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2014/06 A large consignment of weapons is shipped by Norinco (a Chinese company) to GRSS. Snippet: A large consignment of weapons is shipped by Norinco (a Chinese compan....
2014/07 Vice-president Wani visits China and receives pledges of USD 24 million aid, including USD 1.4 for the Kiir Mayardit Maternity Hospital. Various aid is promised to the SPLM party, including the training of cadres, the construction of a head office, and the publication of books. Snippet: Vice-president Wani visits China and receives pledges of USD 24 millio....
2014/07/01 to 2014/07/04 Riek Machar and a delegation from SPLM-IO visit South Africa, where Riek has a meeting with President Zuma. Snippet: Riek Machar and a delegation from SPLM-IO visit South Africa, where Ri....
2014/07/02 Bilateral arrangements with Sudan, including an agreement on customs and immigration, are strengthened in a visit to Khartoum by the Interior Minister, Aleu Ayieny. Snippet: Bilateral arrangements with Sudan, including an agreement on customs a....
2014/06 China is consigning humanitarian aid through the SSRRC (Relief and Rehabilitation Commission): non-food items like tents, mosquito nets and solar panels. Snippet: China is consigning humanitarian aid through the SSRRC (Relief and Reh....
2014/05/28 The foreign ministers of Russia and South Sudan meet in Moscow. Snippet: The foreign ministers of Russia and South Sudan meet in Moscow.....
2014/05/28 Rebel leader Riek Machar meets the President of Kenya in Nairobi, discussing the IGAD peace mechanisms. Snippet: Rebel leader Riek Machar meets the President of Kenya in Nairobi, disc....
2014/05/20 A donor conference in Oslo on the crisis in South Sudan initially mobilizes USD 600 million in new pledges. Snippet: A donor conference in Oslo on the crisis in South Sudan initially mobi....
2014/05/11 The East African Standard Gauge Railway protocol is signed by the presidents of Kenya and Uganda. The project is expected to link South Sudan to Uganda via Nimule and to Kenya via Nadapal. Work is due to start in October and take three years. The contractor is the China Communications Construction Company. Snippet: The East African Standard Gauge Railway protocol is signed by the pres....
2014/05/10 RSS will soon open embassies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Snippet: RSS will soon open embassies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE, accordin....
2014/05/10 The health ministries of Sudan and South Sudan sign a cooperation agreement. Its areas of coverage include importation of drugs, professional training and human resource development. (The South Sudan health minister is Riek Gai Kok, who served as a minister in Sudan before the independence of South Sudan.) Snippet: The health ministries of Sudan and South Sudan sign a cooperation agre....
2014/05/09 Salva Kiir and Riek Machar sign a peace agreement in Addis Ababa. The agreement (proposed in outline by mediators from the Government of Ethiopia on behalf of IGAD and negotiated in detail by shuttling between the two leaders) involves a truce to take place within 24 hours, and the formation of a 'government of national unity'. It also pledges respect for humanitarian corridors and the UN. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the US State Secretary both call it a 'breakthrough' in the peace process. Snippet: Salva Kiir and Riek Machar sign a peace agreement in Addis Ababa. The ....
2014/05/08 Sudan is neutral in South Sudan's internal conflict, and has put its disputes with RSS on hold, according to an advisor to Sudan's president. Snippet: Sudan is neutral in South Sudan's internal co....
2014/05/07 Kenya President Kenyatta receives the four politicians who were inconclusively tried for coup plotting: Pagan Amum, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, Majak D'Agoot and Oyay Deng. The four are expected to participate in the peace talks in Ethiopia. Snippet: Kenya President Kenyatta receives the four politic....
2014/05/06 The UN Secretary-General says he understands that LRA leader Joseph Kony is hiding in Sudan-controlled areas of the disputed border area between Sudan and South Sudan, near the border with CAR. Snippet: The UN Secretary-General says he understands that ....
2014/05/04 to 2014/05/07 At least 11,000 people cross to Ethiopia as refugees in three days following the SPLA's capture of Nasir from the SPLM/A-IO rebels, according to UNHCR. Snippet: At least 11,000 people cross to Ethiopia as refuge....
2014/05/06 US State Secretary Kerry ‘condemns in the strongest terms' GRSS offensives in Bentiu, Nasir and other places shortly after he had received a personal assurance from President Kiir on implementing the 23 Jan Cessation of Hostilities Agreement. Snippet: US State Secretary Kerry ‘condemns in the strong....
