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2014/04 Wau still does not have a proper power station, since 2011 when the old one collapsed. Costs of town electricity are very high. Snippet
2013/10/02 Fire destroys much of the South Sudan Hotel, apparently due to an electrical fault. (Note: the original source in the GOSS website is apparently incorrectly dated 2nd September rather than 2nd October) Snippet 1267
Reference Mini-review
Rupa Ranganathan and Cecilia M. Briceño-Garmendia, 2011/09. South Sudan’s Infrastructure: A Continental Perspective [Report] The World Bank. Accessed online.

Argues that South Sudan's infrastructure needs are so vast that it needs to 'adopt firm priorities for its infrastructure spending. It also must attract international and private-sector investment and look to lower-cost technologies to begin to close its funding gap.'

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