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CPJ (Citizens for Peace and Justice)

Date Snippet Page
2014/05/29 to 2-14/05/31 Controversy erupts over the selection of civil society groups to take part in peace talks under IGAD. IGAD mediator Lazaro Sumbeiywo visits Juba and is accused by the South Sudan Civil Society Alliance of rejecting them in favour of Citizens for Peace and Justice (which is not registered with the government). Snippet: Controversy erupts over the selection of civil society groups to take ....
2014/04/26 The CPJ (Citizens for Peace and Justice) calls on both GRSS and rebels to publicly denounce the crimes committed by their own forces, and hold the perpetrators accountable. It also calls for adherence to January's Cessation of Hostilities agreement, admission of civil society representatives to the IGAD-facilitated negotiations, and free secure access for the AU Commission of Inquiry. Snippet
2014/03/06 A group of CSOs and their international supporters writes an open letter to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), urging it to (1) issue a resolution condemning violations of international law; (2) advocate immediate establishment of the commission of enquiry into human rights abuses which was promised by the AU Commission; (3) promote a culture of respect for human rights and the rule of law in South Sudan through an official visit and other advocacy measures. Snippet 1559
2014/02/22 A press release from Citizens for Peace and Justice (CPJ) notes delays and lack of transparency in human rights investigations launched by the AU and GRSS since the outbreak of rebellion in December 2013. It calls on GRSS to facilitate rather than obstruct human rights investigations by South Sudanese human rights organizations. Snippet 1446
2014/02/18 Citizens for Peace and Justice (CJP - a coalition of CSOs from inside South Sudan and from the diaspora) at a meeting in Nairobi agrees recommendations on the peace talks, including the participation of civil society. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
Awak Bior and others, 2014/03/31. [Letter to African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan] Re: Initial Recommendations on the Implementation of the Mandate of the Commission of Inquiry [Operating document] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online.

This clear-visioned open letter from members of CPJ (Citizens for Peace and Justice) gives advice to the AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan, and sets out 'Five Pillars of a "Just Peace"'. The advice is about: (1) stakeholders in civil society who should be engaged with; (2) need for the Commission to communicate with the public; (3) suggested first steps when they arrive in South Sudan. The 'Five Pillars' are: (1) Truth before forgiveness; (2) Justice is non-negotiable; (3) Reparations: A Transition from Victimhood to Citizenship; (4) Institutional reform; (5) Memorialization.

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