2014/05/06 The US Treasury Department imposes sanctions on generals Marial Chanuong and Peter Gatdet Yak. Marial is the commander of the presidential guards, seen as responsible for ethnic killings of Nuer people in Juba on 15-18th December. Gatdet is the former commander of the SPLA 8th Division, whose mutiny and attack on Bor on 18th December apparently involved ethnic killings of Dinka people, as did the rebel attack on Bentiu in April, which he is thought to have led. The sanctions freeze any US assets of the two generals and stop US companies and citizens doing business with them. Snippet: The US Treasury Department imposes sanctions on ge....
2014/05/02 US State Secretary Kerry meets President Kiir and reports that Kiir has committed to take 'forceful' steps to implement the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement and to engage in discussions on a transitional government. Kiir is also ready to meet Riek Machar in Addis Ababa next week. Kerry also emphasized the importance of stopping verbal attacks on humanitarian workers. He reveals the extent of his personal communications with Kiir since 15 December and says the US does not 'put any kind of equivalency' between the elected government and rebels who sought power by force. Snippet: US State Secretary Kerry meets President Kiir and ....
2014/05/01 US State Secretary Kerry says he sees risks of both genocide and famine in South Sudan, and was 'frankly disappointed' by the responses of Salva Kiir and Riek Machar when he discussed these matters with them. Snippet: US State Secretary Kerry says he sees risks of bot....
2014/04/30 Ann Itto, acting Secretary-General of the SPLM, apparently takes a position contrary to President Kiir, in welcoming possible US sanctions targeted against individual wrongdoers, and not seeing this as sanctions against South Sudan. Snippet: Ann Itto, acting Secretary-General of the SPLM, ap....
2014/04/29 Riek Machar recently received a delegation of African, US, British, Norwegian, UN and IGAD envoys at his base in the field. Some are trying to arrange a face-to-face meeting between him and President Kiir. Snippet
2014/04/26 President Kenyatta of Kenya makes a strong statement on the need of regional nations to put a stop to atrocities and the possibility of genocide in South Sudan. Snippet
2014/04/26 to 2014/04/28 President Kiir and other GRSS ministers attend the annual Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa, which this year focuses on illicit financial flows. There is opportunity to meet other African leaders. Among Kiir's meetings are ones with the leaders of Ethiopia and Sudan. Snippet 1879
2014/04/22 The UK Foreign Office Minister for Africa states that 'those in positions of influence in South Sudan' will be held accountable for atrocities if they incite them. Snippet
2014/04/23 to 2014/04/26 A meeting is held between members of the SPLM Political Bureau, including four loyalists of Salva Kiir and four from the 'SPLM 7' former detainees. They are faciliated by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa. Riek Machar and members of his negotiating team are invited to participate but decline saying that the problems 'have become a national issue'. Nevertheless the participants claim success in setting objectives, agenda and rules of engagement for a formal meeting of the Political Bureau. Snippet 1855
2014/04/21 UNMISS in Unity State (which now shelters 22,000 in its protection site) urgently needs reinforcements, but the Ghanaian battalion assigned there still has not arrived. Snippet
2014/04/18 China donates USD 8.5 million for humanitarian assistance, apparently through GRSS, it is announced when the Chinese Ambassador meets the Minister the Office of the President. Snippet 1837
2014/04 Nile Commercial Bank plays a big role in a trade delegation to China (led by presidential legal affairs advisor, Telar Deng). Snippet
2014/04/18 Kenya decides to increase its troop allocation to UNMISS, from 690 to 1,000. The soldiers are expected to be stationed in Wau. Snippet
2013 to 2014 Egypt has provided a well-equipped health clinic in Akon Payam (Gogrial West County, Warrap State), and doctors to staff it (although the staff left during the insecurity in late 2013 and early 2014). Snippet
2014/04/15 Sudan criticizes IGAD mediators approach to the talks between South Sudan and rebels. It suggests they are following the agenda of Western countries in trying to impose an interim government. It says the talks should involve other parties and civil society, and that Sudan would be well placed to make the proposals. Snippet
2014/04 Education Minister John Gai Yoh visits Egypt. It is announced that Egypt will provide at least 2,500 scholarships for South Sudanese, and Alexandria University hopes to establish a branch in South Sudan. Snippet
2014/04/10 Presidency minister Awan Riak meets US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington. A USG press release describes the discussion as 'frank'. Kerry is brash, saying the US 'will not stand by while the hopes of a nation are held hostage to short-sighted and destructive actors'. Snippet
2014/04/07 IGAD mediators drop their demand that the 'SPLM 7' group be included in the main peace talks with GRSS and Riek Machar's rebels. Their inclusion had been a stumbling-block for GRSS participation. IGAD and the Government of Ethiopia sidestepped the problem by creating a separate process for extra internal dialogue in the SPLM. Snippet
