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2014/07/14 Tonj civil hospital has run out of injectable drugs, while Tonj town is virtually cut off by rains on poor roads. The problem of drug supply seems to be more general, in Warrap state at least. Snippet: Tonj civil hospital has run out of injectable drugs, while Tonj town i....
2014/06 The rate of HIV among people tested in Morobo County and Yei River County health facilties has risen sharply. Snippet: The rate of HIV among people tested in Morobo County and Yei River Cou....
2014/05/28 The cholera epidemic is linked to household use of untreated water from the Nile, says a WHO official. Snippet: The cholera epidemic is linked to household use of untreated water fro....
2014/05/16 Juba municipality prohibits smoking in public places. Snippet: Juba municipality prohibits smoking in public places.....
2014/05/15 A cholera outbreak is declared in Juba, apparently originating in an IDP camp, but already spread to 11 residential areas. Snippet: A cholera outbreak is declared in Juba, apparently originating in an I....
2014/05/10 The health ministries of Sudan and South Sudan sign a cooperation agreement. Its areas of coverage include importation of drugs, professional training and human resource development. (The South Sudan health minister is Riek Gai Kok, who served as a minister in Sudan before the independence of South Sudan.) Snippet: The health ministries of Sudan and South Sudan sign a cooperation agre....
2014/04/26 1,400 people died of malaria in 2013, and two million suffered from the infection, says Health Minister Riek Gai. Snippet 1867
2014/04/23 A concerted multiple immunization campaign begins in seven states, aiming to provide two million under-5 children with vaccines against measles and polio, and providing vitamin A supplements. Snippet 1864
2014 UNFPA (UN Population Fund) supports 29 international midwives across the ten states, providing emergency obstetric care and kits for deliveries, in conjunction with IMC (International Medical Corps). Snippet 1817
2013 to 2014 Egypt has provided a well-equipped health clinic in Akon Payam (Gogrial West County, Warrap State), and doctors to staff it (although the staff left during the insecurity in late 2013 and early 2014). Snippet
2014/04/11 A 2014-2021 strategic health plan is launched by national and state health ministries at the end of a workshop in Nairobi. The planning process has been supported by USAID, WHO, PSI, Mentor initiative, and malaria control officials from other African countries. Snippet 1788
2014/04/11 Only 37% of health practitioners in Juba town have proper qualifications, according to a government press release. Snippet
2014/04/11 A General Medical Council is to be formed, announce the health and justice ministries. The Council will help set and enforce medical standards. Snippet 1779
2014/04 Aid agencies are helping government to eradicate Guinea Worm through a scheme of offering cash rewards to victims who report to treatment centres. The aid agencies concerned are Carter Centre, WHO, UNICEF and Rotary Club. Snippet 1763
2014/04 Only 25 out of 105 pharmacies in Rumbek Central County are found to meet qualifying standards, when checked by the state health ministry. Snippet 1756
2014/03 People sheltering in the UN camp in Bor (and other places) lack access to secondary health care because it is unsafe for them to go to nearby government hospitals, and aid agencies lack the funding to provide this kind of care. Snippet
2014/04/01 President Kiir reportedly donates an ambulance to Kajo-Keji Civil Hospital. [The news item does not clarify whether this is a personal or official presidential gift.] Snippet
2014/03 Health facilities in Abyei, including Agok hospital, are reportedly suffering 'terrible' shortages of basic supplies and equipment. Snippet 1711
2014/03 The Health Ministry resolves to open new medical schools in Bor, Torit, Yambio, Wau and Aweil in an attempt to double the rate of training medical personnel. Snippet
2014/03 Recorded cases of guinea worm in South Sudan fell from 5021 in 2012 to 113 in 2013. No cases have been recorded so far this year. Snippet 1693
2014/03 In Yei, animals (including many imported from Uganda) are often slaughtered by butchers on the ground, rather than hygienic conditions. There is currently no meat inspection regime. Snippet 1690
2014/03 Human cases of anthrax have recently occurred in Jur River County (WBGS). Snippet 1669
2014/03 The Undersecretary in the Ministry of Health says the ministry is planning a nation-wide malaria control operation based on spraying inside homes. However, the National Malaria Control Program Manager says that the Ministry agreed on distribution of mosquito nets as the only simple way of preventing malaria, and that seven strategies are in place. Meanwhile, it is claimed that more than 50% of hospital beds are taken by malaria patients. Snippet 1647
2013/03 A UNHCR protection officer warns that mental health may be a big problem among people displaced by recent violence, particularly the unusually large numbers of adult males who fled to UN camps, and those who have witnessed atrocities and intimidation. Snippet
2014/03/13 The World Bank mobilizes USD 44m in view of the current crisis. USD 35 million is for the Health Rapid Results project in Upper Nile and Jonglei. USD 9 million is for an Emergency Food Crisis project. Snippet
2014/03 Roads and telecommunications with a major hospital in Lakes (Mapourdit) remain very poor despite government promises. People resort to climbing trees in order to communicate. Snippet
2014/03 Mapourdit Hospital (Yirol West County) receives patients from four states (Lakes, WES, Warrap and WBGS). It is run by the Catholic church. Snippet
2014/03 A local NGO - the Interchurch Medical Association (IMA) - is under contract from the Ministry of Health to coordinate and deliver services. Snippet 1561
2014/03 The World Bank is supporting a Rapid Results Health Project (RRHP) in Jonglei and Upper Nile, with initial funding of USD 28 million in August 2012, which it says is now 'seeing strong results'. Snippet
2014/03 An outbreak of meningitis in Kajo-Keji County has caused at least eight cases and two deaths. WHO is trying to prevent the disease spreading from Uganda. Snippet
2014/02/28 No medicines have been received in Yei River County from the national or state ministries of health in the past year, according to the county commissioner. This has led to a shortage of basic healthcare. Snippet
2014/02/26 MSF bears witness to killings, looting and destruction in hospitals in Malakal, Leer and Bor, and also its own compounds in Malakal and Bentiu in the previous two months Snippet 1476
2014/02 UNMISS South Korean and Indian contingents are providing emergency medical services for conflict-affected people in and around Bor town. Snippet 1457
2014/01 Measles has broken out in many parts of South Sudan, notably Juba, Bor and Malakal, according to the UN. Snippet 1409
2013/10 HIV infection rates appear to be rising sharply in Bor town and its surrounding area. This is attributed to contact with sex workers who mainly come from neighbouring countries in East Africa. Snippet
2013/03 The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Sudan dropped from 3% in 2010 to 2.6% in 2012, according to a GOSS Antenatal Clinic (ANC) surveillance report for 2012. Prevalence is reportedly highest in Western Equatoria (6.8%) and lowest in Northern Bahr el Ghazal (0.3%). Snippet
2013/10 An outbreak of Rift Valley Disease is announced in Eastern Equatoria State. Snippet 1366
2013/10 HIV infection rates have fallen in Unity State from 1.6% to 1.3% in the last year, according to state officials. They attribute this to community awareness raising activities carried out mainly through NGOs. Snippet
2013 The number of trained medical staff in Yambio hospital falls from 208 in 2009 to 158 in mid-2013. This decrease is attributed largely to lack of promotion opportunities, so that many leave to join NGOs or become self-employed. Staff policies come under the state government. The impact is felt especially in lower antenatal care service. Meanwhile about 60% of the hospital's work is helped by MSF Spain. Snippet 1318
2013/10 A pioneering effort to extend HIV/AIDS counselling and testing from cities to rural areas is made by YMCA with support from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, in Yambio area. Snippet 1297
2013/09/26 An outbreak of measles is announced in Upper Nile state. There have been 44 identified cases in Malakal County since August. Snippet
2013/10/03 The Arab League is sending a team of doctors to provide technical assistance, especially in the fields of gynecology and ophthalmology. It is also increasing the number of scholarships to South Sudanese. (Note: The source - the GOSS website - is apparently incorrectly dated 3rd September rather than 3rd October) Snippet
2012 to 2013 During 2012, 16 people are reported to have died in Payinjiar County, Unity State, from rabies after dog bites. In 2013 state officials are urging for dogs, cats and donkeys to be vaccinated. Snippet
2013/09/26 Polio cases are identified in South Sudan, in NBGS and EES: the first since 2009. This follows an outbreak in Somalia which spread to Kenya and Ethiopia. It prompts renewed immunization campaigns. Snippet 1245
2013/09/26 China signs agreements with South Sudan for providing anti-malarial medicines, and training staff in Rumbek hospital. Transfer of money through the Chinese Exim bank for other projects has been delayed, but is expected to go ahead soon. Snippet
2012/02 to 2012/03 The prevalence of HIV in the SPLA is estimated at 'over four percent'. UNFPA distributes condoms to the SPLA to help it reduce HIV infection. Snippet 964
2013/02 UNMISS holds training in Wau for fighting HIV/AIDS. Snippet 690
2013/01 A national mother-child health assessment survey is launched by the Ministry of Health, with support from UNFPA and CIDA. Data collection is due to be finished by March. (SCRN, 29 January 2013) Snippet 628
Reference Mini-review
WHO/EMRO, 2010/12. Country statistical profiles [Chapter/section] 'Annual report of the regional director'. World Health Organization - Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. Accessed online.

