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2014/03/10 Eritrea warns against peace facilitation for South Sudan by regional and other international powers, suspecting that it may be designed to perpetuate turmoil from which they can profit. It urges that South Sudan be left to work out its problems internally. It strongly denies assisting Riek Machar or other opponents of GRSS. Snippet
2014/03/06 An envoy from President Kiir meets President Afwerki of Eritrea to discuss Eritrea's stance in the current rebellion crisis in South Sudan. Snippet
2013 The town authorities of Aweil and state authorities of NBGS are welcoming and appreciative of Ethiopian and Eritrean investors who rent land and make concrete buildings. Snippet 1208
2013/02 'In practice, most of the investment in South Sudan is still from neighboring countries, especially Kenya (for banking and transport), Uganda (for retail and telecoms), Ethiopia (for hotels), and Eritrea (for retail and hotels)' (Alex de Waal, 2013) Snippet 602
Reference Mini-review
IRIN, 2014/03/19. Regional interests at stake in the South Sudan crisis [Article] IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis. Accessed online.

Analysis of the motivations of South Sudan's key neighbours in the current crisis of rebellion and peace negotions.

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