2014/04 There is no secondary school in Pochalla County. The main option for students seeking secondary education is to go to Ethiopia. Snippet
2014/04 South Sudan is in the process of buying into the proposed Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) network project for East Africa (along with Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda), according to the project's Joint Technical Committee. This will entail a railway line between Kampala and Juba. Snippet
2014/04/05 President Kiir visits Sudan President Bashir in Khartoum. They reportedly discuss renewed implementation of the September 2012 and March 2013 agreements between Sudan and South Sudan. Snippet
2014/04/03 US President Obama signs an order opening the way for freezing the US assets of South Sudanese individuals deemed responsible for human rights abuses, attacks on UN peacekeepers or obstructing the peace process. Snippet 1739
2014/04/03 UNHCR is in disagreement with Sudan over the status of South Sudanese who have fled there during the recent crisis of rebellion. Khartoum says they are considered as Sudanese citizens, not refugees. UNHCR wants them labelled as refugees (and perhaps given camps to live in) largely to enable it to raise funds for them and supply aid and protection. Snippet 1738
2014/03/29 The Government of Ethiopia seems to be trying to stop the country being used as a route for South Sudanese to travel to rebel-held areas. Snippet
2014/03 South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority receives a donation from Turkey of equipment to help planes land safely at Juba airport. The equipment being used for the last few years has been 'faulty', according to the Director of Civil Aviation. Snippet
2014/03 The CES Ministry of Education has ruled that school students are examined on the South Sudan syllabus. This is a problem for students in three of the state's counties - including Yei River County - where the students have been using the Uganda syllabus. Snippet
2014/03/23 A defence cooperation deal is reportedly signed with Egypt, when Defence Minister Kuol Manyang leads a delegation to Cairo: a deal which seems to open a prospect of Egyptian military aid. But Foreign Affairs Minister Marial later seems to dismiss a military aspect of the trip, saying it was mainly about receiving Egypt's assurance of diplomatic support for the elected government, and offering South Sudan's help for Egypt to resolve its dispute with Ethiopia over Nile waters. Snippet 1682
2014/03/20 52 member of the US Congress sign a letter to State Secretary John Kerry urging US pressure and assistance in establishing hybrid courts to try perpetrators of gross human rights abuses in South Sudan. They also urge resumption of USAID work, particularly in supporing food security in order to avert famine. Snippet
2014/03/19 Representatives of the Troika group (US, UK and Norway) and EU make clear they will support IGAD mediators in rejecting GRSS demands to exclude from the peace process the seven formerly-detained alleged coup-plotters. To back this up they are prepared to impose measures against individuals in the government or other negotiating parties who are deemed to be undermining the talks. Snippet 1673
2014/03/14 The Ugandan army says it will withdraw from South Sudan as soon as the IGAD stabilization force is in place. Snippet
2014/03 Japan announces some details of its aid response to the crisis: USD 2.5m for mine action work through UNMAS and in association with the Japanese engineers in UNMISS; USD 1 million for the monitoring and verification mission; USD 0.5 million for AUHIP's work. Snippet 1616
2014/03/12 Norway describes as 'unacceptable' GRSS claims that the UN has aided the rebels, particularly after weapons consigned to UNMISS forces in Bentiu were found in Rumbek being transported by road. Snippet 1607
2014/03 Hundreds of young South Sudanese have fled from government-held areas of South Sudan to Ethiopia, and are going via Addis Ababa and Gambella to fight on the rebel side. Snippet
2014/03/09 The foreign ministers of Egypt and South Sudan discuss trade, investment, and Nile water issues. Snippet
2014/03/10 Eritrea warns against peace facilitation for South Sudan by regional and other international powers, suspecting that it may be designed to perpetuate turmoil from which they can profit. It urges that South Sudan be left to work out its problems internally. It strongly denies assisting Riek Machar or other opponents of GRSS. Snippet
2014/03/07 Four soldiers and four Ugandan brick-makers are killed by shooting in or near the army HQ barracks in Juba. Apparently a drunken soldier first killed three of a different ethnicity, then tried to shelter in a container where the Ugandans were hiding, which was fired on by pursuing soldiers. Snippet 1585
2014/03 A South Korean overseas investment company, Make Group, is to revise and renew its MOU with the telecommunications ministry. Snippet
2014/03/08 A delegation of South Korean investors meets the finance minister, Aggrey Tisa Sabuni. Snippet
