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2014/06/02 Systematic extortion from traders to Warawar market (near the border with Sudan in NBGS) is being done by a gang (possibly associated with an Arab ethnic group). Snippet: Systematic extortion from traders to Warawar market (near the border w....
2014/05/26 to 2014/05/27 Representatives of Rizeigat and Dinka Malual peoples meet in Gok Machar, NBGS, on their cross-border relationship. They review the implementation of 18 rules which they had agreed in January, and agree terms for Reizeigat cattle grazing in NBGS in the coming year. Snippet: Representatives of Rizeigat and Dinka Malual peoples meet in Gok Macha....
2014/04/19 Over 100 people were killed in a cattle raid in a remote area of Warrap State, according to a local information minister. 85 of the dead were alleged attackers being pursued by police and soldiers. Snippet
2014/04/11 Jonglei State Governor acknowledges that looters in Bor town during the recent crises included civilians and GRSS forces. He asks police to arrest suspects. Snippet
2014/04 People stone to death an old man for allegedly poisoning a chief, in the second act of deadly mob justice in Mugwo Payam (Yei River County, CES) this year. Snippet 1764
2014/03/15 to 2014/04/02 The Commissioner of Mayom County (Unity State) says he has organized the return of 53 cattle stolen by Nuer (South Sudanese) people to Misseriya (Sudanese) of South Kordofan. Snippet
2014/03/31 16 are killed (including 14 women) and 130 cattle are taken in a raid in Twic County (Warrap State) by men thought to be from Unity State. Snippet
2014/03 WBGS Chamber of Commerce says vehicles moving from Juba to Wau must pay SSP 4,000 at road checkpoints. The police spokesperson says such 'taxation' is illegal. Snippet
2014/03/24 More than 60 cows are raided from Rumbek's central market: the first time a raid has happened there since 2005. Snippet
2014/03/21 Senior UN officials deplore obstruction and looting of relief supplies on both the government and rebel sides, and ask for more cooperation. Snippet
2013/10/15 The office of Zain in Bor town is robbed at night of cash and goods valued at SSP 144,000. The safe was opened with shots but police assigned to guard the market area said they heard none. Those police have been arrested on suspicion of complicity. Snippet
2013/10/20 to 2013/10/24 There is a major raid on civilians in Twic East County on 20th October, apparently by forces liked to David Yau Yau. 79 people are killed including women and children. President Kiir strongly condemns it but urges the aggrieved communities to 'exercise restraint and remain calm while the law takes its course'. Snippet 1357
2013/10 Ugandan police deploy an officer in the embassy at Juba, to help identify Ugandan criminals in Juba. South Sudan police inspector, Peing Deng, vows to protect law-abiding Ugandans. Snippet
2013/10/03 The Eastern Equatoria State government announces more security posts on the Torit - Kapoeta highway, and advises vehicles to move in security convoys. This follows chronic incidence of robbery on the road, and an incident in late September in which two passengers were killed. Snippet
2013/09 Authorities in Lainya arrested suspected opium smugglers and confiscated 150kg of opium. Snippet
2013/08/23 Three armed robbers are caught by police in Juba, after robbing an Ethiopian hotel. They are two Ugandans and a Kenyan, but it appears they have been employed by South Sudanese. Snippet 1198
Reference Mini-review
US Department of State, 2013. South Sudan [Report] Trafficking in persons report 2013, pp.336-339. Accessed online.

Reports that trafficking occurs both across South Sudan's international borders and internally. Internally it is associated with population displacements, rural-urban migration and inter-ethnic abductions. Many of the victims are women and children in prostitution or domestic service in the cities, and children put to work in other ways. GRSS made negligable efforts to prevent trafficking or protect victims except in the area of recruitment to the police and army. The report recommends adoption and implementation of a national action plan to combat human trafficking.

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