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civic education

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2014/05 A 20-part peacebuilding radio drama series named 'Sawa Shabab' is launched, based on an educational peacebuilding curriculum. It is produced by Free Voice South Sudan with support from USIP, to be aired on Radio Miraya and the Catholic Radio Network and other local stations. Snippet: A 20-part peacebuilding radio drama series named &....
2014/03 UNMISS is setting up human rights clubs in girls' schools in Aweil. Snippet 1562
Reference Mini-review
Alex de Waal, 2014/04/27. Bibliography item: Alex de Waal (2014/04/27) "Can there be a Democratic Developmental Peace?". (Article). World Peace Foundation, Tufts University. [Article] World Peace Foundation, Tufts University. Accessed online.

Originally an address to African leaders at the Tana High Level Forum, this (sometimes provocative) article emphasizes the way states are financed after peace agreements. A 'rental peace' (based on sharing of state resources among factions and their leaders) is sustainable only while the national budget expands. It can marginally be improved by better ways of managing, regulating and using money. But a 'democratic developmental peace' is more like the one in Burundi, where there were many contending parties and talks became a kind of exercise in national civic education.

Gabriel Garang Atem Ayiik, 2014/02/24. Long Term Approach to Peaceful Coexistence of Tribes in South Sudan [Article] PaanLuel Wël. Accessed online.

Diagnoses South Sudan's problems as largely due to dominant objectives among classes of illiterate people and educated elites. The motivations of revenge and loot among the first, and pursuit of power among the second, often combine but can also conflict. The way to advance socially is to propagate education more strongly. This will create a middle class which can be a force for stability, at the same time as enhancing the human capital of the nation and creating a citizenry interested in democracy and public policies rather than factional struggle.


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