2013/12/07 President Kiir meets UN Secretary-General on fringes of African Security Summit in Paris. They discuss the preparations for 2015 elections, security threats to UN staff and the Abyei problem. Snippet 1570
2014/03/06 An envoy from President Kiir meets President Afwerki of Eritrea to discuss Eritrea's stance in the current rebellion crisis in South Sudan. Snippet
2014/03/06 South Africa's special envoy to South Sudan, Cyril Ramaphosa, a senior figure, is taking part in mediation efforts for South Sudan. Snippet
2014/03 An outbreak of meningitis in Kajo-Keji County has caused at least eight cases and two deaths. WHO is trying to prevent the disease spreading from Uganda. Snippet
2014/03/06 Security officials in Lakes State find UN trucks apparently carrying weapons to rebel-controlled areas of Unity State. UNMISS admits that some weapons for the Ghanaian battalion in Bentiu were wrongly sent by road instead of air. Snippet 1546
2014/03/05 Five East African countries have agreed to take part in a protection and stabilization force in South Sudan, by arrangement with IGAD, the AU and the UN. The countries are: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Djibouti and Burundi. Snippet 1542
2014/03/05 A new UNMISS IDP camp is announced for Tongpiny, to be built by the Zhonghao Overseas Construction Engineering Company Limited, with Chinese aid funding. Snippet 1541
2014/03/05 Local residents report at least six killings outside Giyada (HQ) barracks, where the army says five soldiers were killed in an internal pay dispute. One reported incident was of a targeted killing of two Nuer soldiers hiding in a private compound, and an Ethiopian who tried to protect them. Another reported incident involved the deaths of two Ugandans and a South Sudanese person in the Jabarona market area. Snippet 1538
2014/02/20 Two GRSS agents are arrested by Ethiopian authorities in Gambella for interference in local affairs, trying to pay eastern Nuer not to support the rebellion in South Sudan, according to a report in Upper Nile Times. Snippet
2014/02/26 Kenyans will be able to obtain visas for South Sudan at the border instead of having to apply in Nairobi, according to a deal agreed when President Kenyatta visited Juba. Snippet
2012/02 Key infrastructure projects have been put on hold due largely to insecurity associated with the 2013/14 rebellion, according to the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges. Projects affected are the Juba-Bor-Malakal-Renk road, the Juba-Yei-Kaya road and the much-needed second Juba bridge. MOUs have been signed with Chinese companies. Another factor is lack of clarity in investment policy and bank guarantees. Snippet
2014/02/27 Part of a contingent of 250 Ghanaian troops arrived to reinforce the Mongolian UNMISS battalion in Bentiu. Snippet 1490
2014/02/26 Kenya President Kenyatta visits President Kiir in Juba and announces 310 extra soldiers for the Kenyan battalion in South Sudan. Snippet 1483
2013/12 President Bashir of Sudan says South Sudanese fleeing from the violence to Sudan should be treated as Sudanese citizens rather than refugees. Snippet 1480
2014/02 Edward Lino, a senior figure in the SPLM, goes against the party line by dismissing the idea that Riek Machar's rebellion started with an attempted coup. He believes peace talks should not be hampered by recrimination on this point. He also criticizes the involvement of Ugandan troops. Snippet 1479
2014/02/14 Defence minister Kuol Manyang states that GRSS is funding the Ugandan troops in the country. Snippet
2014/02 CES governor Clement Wani Konga visits China and reaches understandings with the China Communications and Construction Company on various infrastructure and commercial projects, largely to be paid for (and presumably owned) by the Chinese. But few details are as yet provided by the governor. Snippet 1464
2014/02 Donald Booth (US Special Envoy) diagnoses the current turmoil: 'Institutions that were understandably weak at independence were allowed to stagnate, while the political elite vied instead for power in an ever-shrinking political space'. Snippet
2014/02 UNMISS South Korean and Indian contingents are providing emergency medical services for conflict-affected people in and around Bor town. Snippet 1457
2014/02/21 US expresses full support for the work of UNMISS, and calls threats and attacks against UNMISS compounds unacceptable. Snippet
2014/01 Various Ugandan, other African and international commentators argue that the intervention of Ugandan troops on the side of GRSS against rebels will undermine Uganda's role as a peace-broker in IGAD. Snippet
2014/02 Some refugees from the December 2013 violence in Juba have settled at Kiryandongo in Uganda. Snippet
2014/02/19 Ugandan army says it will not participate in investigation into the use of cluster bombs in recent fighting in South Sudan. Snippet
2014/02/19 US State Department condemns abrogation of 23 January truce by both GOSS and rebels. Calls for a stop to fighting, and finalization of monitoring arrangements. Also for withdrawal of Ugandan forces. Ugandan army spokesman rebuffs the latter. Snippet 1431
