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EES (Eastern Equatoria State)

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2014/07/03 The Governors of the Equatorian states insist that the debate on federalism should continue, despite apparent attempts by the central authorities to stifle it. Snippet: The Governors of the Equatorian states insist that the debate on feder....
2014/06/03 to 2014/06/04 Thousands of IDPs at Melijo (20km from Nimule, Magwi County) are reported in dire need of medical care and other assistance. The EES health minister says there is no IDP camp, but as citizens the people can access facilities in Mogali Payam and Nimule Town. (The IDPs from Jonglei were previously offered relocation to a different part of EES but refused.) However, UNHCR and Health Link South Sudan go ahead with a needs assessment and registration. Snippet: Thousands of IDPs at Melijo (20km from Nimule, Magwi County) are repor....
2014/05 A women‘s coalition inspects EES state prison in Torit and finds alarming sanitary and welfare conditions, which a prison officer attributes to inadequate state funding. Snippet: A women‘s coalition inspects EES state prison in....
2014/04/29 Eastern Equatoria State warns Jonglei State to stay out of Kasengor Payam, which it says is part of Kapoeta East County, not Pibor County. It comes after a letter emerges written by Defence Minister Kuol Manyang (formerly governor of Jonglei) directing the release of two vehicles to the "Jie community in Kasengor payam [district] of Pibor county". An MP of Pibor South calls the EES claim a lie. The emergence of the issue seems to be related to demands made by David Yau Yau's rebel group in peace negotiations with GRSS. Snippet: Eastern Equatoria State warns Jonglei State to sta....
2014/04/23 A concerted multiple immunization campaign begins in seven states, aiming to provide two million under-5 children with vaccines against measles and polio, and providing vitamin A supplements. Snippet 1864
2014/04/04 SUDRA, the relief department of the Episcopal Church (ECSSS), is active in trying to assist displaced people [mainly Dinka from Jonglei] in Nimule area. Local people originally resisted their settlement, but local government has recently allocated land in Miljok to settle 35,000 persons. Snippet
2014/03/31 The first official gold-mining exploration is being started in the three counties of Greater Kapoeta, by New Kush Exploration and Mining Limited together with the EES government. Snippet 1720
2014/03 Traders in Torit complain at irregular and excessive taxation. The EES government is said to have plans to unify tax collection. Snippet 1709
2014/03/22 to 2014/03/26 Sudan Tribune (ST) reports a press statement from one Wani Tombe Lako, claiming to represent an umbrella organization of political parties, NGOs and others called GRECOR (Greater Equatoria Council of Rights). ST says that Wani is a resident of Khartoum but GRECOR has an office in Juba. The statement says GRECOR is joining Riek Machar's negotiating team, as his rebellion promotes governance reforms needed by Equatorians. ST reports that some Equatorians agree with this, but others (including WES Governor Bakosoro) do not. Snippet
2014/03/20 The Anti-Corruption Commission of EES meets with members of the state's Youth Union, saying that limited resources mean it needs them (and other citizens) to help in the fight against corruption. But the youth chairperson complains at lack of transparency in the work of the Commission, and failure to name even one suspect so far. Snippet 1675
2014/03 The Governor of EES concedes that the state is unable to relocate displaced people from Jonglei who have recently fled to Nimule area, despite the requests of local Madi people. Snippet
2014/03/06 Girls are still forced into early marriage and given as blood compensation in EES, acknowledges the state governor. He vows to end the practice. Snippet 1550
2014/03/04 EES governor Lous Lobong calls for an investigation, and dismissals of underperforming principals and teachers, following poor exam results in the state. Snippet
2014/03/01 The EES governor agrees that army and police should be sent to Nauro Payam (Budi County) to prevent violence between Toposa and Didinga groups. This follows initial report by state MPs on the recent reported massacre. More investigations are to be set up. Snippet
2014/02 19 people are killed in apparently ethnicity-related violence (Toposa, Didinga) in Ngauro Payam, Budi County, Eastern Equatoria. The NLA creates a committee to investigate. Snippet
2014/01 The Madi community of Magwi County (EES) says it has no space to accommodate people displaced from Jonglei during the rebellion. The government of EES offers to transport them to the counties of Torit and Kapoeta South instead and that the displaced have agreed. Snippet
2014/02 Many of the people displaced from Bor area and Juba during the rebellion in late 2013 fled to Nimule area. The government of Eastern Equatoria would like them to move to Kapoeta, but they do not want to go. Snippet
2013/10 Staff from Kapoeta North and Torit Counties receive training in public financial management funded by CBTF (Capacity Building Trust Fund) Snippet 1371
2013/10 An outbreak of Rift Valley Disease is announced in Eastern Equatoria State. Snippet 1366
2013/10 Eastern Equatoria State Government launches a concept paper on food security in Kapoeta region. Snippet
