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Daniel Awet Akot

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2013/10/29 The speaker of the Lakes state assembly is replaced, apparently largely through the agency of the SPLM chairman for the state, Daniel Awet Akot, changing a previous decision of SPLM members of the assembly. In the end, MPs are asked to choose among candidates from one particular county: Cueibet. Snippet
2013/09 Daniel Awet Akot resigns as deputy speaker in the NLA following the appointment of Magok Rundial - his junior in the SPLM/A - as the speaker. Mark Nyipouch becomes deputy speaker instead, and Jasmine Samuel the deputy speaker representing women instead of Fatima Nyawang Biliu (who had to step down because she is from the same state as Magok Rundial). Snippet 1223
2012/09 Daniel Awet Akot, as SPLM chairperson for Lakes State (he is also Deputy Speaker of the SSLA), appoints Mabor Ater Dhuol as Secretary for the SPLM in Lakes: a move which is seen as unconstitutional by some other Lakes SPLM officials, who say it did not involve consultation (Sudan Tribune, 5 February 2013) Snippet 610
Reference Mini-review
Juma Mabor Marial, 2014/05/11. Bibliography item: Juma Mabor Marial (2014/05/11) "The Genesis and Phenomenon of Intra-Clans’ Conflict and Revenge Attacks in Lakes State". (Article). South Sudan News Agency. [Article] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online., Accessed online., Accessed online.

In this three-part article, totalling over six thousand words, Juma Mabor Marial suggests there is an innate tendency for clan feuding among the Galweng (cattle-herding youth), and blames leaders and educated elites for failing to curb it. He says it was limited more effectively during the war before 2005, due to the strength of relatively uninhibited military rule. But since then, although governors have had military backgrounds, the peacetime conditions did not allow them to impose force so easily, and they were not educated enough to find civil ways of governing.

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