2014/02/21 Ugandan president Museveni pays surprise visit to South Sudan where he meets Ugandan troops in Bor and President Kiir in Juba. Snippet
2014/02/17 70% of the SPLA will potentially defect to Riek Machar, according to SPLM chief whip, Tulio Odongi in the NLA. Interior minister Aleu Ayieny says his ministry is 'terribly affected' as police officers defect to the rebels. SLA votes a supplementary budget of more than $300 million dollars to deal with the security threats, much of which may be paid for the services of Ugandan military. Snippet
2014/01/18 The SPLA with Ugandan forces recaptures Bor town from rebels (White Army and Peter Gatdet's forces). Snippet: The SPLA with Ugandan forces recaptures Bor town f....
2013/10/29 President Kiir attends the 3rd Infrastructure and Africa Transform Projects Summit in Kigale, along with the presidents of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. They agree to form a Single Custom Territory without non-tariff barriers, and discuss other matters of infrastructure integration and movement of people across their common borders. Snippet 1373
2013/10 Direct flights between Juba and Kigale are started by RwandAir. Snippet 1352
2013/10 The foreign minister of the Czech Republic visits South Sudan with 40 business executives. Snippet
2013/10 The ambassador of Somalia to South Sudan visits Jonglei State. Snippet
2012/03/02 LAPSSET (the Lamu Port, South Sudan and Ethiopia Transport) corridor project - a Kenya-led regional transportation project - is inaugurated by the leaders of Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia. The project is planned to create: a heavy transportation road from Kenya to Nadapal (Eastern Equatoria State), a railway line connecting Kenya to Nakodok (Eastern Equatoria State) and an oil pipeline connecting South Sudan to Lamu Port in Kenya. Snippet 1320
2013/10/08 A delegation from South Africa's ruling National Congress Party visits Juba for consultations with the SPLM. The GOSS website is used to report this. (Note: the report on the GOSS website was - apparently wrongly - dated 8th September rather than 8th October.) Snippet
2013/10 The foreign affairs minister has discussions with the Indonesian ambassador on developing diplomatic relations and other cooperation. The ambassador says Indonesia is interested in trade, especially in the agriculture and oil sectors. Snippet 1313
2013/10 Ugandan police deploy an officer in the embassy at Juba, to help identify Ugandan criminals in Juba. South Sudan police inspector, Peing Deng, vows to protect law-abiding Ugandans. Snippet
2013/09 to 2013/10 Neighbouring border communities from the triangle area of South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda hold a peace conference in Kapoeta East. Snippet
2013/10/02 China has pledged a grant of about USD 3 million for development aid in South Sudan, according to the minister of foreign affairs. At the same time China congratulated GOSS on recent improved relations with Sudan. (Note: the original source in the GOSS website is apparently incorrectly dated 2nd September rather than 2nd October) Snippet
2013/09/24 Zimbabwe promises to support South Sudan's diplomatic missions, by providing staff with courses in international relations and English language. Snippet
2013/09/29 The UNMISS co-ordinator for Eastern Equatoria State announces that UNMISS (Japanese engineer contingent) will implement repairs of bridges and drainage points on the Juba-Torit road, because of their very poor condition at present. The government of EES had previously appealed to donors to help with roads in the state, with little response. The national ministry of roads had agreed a USD 360 million project with the World Bank for the Nisit- Nadapal highway, of which USD has been disbursed. Last Oct, GOSS was also in discussion with Kenya for a USD 1 billion road upgrade from Eldoret to Juba. Snippet
2013/08/28 Donald Booth is appointed as the next US Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan. Snippet
2013/09 South Sudanese in Uganda are fearful of attacks after the South Sudan interior minister bans Ugandans from working as boda boda (motorcycle taxi) drivers. Snippet
2013/09/26 China signs agreements with South Sudan for providing anti-malarial medicines, and training staff in Rumbek hospital. Transfer of money through the Chinese Exim bank for other projects has been delayed, but is expected to go ahead soon. Snippet
2013 The town authorities of Aweil and state authorities of NBGS are welcoming and appreciative of Ethiopian and Eritrean investors who rent land and make concrete buildings. Snippet 1208
2013/07/05 Germany and South Sudan sign an agreement under which the former will provide USD 40 million in aid over two years, focusing on ‘Decentralisation and Accountability’, ‘Urban Water and Sanitation’ as well as ‘Food Security and the Development of Agricultural Markets’. Snippet
2013/08 Acting Jonglei State governor, Hussein Maar, arranges with UNMISS (South Korean engineering unit) to help building dykes against flooding in Bor area. Snippet 1204