2013/09 to 2013/10 Neighbouring border communities from the triangle area of South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda hold a peace conference in Kapoeta East. Snippet
2013/09 to 2013/10 20 CAHWs (community animal health workers) of Torit County (Eastern Equatoria State) are given a week's training, focussing on the problem East Coast Fever. The training is supported by Japan through the FAO. Snippet 1278
2013/10/02 Eastern Equatoria State approves 22 new payams (districts), bringing its the total to 75. This is in response to 'community demand', presumably meaning the desire of ethnic groups to have more local self-government. Snippet 1270
2013/10/03 The Eastern Equatoria State government announces more security posts on the Torit - Kapoeta highway, and advises vehicles to move in security convoys. This follows chronic incidence of robbery on the road, and an incident in late September in which two passengers were killed. Snippet
2013/09 Six people have been killed in fights in the Baka gold mine area of Talaa, Budi County, Eastern Equatoria, over an unspecified period. A county official blamed the fights on the effects of 'guu' and 'lira-lira' alcohol brewed in neighbouring districts of Uganda. The Baka gold mine area is said to be multi-ethnic, with many people from neighbouring countries, as well as criminals who flee there after committing crimes elsewhere in the county. Snippet
2013/08/08 The Madi head chief in Nimule is murdered. Other Madi leaders are arrested, but some Madi suspect the matter is related to Madi resistance to the idea of forming a town council for Nimule. This resistance is because they feel that it would provide a way of consolidating the occupation of land in the area by about 45,000 Dinka people, who have been there since the war, classified as IDPs. Snippet 1238
2013/09/29 The UNMISS co-ordinator for Eastern Equatoria State announces that UNMISS (Japanese engineer contingent) will implement repairs of bridges and drainage points on the Juba-Torit road, because of their very poor condition at present. The government of EES had previously appealed to donors to help with roads in the state, with little response. The national ministry of roads had agreed a USD 360 million project with the World Bank for the Nisit- Nadapal highway, of which USD has been disbursed. Last Oct, GOSS was also in discussion with Kenya for a USD 1 billion road upgrade from Eldoret to Juba. Snippet
2013/08/24 EES governor, dismisses his entire cabinet of ministers, and some special advisors. Snippet
2013/08 A murderer of a trader working in Iloli area, Eastern Equatoria, is apprehended not by state police but Iloli community authorities. He is then allowed to escape, also by local people. Snippet 1194
2013/08 IRI is training the 48 state members of parliament of EES, focusing on the role of legislative committees. Snippet
2013/07 The director general of mineral development surmises that the value of gold produced by 'local miners', untaxed and mostly unofficially exported, could be about USD 600 million per year. The main sites are Greater Kapoeta in EES, Udabi in Morobo County in CES, and Pachalla in UNS. Snippet
2012 In early 2013 the government of EES highlights food insecurity in the three counties of Greater Kapoeta, attributed to erratic rain and flooding in 2012. (SCRN, 18 Feb 2013) Snippet 720
2012/11 Nov 2012: EES has a Council of Traditional Authority Leadership (COTAL) for matters including local peace processes, which is dissolved and re-elected this month. (Gurtong, 5 Nov) Snippet 585
2012/07 2012: Community division means that Lopa/Lafon resists a single county commissioner. Instead in July the Governor appoints separate administrators for Lafon and Imehejek corridors (CRN 18 July 2012) Snippet 584
2012/04/17 Torit peace talks over Magwe situation, 17-21 Apr 2012. See Miraya and SCRN reports Snippet 583
2012/08 PLAN catalyzes setting-up of small agriculture businesses (e.g. Lulu in Magwi County) funded by UNICEF “Small Medium Business Capacity Building” (CRN 25 Aug 2012) Snippet 567
Reference Mini-review
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Based on research among mainly Latuko people in Imuruk Payam, Torit County, this 66-page academic-style report looks at how women and men see the threat of violence and respond differently to it. People in the study area had an acute sense of the possibility of violence coming to their area, because of their general understanding of the character of the state in South Sudan. Among many responses and strategies mentioned, men prepare to fight defensively, women and girls are cautious about where they go.

Peter Lokale Nakimangole, 2013/08/26. Divided house endorses state cabinet [Article] Gurtong. Accessed online.

News article which provides the list of state ministers and governor's advisors for Eastern Equatoria State, along with an account of parliamentary procedures in which other leading figures are mentioned.

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Focusing on the unsolved murder of the Madi head chief in Nimule in August 2013, this article illuminates the ethnic politics of territory in the western area of Magwe County traditionally occupied by the Madi, and particularly the question of Nimule, where since the war there have been large numbers of Dinka people allegedly with close links to leaders in the SPLM/A.

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