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CES (Central Equatoria State)

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2014/07/07 President Kiir launches renewed upgrade work on Juba airport, accusing former ministers of embezzling funds previously allocated for the purpose. The current work is to be carried out by the Chinese Harbour Engineering Company. Snippet: President Kiir launches renewed upgrade work on Juba airport, accusing....
2014/07/07 Juba curfew-breakers are to be shot dead by order of the Council of Ministers, says Interior Minister Aleu Ayieny Aleu. However for several days it remains unclear whether this statement is valid, or whether the ruling is applied, or even whether a curfew really exists. Snippet: Juba curfew-breakers are to be shot dead by order of the Council of Mi....
2014/07/03 The Governors of the Equatorian states insist that the debate on federalism should continue, despite apparent attempts by the central authorities to stifle it. Snippet: The Governors of the Equatorian states insist that the debate on feder....
2014/07/04 Equatorians in the army and police are being disarmed, says the governor of CES. Snippet: Equatorians in the army and police are being disarmed, says the govern....
2014/06 The rate of HIV among people tested in Morobo County and Yei River County health facilties has risen sharply. Snippet: The rate of HIV among people tested in Morobo County and Yei River Cou....
2014/05/28 The cholera epidemic is linked to household use of untreated water from the Nile, says a WHO official. Snippet: The cholera epidemic is linked to household use of untreated water fro....
2014/05 Constituency Development Fund projects in Yei River County are evaluated by a team from the NLC. Initial reports suggest that some of the projects have been productive, but others misconceived and/or mismanaged. Snippet: Constituency Development Fund projects in Yei River County are evaluat....
2014/05/16 Juba municipality prohibits smoking in public places. Snippet: Juba municipality prohibits smoking in public places.....
2014/05/15 A cholera outbreak is declared in Juba, apparently originating in an IDP camp, but already spread to 11 residential areas. Snippet: A cholera outbreak is declared in Juba, apparently originating in an I....
2014/05/14 A supervision committee for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in CES says the scheme is showing tangible results. Snippet: A supervision committee for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in....
2014/05 One borehole is available for 19,000 people in part of Terekeka County, meaning that many people take drinking-water from roadside pits. The county commissioner says government funds are lacking and appeals to aid agencies to solve the problem. Snippet: One borehole is available for 19,000 people in par....
2014/05 Yei police arrest three men dressed in women’s clothing, which the Yei Police Chief Commissioner says is a crime. The men are later tried in the customary court and released for lack of clear evidence against them. The court warns girls against dressing in tight clothing which may incite crime. Snippet: Yei police arrest three men dressed in women’s clothing, which the Y....
2014/04/17 The first batch of 116 students graduates from [the latest incarnation of] Lainya vocational training institute, in a project run by PLAN International, funded by the EU. Snippet 1830
2014/04 Chi'ang Wei company is starting industrial pig farming, based at Luri [?Lainya County] in CES. Snippet
2014/04/16 The Governor of CES orders a stop to cutting of teak until further notice, citing 'massive deforestation without replacement'. This follows recent protests about lack of community benefit in Kagelu areas. Snippet
2014/04/10 Timber companies operating in Kagelu National Forest agree to help build a new primary school in the area. This comes in a meeting at the headquarters of Yei River County chaired by the county commissioner after complaints from the local people that they were not gaining enough benefit from the government-licensed activities. The commissioner also suspends teak logging in the area until further measures are in place to ensure community benefits. Snippet 1797
2014/04/13 A fire at the Beijing Hotel in Juba (apparently caused by electrical problems) is the fourth at that hotel, and follows recent fires at Sahara Hotel and South Sudan Hotel, as well as Green Garden restaurant Snippet
2014/04/11 Only 37% of health practitioners in Juba town have proper qualifications, according to a government press release. Snippet