Reference Mini-review
Juma Mabor Marial, 2014/07/08. Bibliography item: Juma Mabor Marial (2014/07/08) "IGAD and International Community (TRIOKA) are not doing enough to end Conflict in South Sudan". (Article). South Sudan News Agency. [Article] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online.

The title of this 2,400-word article is a little misleading. The author rather argues that the Troika countries (USA, UK and Norway) through the IGAD mediators are intruding too much in the Addis Ababa peace talks. It articulates the view that they are trying to impose a substantive outcome through their insistence on the involvement of third-party stakeholders such as dissident politicians and civil society groups. But too many civil society representatives turn out to be self-interested and covertly aligned. They should instead be involved in a post-agreement National Dialogue Conference.

ABA Rule of Law Initiative, 2014/06. Bibliography item: ABA Rule of Law Initiative (2014/06) "Assessment of Justice, Accountability and Reconciliation Measures in South Sudan". (Report). American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative. [Report] American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative. Accessed online.

21-page report. Probably the most authoritative assessment so far that GRSS has failed seriously to investigate the atrocities since December 2013 or move to prosecute perpetrators. Reporting fears that the AU Commission of Inquiry might deflect such investigation and prosecution, the report calls for a new mechanism involving professional investigation teams with a UN Chapter VII mandate. It also calls for international reinforcement of the National Platform for Peace and Reconciliation (NPPR) initiative. (The report was funded but not necessarily endorsed by the US State Department.)

