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freedom of speech

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2013/08/19 Parliament - with Speaker James Wani Igga playing a leading part - summons the ministers for defence, interior and security services, and there are public demonstrations, in response to perceived poor security in Juba, and particularly the recent killing of two brothers. The demonstration and Igga's speech are not broadcast on state TV, amid accusations of interference by security personnel. Snippet
2013/08/07 to 2013/08/15 A lawyer who has acted for Pagan Amum, Mut Turuk, accuses the Chief Justice, Justice Chan Reech Madut, of losing his integrity, after he orders the deletion of journalists' photographs and statements taken on Supreme Court premises. Snippet
2013/08 The Governor of NBGS, Paul Awan, asks citizens to accept President Kiir's replacement of the Vice-President and ministers as a technical reform, and not to make it a point of political controversy. Riek Machar accuses Paul Awan of trying to "groom himself as a dictator". Snippet
2013/07/23 to 2013/08/07 Pagan Amum files a petition to the Supreme Court against Salva Kiir and the SPLM for violating his rights to freedom of expression and movement (when Kiir issued a party order forbidding Amum from travelling outside Juba or talking to the media). Snippet 1074
Reference Mini-review
US Department of State, 2014. Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013: South Sudan [Report] US Department of State. Accessed online.

Lengthy, careful and systematic (though inevitably not comprehensive) account of human rights practices, cagegorized by: (1) respect for the integrity of the person; (2) respect for civil liberties; (3) respect for political rights; (4) corruption and lack of transparency in government; (5) governmental attitude to human rights investigations; (6) discrimination, societal abuses and trafficking in persons; and (7) worker rights.

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Proportion of people who agree it is generally not acceptable to talk negatively about the government in public (%)
Stat 1019
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