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displaced people

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2014/06/03 to 2014/06/04 Thousands of IDPs at Melijo (20km from Nimule, Magwi County) are reported in dire need of medical care and other assistance. The EES health minister says there is no IDP camp, but as citizens the people can access facilities in Mogali Payam and Nimule Town. (The IDPs from Jonglei were previously offered relocation to a different part of EES but refused.) However, UNHCR and Health Link South Sudan go ahead with a needs assessment and registration. Snippet: Thousands of IDPs at Melijo (20km from Nimule, Magwi County) are repor....
2014/05/15 A cholera outbreak is declared in Juba, apparently originating in an IDP camp, but already spread to 11 residential areas. Snippet: A cholera outbreak is declared in Juba, apparently originating in an I....
2014/04/23 Information Minister Michael Makuei alleges that people were turned away from shelter in the UN base during the rebel capture of Bentiu the previous week; an allegation which is rebutted by UNMISS. Snippet
2014/04/14 The Union of National Banks of South Sudan donates a thousand bags of food (sugar, beans and flour) for displaced people and the army in Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile. Snippet
2014/04/09 MSF accuses UNMISS of 'shocking indifference' in not improving conditions for displaced people in Tomping (Tongpiny) camp, even though plans for their transfer to another site face difficulties. Snippet 1777
2014/04/04 SUDRA, the relief department of the Episcopal Church (ECSSS), is active in trying to assist displaced people [mainly Dinka from Jonglei] in Nimule area. Local people originally resisted their settlement, but local government has recently allocated land in Miljok to settle 35,000 persons. Snippet
2014/03 People sheltering in the UN camp in Bor (and other places) lack access to secondary health care because it is unsafe for them to go to nearby government hospitals, and aid agencies lack the funding to provide this kind of care. Snippet
2014/03/24 CfC Stanbic Bank (which began operations in Juba in 2012) gives a donation of KSH 10m (about USD 115,000) to the Office of the President for helping internally displaced people. Snippet
2014/03/27 UN OCHA says over a million people have fled their homes since mid-December: about 250,000 to neighbouring countries and 800,000 internally displaced. The UN has requested USD 1.3bn emergency funding before June 2014, of which only USD 315m has so far been met. Snippet
2014/03 The Governor of EES concedes that the state is unable to relocate displaced people from Jonglei who have recently fled to Nimule area, despite the requests of local Madi people. Snippet
2013/03 A UNHCR protection officer warns that mental health may be a big problem among people displaced by recent violence, particularly the unusually large numbers of adult males who fled to UN camps, and those who have witnessed atrocities and intimidation. Snippet
2014/03/07 Rains start early in Juba, bringing extra squalour to the Tomping IDP camp. Snippet
2014/03 A press release from Rally for Peace and Democracy (RPD) expresses alarm at living conditions inside IDP camps run by the UN, claiming that children are dying daily. It also alleges that people in the camps have been shot at and killed by people on the outside as a result of government propaganda from the Information Minister and others that the camps are sheltering armed rebels. Snippet
2014/03/05 A new UNMISS IDP camp is announced for Tongpiny, to be built by the Zhonghao Overseas Construction Engineering Company Limited, with Chinese aid funding. Snippet 1541
2014/02 Gudele East Primary School (Juba town) has registered 200 new students who have moved from Jonglei and Upper Nile as a result of conflict. Class size in some cases exceeds 180. Snippet
2014/03/02 Nuer residents of the UNMISS camp in Bor say they cannot go out because Nuer who go out are killed. Snippet
2014/02 Diplaced people at UNMISS Tongping (Juba) base are refusing to leave despite poor camp conditions, as they still fear for their safety since the 2013/14 rebellion. Snippet 1495
2014/01 The Madi community of Magwi County (EES) says it has no space to accommodate people displaced from Jonglei during the rebellion. The government of EES offers to transport them to the counties of Torit and Kapoeta South instead and that the displaced have agreed. Snippet
2014/02 Many of the people displaced from Bor area and Juba during the rebellion in late 2013 fled to Nimule area. The government of Eastern Equatoria would like them to move to Kapoeta, but they do not want to go. Snippet
2012/12 4,000 people became displaced due to cattle-raiding violence in Unity State. Snippet 649
2012/12 About 6,600 people were dispaced by fighting between Sudan and South Sudan armies in Kiir Adem area. Snippet 648
2012/12 5,000 people were temporarily displaced and 500 homes destroyed in inter-communal fighting in WBGS. Snippet 647
Reference Mini-review
Lual Magok, 2014/05/20. Bibliography item: Lual Magok (2014/05/20) "What is Government Programme toward Citizens who Stranded in UNMISS Camps". (Article). Nyamilepedia. [Article] Nyamilepedia. Accessed online.

This 1,300-word article, based on informal research in UNMISS camps in Juba, looks at why Nuer people still refuse to leave the camps. Besides stronger assurance of physical security, they need ways of recovering the homes, possessions and jobs, many of which have been taken over by others. The article lists ten measures which GRSS must take in order to exercise its duty of care and protection.

Chaloka Beyani, 2014/05/14. Bibliography item: Chaloka Beyani (2014/05/14) "Report of the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, Chaloka Beyani: Mission to South Sudan (Advance Unedited Version)". (Report). UN Human Rights Council. [Report] UN Human Rights Council. Accessed online.

The report finds a lack of 'adequate capacities and institutional preparedness to prevent and respond to internal displacement' both among government and international aid agencies. It makes many recommendations.

ACAPS, 2014/05/03. Bibliography item: ACAPS (2014/05/03) "Disaster Needs Analysis - 3/05/2014 Update - South Sudan - Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei". (Report). Assessment Capacities Project. [Report] Assessment Capacities Project. Accessed online.

51-page report which gives a detailed and accessible - though approximate and perhaps gap-ridden - view of the impending disaster. It reports that recent conflict has resulted in 1.2 million refugees and intenally people displaced people, widespread disruption of agriculture, other sources of household income, trade routes, humanitarian access and facilities for basic health, water, sanitation and education.

Education Cluster, 2012. South Sudan Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies [Book] INEE (Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies). Accessed online.

These standards were put together by members of government, NGOs and the UN involved in education in South Sudan, following an international template. They have been endorsed by the education ministry.

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