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2014/07/11 The EU orders a freeze on any EU assets of generals Santino Deng (SPLA) and Peter Gadet (SPLA-IO) for violating the agreed ceasefire. Snippet: The EU orders a freeze on any EU assets of generals Santino Deng (SPLA....
2014/04/29 Riek Machar recently received a delegation of African, US, British, Norwegian, UN and IGAD envoys at his base in the field. Some are trying to arrange a face-to-face meeting between him and President Kiir. Snippet
2014/03/19 Representatives of the Troika group (US, UK and Norway) and EU make clear they will support IGAD mediators in rejecting GRSS demands to exclude from the peace process the seven formerly-detained alleged coup-plotters. To back this up they are prepared to impose measures against individuals in the government or other negotiating parties who are deemed to be undermining the talks. Snippet 1673
2014/03/17 The European Union (Foreign Affairs Council) discusses the crisis in South Sudan. Among its conclusions it expresses alarm at a 'significant risk of famine', it encourages further investigations into the causes of the conflict and the perpetrators of crimes, and says it 'stands ready to consider targeted restrictive measures against individuals obstructing the political process'. Snippet
2013/10/18 EU Special Envoy to South Sudan visits Yida refugee camp (Unity State), and urges that the refugees be moved to a camp further from the dangerous border area. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
EU Council, 2013/07/22. EU Council conclusions on Sudan and South Sudan [Publicity document] Council of the European Union Foreign Affairs Council. Accessed online.

A bland one-page statement based on humanitarian and developmental orthodoxy, perhaps useful as a historical reference-point.

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