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conflict with Sudan

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2014/07/15 Fees on Sudanese transhumant animals in Upper Nile State are being reduced. The fees are reportedly levied by a non-governmental Pastoralists Union in the state, and the high level has apparently discouraged migration or payment by herders from Sennar, White Nile and Blue Nile States. Snippet: Fees on Sudanese transhumant animals in Upper Nile State are being red....
2014/07/02 Bilateral arrangements with Sudan, including an agreement on customs and immigration, are strengthened in a visit to Khartoum by the Interior Minister, Aleu Ayieny. Snippet: Bilateral arrangements with Sudan, including an agreement on customs a....
2014/06/02 Oil income in the 2013-4 financial year was USD 3.5 bn. After deductions for loan repayment and agreed contribution to Sudan, the revenue for GRSS was 1.9 bn, according to the oil minister. Snippet: Oil income in the 2013-4 financial year was USD 3.5 bn. After deductio....
2014/06/02 Systematic extortion from traders to Warawar market (near the border with Sudan in NBGS) is being done by a gang (possibly associated with an Arab ethnic group). Snippet: Systematic extortion from traders to Warawar market (near the border w....
2014/05/30 to 2014/05/31 Representatives of Misseriya and Dinka Malual peoples meet to discuss and regulate their cross-border relationship, at Wanyjok in NBGS. There are relatively few points of conflict this year, and they agree to encourage inter-marriages through inter-cultural dances. Snippet: Representatives of Misseriya and Dinka Malual peoples meet to discuss ....
2014/05/26 to 2014/05/27 Representatives of Rizeigat and Dinka Malual peoples meet in Gok Machar, NBGS, on their cross-border relationship. They review the implementation of 18 rules which they had agreed in January, and agree terms for Reizeigat cattle grazing in NBGS in the coming year. Snippet: Representatives of Rizeigat and Dinka Malual peoples meet in Gok Macha....
2014/05 Public cattle vaccination in NBGS is extended to cattle of nomadic Sudanese pastoralists (Rizeigat, Misseriya) as well as local herders. Snippet: Public cattle vaccination in NBGS is extended to cattle of nomadic Sud....
2014/05/08 Sudan is neutral in South Sudan's internal conflict, and has put its disputes with RSS on hold, according to an advisor to Sudan's president. Snippet: Sudan is neutral in South Sudan's internal co....
2014/05/06 The UN Secretary-General says he understands that LRA leader Joseph Kony is hiding in Sudan-controlled areas of the disputed border area between Sudan and South Sudan, near the border with CAR. Snippet: The UN Secretary-General says he understands that ....
2014/04/07 The Sudan air force reportedly bombs unknown targets in Pariang County. Snippet
2014/04/05 President Kiir visits Sudan President Bashir in Khartoum. They reportedly discuss renewed implementation of the September 2012 and March 2013 agreements between Sudan and South Sudan. Snippet
2014/03/15 to 2014/04/02 The Commissioner of Mayom County (Unity State) says he has organized the return of 53 cattle stolen by Nuer (South Sudanese) people to Misseriya (Sudanese) of South Kordofan. Snippet
2014/03 In Aweil and Renk, market prices of some consumer commodities have fallen dramatically compared with last year. This seems to be due to easier trading across the Sudan border. Snippet 1667
2014/03/19 Defence Minister Kuol Manyang meets Sudan's President Bashir and defence minister. They discuss implementation of their security agreements, especially over Abyei. It is also reported that they agreed on re-activation of the UN-supported Joint Border Verification and Monitoring Mechanism. With regard to the rebellion, Sudan says it supports the legitimate government in Juba. Snippet 1655
2014/03/17 The UN Security Council expresses grave concern about the security situation in Abyei, and demands that South Sudan and Sudan withdraw their security forces as they agreed in June 2011. Snippet
2014/03/13 Increased tensions in northern Abyei risk sparking a new war, warns the Enough Project. SPLA cadres have been interfering with Misseriya seasonal migration. The existing agreement to demilitarize the area should be honoured, and the international community should pay attention to this. Snippet