2014/04/09 MSF accuses UNMISS of 'shocking indifference' in not improving conditions for displaced people in Tomping (Tongpiny) camp, even though plans for their transfer to another site face difficulties. Snippet 1777
2014/04 People stone to death an old man for allegedly poisoning a chief, in the second act of deadly mob justice in Mugwo Payam (Yei River County, CES) this year. Snippet 1764
2014/04/02 A newspaper distributor in Juba is beaten by police with a stick and hospitalized for several days, apparently due to infringing new restrictions on motorcycles. Snippet
2014/04/01 A ban is imposed on motorcycles in Juba's main road. This is the road which links the presidential palace, the National Legislative Assembly, and other important public buildings. The ban is supposed to facilitate the movements of high government officials. Snippet 1750
2014/04 Körgulu people in Yei River County block teak company operations for two days, complaining that the local community is not getting fair benefits from the resource harvesting. Some are reportedly beaten up by employees of Gambo and Sons Timber Company. Snippet 1748
2014/03 South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority receives a donation from Turkey of equipment to help planes land safely at Juba airport. The equipment being used for the last few years has been 'faulty', according to the Director of Civil Aviation. Snippet
2014/03 A private company - Yei Water, Sanitation and Public Utility Company - is expecting to expand the underground piped water system in Yei town. (But the process suffers from delays in government demarcation of roads.) Snippet 1704
2014/03 The CES Ministry of Education has ruled that school students are examined on the South Sudan syllabus. This is a problem for students in three of the state's counties - including Yei River County - where the students have been using the Uganda syllabus. Snippet
2014/03/23 to 2014/04/19 Police, army and wildlife forces conduct searches for illegal arms in Juba - house-to-house and at checkpoints - and find 6,000 within a month, including RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades) and other assault weapons. Snippet 1696
2014/03/22 to 2014/03/26 Sudan Tribune (ST) reports a press statement from one Wani Tombe Lako, claiming to represent an umbrella organization of political parties, NGOs and others called GRECOR (Greater Equatoria Council of Rights). ST says that Wani is a resident of Khartoum but GRECOR has an office in Juba. The statement says GRECOR is joining Riek Machar's negotiating team, as his rebellion promotes governance reforms needed by Equatorians. ST reports that some Equatorians agree with this, but others (including WES Governor Bakosoro) do not. Snippet
2014/03 In Yei, animals (including many imported from Uganda) are often slaughtered by butchers on the ground, rather than hygienic conditions. There is currently no meat inspection regime. Snippet 1690
2014/03/17 The SSLS in Yei conducts awareness-raising with citizens about the Communities Development Fund (CDF), its scope for corruption, and how citizens should hold to account the MPs and others involved. Snippet
2014/03 A process of re-planning Juba kicks of with brainstorming exercises. The process is being managed by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Physical Infrastructure with support from UN-Habitat. Snippet 1643
2014/03 Lainya County residents are fearful because of many armed cattle-herders who have fled to their county from Jonglei State since recent fighting there. Snippet
2014/03 The results of Primary Certificate exams in CES show that 8,651 took the exams and 79 per cent passed. The pass rate was highest in Terekeka County (98 per cent) and Kajo-Keji County (91 per cent). Government schools performed slightly better than private schools: a fact the state education minister attributed to the fact that (government school) teachers did not go on strike. Snippet
2014/03/14 The SPLA spokesman reveals that 120 suspected SPLA criminals (detained after mid-December killings) escaped from detention during fighting at HQ barracks on 5th March. Snippet
2014/03/12 Many soldiers will be moved out of Juba, and those remaining will have to hand in their guns when not on duty, says SPLA spokesperson. This shootings that killed many in early March. Snippet
2014/03/07 Rains start early in Juba, bringing extra squalour to the Tomping IDP camp. Snippet
2014/03/07 Four soldiers and four Ugandan brick-makers are killed by shooting in or near the army HQ barracks in Juba. Apparently a drunken soldier first killed three of a different ethnicity, then tried to shelter in a container where the Ugandans were hiding, which was fired on by pursuing soldiers. Snippet 1585
