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education (higher)

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2014/04 Education Minister John Gai Yoh visits Egypt. It is announced that Egypt will provide at least 2,500 scholarships for South Sudanese, and Alexandria University hopes to establish a branch in South Sudan. Snippet
2014/03 The Health Ministry resolves to open new medical schools in Bor, Torit, Yambio, Wau and Aweil in an attempt to double the rate of training medical personnel. Snippet
2014/03/19 President Kiir dismisses the Vice-Chancellors of seven public universities, and appoints some of them in different universities. John Akec is appointed VC of Juba University, with Pauline Riek and Alfred Sebkt Lokuju as deputies. Samson Wasara is the new VC of the University of Western Bahr el Ghazal in Wau, and Julia Aker Duany the new VC of the John Garang Memorial University in Bor. Snippet 1665
2014/03/01 Students from Bahr el Ghazal University stage a demonstration because their hostels have been without water and electricity for three days. Police disperse the demo. Snippet
2014/01 Over a hundred students from Lakes State studying in East Africa complain because the Lakes State governor has stopped the allowances which in many cases they depended on. Snippet 1408
2013/10/16 Lecturers at Juba University, JGUST and UBEG call off their strike after the NLC allocates SSP 8 million in the final reading of the national budget. Their allowances are to be reinstated as from October. Snippet
2013/10/08 The education minister says that the allowances of university lecturers (who are striking) cannot be reinstated until January 2014, because the government's oil revenues have not yet returned to pre-shut-down (January 2012) levels. Snippet
2013/10/08 The head of the SSWU (South Sudan Workers Union) calls on Juba University teaching staff to cancel their strike threat, following positive action by the government. Professors basic pay had been reduced from about USD 2,700 to USD 1,500, and pay of teaching assistants from USD 870 to USD 500. Their allowances are said to be in arrears of 14 months. President Kiir has ordered a reinstatement of allowances. Snippet
2013/10 The acting governor of Lakes State, Matur Chuot Dhuol, stops an inauguration ceremony for the officers of Lakes State University Students Union at the last minute. Snippet
2013/10 A threatened strike by lecturers at Juba University is addressed by the education minister (John Gai Yoh) going to President Kiir, who directs the finance ministry to review the allowance policy. Snippet
2012/10 Higher education is suffering from shortage of lecturers, as many were Sudanese who returned to the North. So universities like Rumbek are closed (The Niles 31 Oct) Snippet 427
2012/07 Higher Education Minister announces that RSS is joining Africa Virtual University, and that students will have to undergo two years compulsory national service. He is also trying to start a student loans system rather than providing free Higher Education. Snippet 426
2012/02 Feb 2012. Students riot at University of Bahr el Ghazal largely over the stopping of Arabic language as a medium of instruction (John A. Akec, 2012) Snippet 424
Reference Mini-review
John A. Akec, 2012/06/05. Private higher education in South Sudan: Lessons from Africa [Article] Sudan Tribune. Accessed online.
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