2014/03 A customs and migration office is being set up at Majong, near the Sudan border in Aweil East (NBGS). The Interior Ministry says it will help businesses, create employment, and simplify border crossing procedures for migrant herders. Snippet
2014/03 Sudan says clashes between Misseriya and Ngok Dinka in the north of Abyei district on 1st March - in which 10 Misseriya were killed - were supported by the South Sudan army. Snippet 1535
2014/02/25 to 2014/03/01 77 people are killed in two attacks in Abyei regions, according to GRSS, which also claims that the government of Sudan is behind the attacks, with the aim of pushing Ngoc Dinka people to the south of the region. Snippet
2014/03/01 AUHIP adjourns its mediated talks on the Two Areas (Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile) between GOS and SPLM-N. It had submitted a proposal, but SPLM-N had made a fundamentally different proposal. AUHIP will refer back to its mandating body, the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC). Snippet
2014/02/14 UNSC condemns alleged attack by SPLA in northern Abyei on 3rd February. Demands that both Sudan and South Sudan pull their forces out of Diffra. Snippet
2014/02/13 Warring parties in South Kordofan and Blue Nile - GOS and SPLM-N - resume peace talks in Addis Ababa brokered by AUHIP and urged on by AU and UNSC. Snippet
2013/10/22 President Bashir of Sudan meets President Kiir in Juba. They agree only some general terms on Abyei, but apparently do not break the deadlock. Snippet 1367
2013/10/15 GOSS orders restrictions on public-owned media in their coverage of matters related to the forthcoming referendum in Abyei. Snippet
2013/10/18 EU Special Envoy to South Sudan visits Yida refugee camp (Unity State), and urges that the refugees be moved to a camp further from the dangerous border area. Snippet
2013/10/10 Civil society group CEPO petitions the AU to stick to a fixed timetable for the Abyei referendum, rather than continuing to call for negotiations. Snippet
2013/06 to 2013/10 South Sudan received USD 1.3 billion from oil sales between June and October, according to the oil ministry. At the same time it paid USD 0.33 billion to Sudan as tariffs and Transitional Financial Agreement payments. About 85 per cent of the oil was produced from the Upper Nile fields. Snippet
2013/09/23 The Peace and Security Council of the African Union issues a communique on Sudan and South Sudan which, among other things 'urges the two countries not to undertake any unilateral actions concerning Abyei that might impede progress'. This seems directed against South Sudan's plan to hold a referendum unilaterally in October on the grounds that this was the timetable previously mandated by the AU and that the delay was caused by Sudan. Snippet
2013/10/02 China has pledged a grant of about USD 3 million for development aid in South Sudan, according to the minister of foreign affairs. At the same time China congratulated GOSS on recent improved relations with Sudan. (Note: the original source in the GOSS website is apparently incorrectly dated 2nd September rather than 2nd October) Snippet
2013/08/28 Donald Booth is appointed as the next US Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan. Snippet
2013/08/23 UN Security Council discusses Sudan and South Sudan, particularly the issues of Abyei, determination of the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone centre line, and Sudan's conflict with SPLM-N in South Kordofan. Snippet 1201
2013/08/12 Sudan's deadline for closing the oil pipeline is extended a further two weeks to 6th September, as a result of further mediation between Presidents Bashir and Kiir by Thabo Mbeki and Zhong Jianhua (China's special envoy to Africa). Snippet 1132
2013/08/09 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon talks on phone with President Kiir. Subjects discussed are reported to include the new cabinet, the situation in Jonglei, protection of citizens (including against abuses by the SPLA) and Sudan's extended deadline for shutting down the oil pipeline. Snippet 1127
2013/04 to 2013/05 South Sudan's oil production restarts in the Unity State oilfields in early April, producing 30-40,000 barrels per day. It re-starts in Upper Nile in early May, producing 125,000 barrels per day, which is expected to increase gradually up to early 2014. Snippet
2013/07/29 The AU's Peace and Security Council extends the mandate of AUHIP up to January 2014. Snippet 1064