2014/03 Caretaker governor of Unity State, Joseph Nguen Monytuil, challenges President Kiir over the 5th March shootings of Nuer soldiers in HQ barracks, according to Upper Nile Times. Monytuil reportedly says the soldiers had been ordered out of the UNMISS compound by President Kiir and were unarmed and requesting their pay when shot. Kiir reportedly does not comment on this but suggests all SPLA other than presidential guards be disarmed while in Juba, a suggestion Monytuil rejects. Snippet
2014/03 An outbreak of meningitis in Kajo-Keji County has caused at least eight cases and two deaths. WHO is trying to prevent the disease spreading from Uganda. Snippet
2014/03/05 At least five and perhaps many more soldiers and civilians are killed in shooting in and near Giyada (HQ) barracks (Juba town). It reportedly occurred when commandos of Tiger division, led by Brig. Gen Gatwich Gai (or Gatwiech Dual) thought a payment committee would deny pay to those of them who went into hiding after the December violence in Juba and outbreak of rebellion. Bodies are seen which have apparently been run over by tanks. Four officers are arrested, including Gatwich. Snippet 1537
2014/03/03 Police say crime has decreased in Juba due to intensified patrols, and with support from UN police. Last week seven police were tried for misconduct, and three dismissed. Snippet
2014/02 Gudele East Primary School (Juba town) has registered 200 new students who have moved from Jonglei and Upper Nile as a result of conflict. Class size in some cases exceeds 180. Snippet
2014/02/26 CES anti-corruption commission says it identified a theft of SSP 230,000 from the state ministry of health, and has secured repayment of SSP 100,000 from the named individual, with a promise of the balance. Snippet
2014/03/01 A Yei municipality official says property 'left by Arabs' (particularly near the Municipality) will be taken over by the government, and that people living in such properties should move out 'without any quarrel'. Snippet 1504
2014/03/01 The Teachers Professional Union in CES complains about non-payment of allowances so far this year, especially in view of high living costs in Juba. Snippet
2014/03/01 to 2014/03/19 Juba City Council has issued an order banning the use of shisha pipes in public places. Mayor Christopher Serafino Wani says this is on health grounds. 51 cartons of shisha tobacco are later confiscated from a trader, and burned. Snippet 1500
2012/02 Key infrastructure projects have been put on hold due largely to insecurity associated with the 2013/14 rebellion, according to the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges. Projects affected are the Juba-Bor-Malakal-Renk road, the Juba-Yei-Kaya road and the much-needed second Juba bridge. MOUs have been signed with Chinese companies. Another factor is lack of clarity in investment policy and bank guarantees. Snippet
2014/02/28 No medicines have been received in Yei River County from the national or state ministries of health in the past year, according to the county commissioner. This has led to a shortage of basic healthcare. Snippet
2014/02 Many jobs for teachers are left unfilled in Central Equatoria State. The director of education for Yei River County says this is why six out of 15 schools in Tore Payam are not operational. Snippet
2014/02 CES governor Clement Wani Konga visits China and reaches understandings with the China Communications and Construction Company on various infrastructure and commercial projects, largely to be paid for (and presumably owned) by the Chinese. But few details are as yet provided by the governor. Snippet 1464
2014/02 Prices of food and water have soared in Juba since the 15 December rebellion, resulting in acute hardship for many, and secondary violence as people rob and loot for food. Snippet
2014/02 Some refugees from the December 2013 violence in Juba have settled at Kiryandongo in Uganda. Snippet
2013/12/15 to 2013/12/19 Members of South Sudan armed forces kill many Nuer men in Juba, including 200-300 in a massacre at Gudele on 16 December. Snippet
2013/10/17 A water plant project is launched, funded by JICA (Japan government) to about USD 50 million, expected to supply clean water to about 60% of Juba's inhabitants. Snippet
2013/10 Ugandan police deploy an officer in the embassy at Juba, to help identify Ugandan criminals in Juba. South Sudan police inspector, Peing Deng, vows to protect law-abiding Ugandans. Snippet
