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exchange rate

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2014/01 to 2014/03 The black market price for dollars in Rumbek falls from SSP 5 in January to SSP 4 in early March, but transport costs for goods from Uganda remain high. Snippet
2013/09 GRSS devalues the SSP and cut subsidies on fuel and cooking gas. There are popular protests. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
Daniel Akech Thiong, 2014/06/06. Bibliography item: Daniel Akech Thiong (2014/06/06) "Why SSP Gained Agains USD After Dec. 15, 2014". (Article). Gurtong. [Article] Gurtong. Accessed online.

Short article with interesting economic analysis. Plausibly argues that the main reason for the SSP's strength in the last six months is the non-payment of government salaries, particularly to soldiers who defected.

Garang Atem Ayiik, 2014/05/20. Bibliography item: Garang Atem Ayiik (2014/05/20) "South Sudan Pound Appreciation, Risks and Policy Options". (Article). PaanLuel Wël. [Article] PaanLuel Wël. Accessed online.

This article sets out to understand why the SSP has strengthened against the USD in the black market since December 2013, and why bank are refusing or rationing withdrawals of USD from USD bank accounts. The author surmises that USD are leaking from the Central Bank into the black market without passing through the official market, and that too many SSP are being held in the banks. He recommends that the asset position of the Central Bank should be monitored, and that more SSP released into the economy (by prompt payment of salaries) to prevent a catastrophic reduction in economic activity.

Gabriel Garang Atem Ayiik, 2014/03/06. Examining the Exchange Rate Policy in RSS: Who was Right between Parliament and the Bank of South Sudan [Article] PaanLuel Wël. Accessed online.

Sophisticated but accessible analysis of exchange rate policy.

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