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European Union (aid)

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2014/04/17 The first batch of 116 students graduates from [the latest incarnation of] Lainya vocational training institute, in a project run by PLAN International, funded by the EU. Snippet 1830
2014/04/12 A Call for Action on South Sudan is issued by representatives of the USA, EU and UN, meeting in Washington DC. It says the next three months are critical for averting a famine which could affect seven million people. It urges donors to provide USD 232m for the next three months. It also urges the warring parties to stop fighting and to respect international law. Snippet
2013/09/26 Immigration officers of the South Sudan Police Service receive training from The European Union Aviation Security Mission in South Sudan (EUAVSEC)/UNMISS. Snippet
2013/01/29 to 2013/01/30 A project conference for upgrading the Eldoret-Juba road is held in Nairobi on 29-30 January. The estimated cost is $1.3bn, and donors/financiers seemed less than enthusiastic. 'The European Union and European Investment Bank questioned the economic viability of the scheme, saying that if the costs were slashed they might reconsider. “We are not in a position to make any firm commitment at this stage. The benefits of this project are not well explained,” said Laurent Kibumbi, the Head of EU Infrastructure in Kenya.' (Mapuor Malual Manguen/The Niles, 7 February 2013). - Compare Snippet 629. Snippet 982
2012/11 As of November 2012, South Sudan still had not signed the Cotonou Agreement, which would increase its eligibility for aid from the European Union. It missed a deadline. The delay is partly because it also involves signing up to the International Criminal Court (ICC). (Misuk Moses Mule/Gurtong, 9 November 2012). Snippet 638
2013/01 Community Empowerment Progress Organization (CEPO) launches a project for consultation and lobbying on a comprehensive Bill of Rights for the forthcoming constitution, including translation into national languages (?of the interim Bill of Rights?). It is funded by the EU (70,000 Euros). (Yoal Manyang/Upper Nile Times, 29 January 2013, Catholic Radio Network, 29 January 2013). Snippet 626
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