2013/10 The commissioner of Yei River County complains that many NGO projects in health and education are not recommended by the county authorities, and threatens NGOs with deportation if they do not meet the citizens' needs. Snippet
2013/10/02 Fire destroys much of the South Sudan Hotel, apparently due to an electrical fault. (Note: the original source in the GOSS website is apparently incorrectly dated 2nd September rather than 2nd October) Snippet 1267
2013/09 Authorities in Lainya arrested suspected opium smugglers and confiscated 150kg of opium. Snippet
2013/09/28 The Governor of Central Equatoria State, Clement Wani Konga, appoints a new cabinet, and also new officials for Juba town. Mohammed Elhaj Baballah is replaced as Juba mayor by Christopher Sarafino Wani. Snippet 1230
2013/09 South Sudanese in Uganda are fearful of attacks after the South Sudan interior minister bans Ugandans from working as boda boda (motorcycle taxi) drivers. Snippet
2013/08/24 to 2013/08/25 Two policemen are murdered by assailants who stormed their residence in Nyakuron West, Juba. This prompts hundreds of residents to mount a protest against the deteriorating security situation in Juba. Snippet
2013/08/23 Three armed robbers are caught by police in Juba, after robbing an Ethiopian hotel. They are two Ugandans and a Kenyan, but it appears they have been employed by South Sudanese. Snippet 1198
2013/08 USAID / IFDC Seeds for Development project is distributing hybrid maize and fertilizer in Morobo and Yei Counties. But the Area Agriculture office of Morobo sees not enough difference between the performance of hybrid and traditional varieties in tests to justify the need for farmers to pay for the former. There are fears that the aid subsidy will lead farmers to become dependent on the former, which have to be purchased every year. Snippet 1190
2013/08 AMREF announces that it is a USD 50,000 donation to provide water and sanitation facilities benefiting 6,000 people in Mangala Payam, Juba County. Snippet
2013/08 Military exercises are held near Salva Kiir's weekend residence at Luri. Reportedly these are for a military unit which Kiir has ordered to be stationed in the area against the wishes of army Chief of Staff, James Hoth. Snippet 1062
2013 Salva Kiir has a cattle camp at the Luri suburb of Juba, and often spends weekends there when in town. Snippet
2013/07 The CES government 'welcomes' the setting up of a sugar plantation and factory in Terekeka County, by Uttam Sucrotech International, an Indian company. Snippet
2012/08 Manepali Sugar Works Limited reportedly signs $350m agreement with CES for sugar works in 100,000 acres in Gemmeiza. (CRN 2012/08/18) Snippet
2013/07 The director general of mineral development surmises that the value of gold produced by 'local miners', untaxed and mostly unofficially exported, could be about USD 600 million per year. The main sites are Greater Kapoeta in EES, Udabi in Morobo County in CES, and Pachalla in UNS. Snippet
2013/02 Annual primary school fees at church schools in Juba can be SSP 450 - 710. Snippet 707
2013/02 Governor of CES claims that senior SPLA officers sell the arms collected in disarmament campaigns and/or use them for re-arming their own communities. Snippet 661
2013/02 The Terekeka County Commissioner calls Mundari cattle-owners outside the county to return, noting the creation of conflict with neighbouring communities and ill effects on female education. But the Mundari cattle trade has a business association based in Yei River County. Snippet 660
2012/12 4,000 refugees from fighting in DRC came to Morobo County. (OCHA, 2013) Snippet 653
2012/07 2012 July: Waste collection system pilot is started with aid from JICA (Miraya 18 July 2012) Snippet 587
2012/08 Aug 2012: Judge says that the legal status of Juba territory is unclear (CRN 16 Aug 2012) Snippet 582
2012/06 Commissioner of Terekeka, Clement Maring, claims Mangalla payam for his county. But Bari youth say it belongs to Juba county. (CRN 19 June 2012) Snippet 581
2012/09 Sep 2012 USAID formally presents the Juba-Nimule road which it funded (CRN 11 Sep) Snippet 576
2012/07 In July 2012, CEPO (Community Empowerment for Progress Organization) presents report of 50 killings in Juba over six months, many apparently by police (Miraya 18 July 2012) Snippet 547
2011 to 2012 CES operates without approved budget or budget reporting in 2011-2012, allegedly because the federal MoFEP did not provide a budget ceiling, due to struggling with the change in the financial year. (Miraya 15 Aug 2012) Snippet 504
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