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community-driven development

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2013/02 Upper Nile State has recently set up Community Development Committees in each county, to monitor and implement development projects with funding from the state government. (Ariik Atekdii/Gurtong, 19 Feb 2013) Snippet 724
Reference Mini-review
Government of Southern Sudan, 2007. Constituencies Development Fund Act, 2007 [Operating document] Government of Southern Sudan. Accessed online.

The Act creates a Constituencies Development Fund (CDF) into which 3% of government revenue is paid. MPs are to submit project proposals for their own constituencies. Each MPs proposals should have been prioritized by a Constituency Development Committee convened by the MP. The proposals are scrutinized by both a management committee (formed mainly by ministries and their nominees) and a Constituency Fund Committee (formed of MPs). Approved proposals are passed to the Finance Minister for inclusion in the government budget. Projects are to be implemented by relevant ministries.

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