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2014/03/07 Rains start early in Juba, bringing extra squalour to the Tomping IDP camp. Snippet
2013/10/13 GOSS appeals for international aid to help people affected by floods. It has allocated SSP 7 million of its own money to this. More than 150,000 people are said to be in need of assistance. Snippet
2013/09 to 2013/10 Flooding in Gogrial West County is reported to have caused the deaths of at least 20 and caused extensive damage. Deaths are caused through disease, drowning, snake bites, crocodile bites and possibly masonry collapse. Snippet
2013/10 More than 50,000 people have been displaced, and 11 reportedly died, due to flooding in Payinjiar County, Unity State. Snippet
2013/08 Acting Jonglei State governor, Hussein Maar, arranges with UNMISS (South Korean engineering unit) to help building dykes against flooding in Bor area. Snippet 1204
2013/08/01 to 2013/08/08 Heavy rain in Bentiu and other areas of Unity State in the first week of August leads to serious flooding. Snippet
2013/05 The dike to reduce flooding in Bor and Twic East Counties is being repaired by ASCOM, a Moldova-based oil company, which has a production-sharing agreement with South Sudan. Snippet
2011 OCHA, 2013, p. 4: "Heavy flooding across the country in 2012 affected over 313,000 people in 44 of South Sudan’s 79 counties. This was three times more than in 2011, where about 80,000 people in 16 counties were affected by seasonal floods." More than 70 per cent of the flood-displaced people in 2012 were in Jonglei State. Snippet 656
2012 to 2013 Payinjiar County is reportedly badly hit by floods in 2012 causing hunger and stress migration in 2013. (Bonifacio Taban/The Niles, 24 January 2013) Snippet 625
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