Contains many interesting indicator values for South Sudan (among other countries), without details of the method by which they were assessed.

MoH and SSCCSE, 2007. Southern Sudan Household Health Survey [Report] Ministry of Health and Southern Sudan Commission for Census, Statistics and Evaluation. Accessed online.

As of early 2013, the 2006 SSHHS was still the only available comprehensive and authoritative survey of health in South Sudan.

Indicator values are shown in the table below alongside the year for which they were assessed. For further information, click on the source and 'details' text. Put the cursor over the indicator values to see selected comparisons.

Year Indicator Value Details
Antenatal care coverage % of pregnant women receiving at least four visits from a health worker
Stat 892
Antenatal care coverage % of pregnant women receiving at least one visit from a health worker
Stat 891
Proportion of births attended by skilled health personnel (%)
Stat 890
Proportion of births attended by skilled health personnel (%)
Stat 889
Undernourishment (% of population not consuming enough for an acceptable level of dietary energy)
Stat 882
Maternal mortality ratio (per 100,000 live births)
Stat 879
Solid fuel use (% of households using wood, charcoal or grass for cooking)
Stat 877
Anti-malarial treatment (% of under-5s with fever treated)
Stat 865
Anti-malarial treatment (% of under-5s with fever treated)
Stat 864
Solid fuel use (% of households using solid fuel for cooking)
Stat 862
Measles immunization coverage (% of 1-year-olds immunized)
Stat 861
Measles immunization coverage (% of 1-year-olds immunized)
Stat 860
Measles immunization coverage (% of 1-year-olds who had been immunized before first birthday)
Stat 859
Under-5s severely underweight (%)
Stat 832
Maternal mortality rate (per 100,000 live births)
Stat 831
Under-5 mortality rate (deaths per 1000 live births)
Stat 830
Under-5 mortality rate (deaths per 1000 live births)
Stat 817
Neonatal mortality rate (deaths in first week of life per 1000 live births)
Stat 816
Infant mortality rate (deaths in first year of life per 1000 live births)
Stat 815
Infant mortality rate (deaths in first year of life per 1000 live births)
Stat 814
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