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2013/10 Tonj North County (Warrap State) launches a campaign to stop civilians carrying illegal firearms. The campaign is supported by Saferworld and The Organization of Children Harmony (TOCH). Tonj North and Tonj East have already agreed to limit the carrying of firearms in each other's territories. Snippet 1355
2013/08/17 Interior ministry issues an order banning unauthorized possession of arms, and cancelling licenses not signed by the minister (who is now Aleu Ayieny Aleu) Snippet 1151
2013/08/02 The caretaker governor of Lakes State, Matur Chut Dhuol, urges all civilians to surrender their weapons, and orders the army to shoot any armed civilian. (?in Rumbek East County?) Snippet
2013/02 Governor of CES claims that senior SPLA officers sell the arms collected in disarmament campaigns and/or use them for re-arming their own communities. Snippet 661
2013/01 Fighting between Deer and Koch clans of Makuac Payam, in a longstanding dispute over toic land, brings four deaths. The army launches a campaign to disarm them (which calls into question the effectiveness of the disarmament campaign launched in March 2012). Snippet 611
Reference Mini-review
Small Arms Survey, 2014/04. Excess Arms in South Sudan Security Forces and Surplus Management [Report] Small Arms Survey. Accessed online.

This 16-page report finds that South Sudan has no policy for management of surplus arms, and that inventory control is generally weak.

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