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2014/03 The Public Service Minister of WBGS believes a new database system will help avoid double employment and other salary-roll anomalies. Snippet
2014/02 Four Lakes state officials are suspended, apparently on orders from caretaker governor Dhuol, after allegedly organizing teachers' demonstrations against the state's stoppage of civil servant allowances. The governor says the allowances are only for the military, but others say they are due for all civil servants. Snippet
2010/10/14 Having recently approved GOSS's largest ever budget, the National Legislative Assembly passes resolutions urging cuts to civil service positions at the national level, so as to fund greater capacity in the states, and mass retirements of elderly staff in order to make jobs for young graduates. Snippet
2013/08 There is some confusion and difficulty in public administration over the practical implications of reducing the number of national government ministries. Snippet
2013/02/03 The South Sudan Electronic Payroll System II (SSEPS II) Pilot is launched by the Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development. It will be implemented from February to April and is expected to help identify and remove ghost workers from the payroll. (Justin Jada and Simon Owaka/GOSS-online, 3 Feb 2013) Snippet 678
2012/07/09 A cabinet minister mandated to cut ministries and commissions acknowledges that many were created ‘for accommodation puposes’ (ST 9 July) Snippet 430
2012/02 There are too many people in government. (Compare neighbours) (Luka Biong Deng, 2012/02/21). Snippet 429
Reference Mini-review
Arop Madut Arop Gotnyial, 2014. Background to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan [Article] Sudan Tribune. Accessed online., Accessed online.

A long article (divided into four parts) containing beliefs and analysis of an MP. Among topics covered are: the current need for Ugandan forces in South Sudan; lack of control over oil money; failings of international aid; deplorably ad-hoc origins of the civil service; and lack of cultural integration of population groups with different experiences during the war. The author thinks the SPLM Politburo should have been more active in the governance process, but wasn't because many of its members were made ministers, and were then alienated when President Kiir sacked them in mid-2013.


James Okuk, 2013/09/27. Decreasing the decrees on undersecretaries in South Sudan [Article] Accessed online.

Argues that the under-secretaries in ministries should mostly be appointed by ministerial orders rather than presidential decrees (which seems to be the case at present on the grounds that they are constitutional post holders). This would increase the professionalism of the civil service.

Luka Biong Deng, 2012/02/21. Bold decision needs bold actions [Article] Sudan Tribune. Accessed online.

Critique of overstaffing in government.

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