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CSRT (Civil Society Resource Team)

Date Snippet Page
2013/07/19 The Civil Society Resource Team (CSRT) on the constitutional review process completes a set of citizens' dialogues in all the states of South Sudan, and issues a summary of the views expressed. Snippet 994
2013/02/15 'South Sudan Law Society in partnership with the Civil Society Resource Team on the Constitution and with support from Justice Africa, Cordaid and IKV Pax Christi has concluded a three day dialogue on the constitution and the constitution review process in Bentiu, Unity State.' (SSLS 17 Feb 2013 via Sudan Tribune) Snippet 726
Reference Mini-review
CSRT, 2013/07/19. The Civil Society Resource Team on the Constitution Review Process upon Completion of the Citizens’ Dialogues on the Constitution in all ten states of South Sudan [Publicity document] Civil Society Resource Team on the Constitutional Review Process. Accessed online.

This press release outlines the schedule of state-level civil society consultations undertaken by the CSRT and summarizes the main views expressed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the views are broadly in line with international conventions on human, civil and political rights. Most distinctively, the reported views call for reduction in presidential powers and more devolution of powers and resources to the states. While one could question the representativeness of the consultation process, this document helps clarify a progressive agenda on the constitution.

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