Harry Verhoeven, 2014/05/30. Bibliography item: Harry Verhoeven (2014/05/30) "South Sudan conflict destabilizes Ethiopia’s regional strategy". (Article). Radio Tamazuj. [Article] Radio Tamazuj. Accessed online.

This 1000-word article points out the special interest of Ethiopia in regional stability - an interest built on the potential for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to export power to neighbouring countries - and hence in South Sudan stability. In passing, it states that Uganda President Museveni consulted with the US (in the person of National Security Advisor Susan Rice) before sending its troops to help GRSS fight the rebels in December 2013.

Salva Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar Teny, 2014/05/09. Bibliography item: Salva Kiir Mayardit (2014/05/09) "Agreement to Resolve the Crisis in South Sudan". (Operating document). IGAD (Inter-Governmental Authority on Development). [Operating document] IGAD (Inter-Governmental Authority on Development). Accessed online.
Deng Mading Gatwech, 2014/05/05. Bibliography item: Deng Mading Gatwech (2014/05/05) "Geopolitics on Nile Water: Its Implications on S. Sudan Conflict". (Article). South Sudan News Agency. [Article] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online.

Against a background of quickly-rising tensions between Egypt and Ethiopia over the latter's construction of its Grand Renaissance Dam, and recent indications of military aid from Egypt to GRSS, the author argues that Egypt may be seeking to use South Sudan for threatening or attacking the dam; a possibility which has serious implications for domestic and regional politics and security.

Jonah Leff and Emile LeBrun, 2014/05. Bibliography item: Jonah Leff (2014/05) "Following the Thread: Arms and Ammunition Tracing in Sudan and South Sudan". (Report). Small Arms Survey. [Report] Small Arms Survey. Accessed online.

Recaps Small Arms Survey's programme of tracing arms flows in Sudan and South Sudan over the last ten years.

Among flows that the project has demonstrated are:

  • arms supplies to David Yau Yau's group and other rebel militia in South Sudan sent from the Sudan Government up to January 2013 (many of these arms came from China, but much of the ammunition is manufactured in Sudan.)
  • GRSS arming of youth against rebel militias in Jonglei in 2010 and 2011
  • arming of local youth in Jonglei by rebel militia.
Jok Madut Jok, 2014/04/27. The Undeniable Facts About South Sudan’s Conflict [Article] Gurtong. Accessed online.

Jok Madut Jok first analyses the current conflict in terms of members of a corrupt political elite vying for office, and seeking ethnic support, leading to inter-ethnic killing. He partly blames the political apathy of citizens for going along with this rather than targeting the real problems of the state. Jok observes that there can be no clear victor in the war, and that none of the parties can escape responsibility for the suffering caused. He criticizes Western and IGAD states for imposing an approach to negotiations involving the seven former detainees.

Eric Reeves and John Prendergast, 2014/04/19. Preventing Genocide in South Sudan [Article] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online.

Ahead of the US State Secretary's visit to the peace talks in Addis Ababa, the international community is urged to help avert a greater catastrophe in South Sudan by: (1) increasing international forces in the country; (2) negotiating cross-line routes for humanitarian aid under a respected international figure; (3) ensuring punishment of indivuals who commit war crimes, through targeted sanctions (not only by the US but a coalition of countries), creation of hybrid courts, and referrals to the ICC; and (4) more support to the peace process and participation of opposition and civil society. 

Luke Patey, 2014/03/31. India’s Kings of Crude Troubled by Oil Investments in Africa [Article] African Arguments. Accessed online.

Argues that India needs stronger diplomatic involvement in South Sudan in order to protect the commercial interests of ONGC Videsh Ltd. (OVL), whose oil production has been hit by the recent crisis of rebellion.

IRIN, 2014/03/19. Regional interests at stake in the South Sudan crisis [Article] IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis. Accessed online.

Analysis of the motivations of South Sudan's key neighbours in the current crisis of rebellion and peace negotions.


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