snippet 1204
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