2013/07/29 Ministry of Mining receives official notification that Sudan is extending the deadline on its threat of closing the oil pipeline, by an additional two weeks from 7th August. Snippet
2013/07/26 Sudan appears to agree to proposals from China and AUHIP to delay its threatened shutdown of the oil pipeline by fifteen days. Snippet 1031
2013/07/20 At a ceremony with Abyei community leaders in Juba, VP Riek Machar calls for Abyei community members to return to Abyei in order to be registered for a possible October referendum. Snippet
2013/07/17 Report by the Satellite Sentinel Project states that units of the Sudan Armed Forces remain active in the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone in contravention of the September 2012 agreements with South Sudan. Snippet 1013
2013/07/16 South Sudan begins reducing its extraction of oil, ahead of threatened closure of the pipeline by Sudan on 7th August. South Sudan's rate of extraction peaked at 200,000 barrels/day in the period since April when it re-started. This compares with a maximum of 300,000 barrels a day in the period before the shutdown in early 2012. Snippet
AUHIP and IGAD jointly launch an Adhoc Investigative Mission (AIM) to look at whether and how South Sudan and Sudan support rebel groups in each others' countries. At the same time is launched the AU Border Programme's operation to determine the centre line of the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone (SDBZ). (GOSS Website, 2013/07) Snippet 999
2012/11 GOSS says it cannot currently ratify the Rome Statute (of the ICC) because of the co-operation agreements it has signed with Sudan. (Ratifying the statute would commit it to arresting President Bashir if he visited South Sudan.) Snippet 985
2013/04 JEM and the Upper Nile State deputy governor both deny (in fact of UN expert panel report of February) that JEM has had a base in Upper Nile State (although the latter admits that they were involved in the fighting in Heglig/Panthou in 2012). Snippet 841
2013/03 In late March 2013, Sudan Armed Forces attacks some post in the northern part of NBGS despite the demilitarization agreement. (News sources cited in Eric Reeves, 2013) Snippet 823
2013/04/06 South Sudan resumed pumping its oil on 6 Apr 2013. Snippet 818
2012/12 About 6,600 people were dispaced by fighting between Sudan and South Sudan armies in Kiir Adem area. Snippet 648
2012/11 As of November 2012, South Sudan still had not signed the Cotonou Agreement, which would increase its eligibility for aid from the European Union. It missed a deadline. The delay is partly because it also involves signing up to the International Criminal Court (ICC). (Misuk Moses Mule/Gurtong, 9 November 2012). Snippet 638
2013/01/25 The AU Peace and Security Coucil (AUPSC), meeting at the level of heads of state and government, decides not to refer the implementation of agreements on Abyei to the UN Security Council (AllAfrica, 28 January 2013) Snippet 633
2013/01/27 President Kiir meets President Bashir of Sudan in the presence of other heads of state on the sidelines of the AU summit in Addis Ababa. The meeting is convened by the Ethiopian prime minister in an attempt to make progress on resolving their disputes, but little apparent progress is made. (AllAfrica, 28 January 2013) Snippet 632
2013/02/02 SPLA and Upper Nile State Government say Sudan Armed Forces attacked SPLA in Upper Nile by ground and air on 2nd February, at Balbanis/Algoli area in Renk County. They say this follows two attacks in the area in late December and early January. Snippet 614
2012/09 September 2012 agreements between RSS and Sudan mandated 'a standing conference of the 11 governors of border states, both north and south, to focus on cross-border cooperation and infrastructure' (Alex de Waal, 2013) Snippet 604
2013/02 'South Sudanese obtain most of their consumer goods and food from the north, and many families rely on northern migrant labor.' (Alex de Waal, 2013) Snippet 603
2012/04 NBGS government organises rally in support of military withdrawal from Panthou. Governor urges protection of pastoralists from the North. (Miraya 23 Apr 2012) Snippet 589
Reference Mini-review
Jonah Leff and Emile LeBrun, 2014/05. Bibliography item: Jonah Leff (2014/05) "Following the Thread: Arms and Ammunition Tracing in Sudan and South Sudan". (Report). Small Arms Survey. [Report] Small Arms Survey. Accessed online.

Recaps Small Arms Survey's programme of tracing arms flows in Sudan and South Sudan over the last ten years.

Among flows that the project has demonstrated are:

  • arms supplies to David Yau Yau's group and other rebel militia in South Sudan sent from the Sudan Government up to January 2013 (many of these arms came from China, but much of the ammunition is manufactured in Sudan.)
  • GRSS arming of youth against rebel militias in Jonglei in 2010 and 2011
  • arming of local youth in Jonglei by rebel militia.
IRIN, 2013/10/10. Briefing: Abyei’s dangerous impasse [Article] IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis. Accessed online.

Concise analysis of the latest intensifying of crisis about Abyei.

Jérôme Tubiana, 2013/10/08. Sudan and South Sudan inch toward war: letter from the borderlands [Article] Foreign Affairs. Accessed online.

Presents vignettes from the author's travel to rebel-held areas of Sudan from South Sudan. Argues that the border cannot be truly demilitarized, and that peace between the two states can only properly be addressed when each of them (but expecially Sudan) reaches agreement with the communities along the border, on their places and relationships with the state.

Enough Project, 2013/09/25. Dreams deferred in Abyei: Interactive timeline [other] Enough Project. Accessed online.

Chronology of the struggle over sovereignty and self-determination in Abyei since May 2004. Interactive, with links to sources and further details. Quite comprehensive and attractive for exploration, though the screen scrolling that it requires may not be the easiest way to see the links between different events.

Satellite Sentinel Project, 2013/09. Continued violations: both Sudans still violating Demilitarized Border Zone [Report] Enough Project. Accessed online.

Presents striking satellite photographs of military installations in the putative Demilitarized Border Zone.

AUC and AUHIP, 2013/07/31. Report of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan and South Sudan [Report] African Union Commission. Accessed online.

Authoritative account of the negotiations and peace process between Sudan and South Sudan from January to July 2013.

Eric Reeves, 2013/04/03. Khartoum orchestrates violence in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal, South Sudan: survivalism at its most ruthless [Article] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online.

Presents a collection of recent accounts of Sudan attacks on the border of Northern Bahr el-Ghazal arguing that there should be more international condemnation and action against Khartoum. Seeing these attacks as related to humanitarian atrocities in Darfur and the Nuba Mountains, Reeves points out they serve a strategic function for the Govt of Sudan in engrossing international attention in the complexity of disputes between Sudan and South Sudan rather than the situation in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile; but at the same time may reflect the influence of hardliners in Sudan's army.

Claudio Gramizzi and Jérôme Tubiana, 2013/03. New war, old enemies: Conflict dynamics in South Kordofan [Report] Human Security Baseline Assessment, Small Arms Survey. Accessed online.

Argues that the war in South Kordofan is driven primarily by intra-Sudanese dynamics, rather than being proxy war between Sudan and South Sudan. But presents evidence of assistance by South Sudan to JEM and SPLM-N, and also of use by the Sudan Army of landmines and cluster bombs.

GOS and GOSS, 2012/09/27. Agreement between the Government of the Republic of South Sudan and the Government of the Republic of the Sudan on oil and related economic matters [Operating document] GOSS. Accessed online.

One of the important series of agreements between GOS and GOSS concluded on 2013/09/07 in Addis Ababa with the help of AUHIP.

Sudan Tribune, 2012/09/27. Sudans deal lauded despite Abyei deadlock [Article] Sudan Tribune. Accessed online.

Account of the landmark agreements signed by Sudan and South Sudan in Addis Ababa on 27 September 2012.


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