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Hilde F. Johnson

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2014/05/31 to 2014/06/01 Hilde F. Johnson confirms that she will leave the post of Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on 8th July, having completed three years in the post. The timing is also related to personal factors and the recent change in mandate of UNMISS. She insists not only that this is not bending to the recent GRSS-backed campaign against her and the UN, but that she would have carried on if the campaign had continued. Snippet: Hilde F. Johnson confirms that she will leave the post of Special Repr....
2014/05/06 UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon meets President Kiir in Juba. A GRSS press release states that Kiir commended the role played by Hilde Johnson as head of UNMISS and that GRSS is committed to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement and the humanitarian Month of Tranquility in May. A 'top aide' of Kiir also says that Kiir agreed to the idea of forming an interim administration with Riek Machar and others, according to Sudan Tribune. Snippet: UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon meets President K....
2014/03 Famine is likely within five months unless enough food aid is positioned before the rains, says UN Special Representative Hilde F. Johnson. Securing relief food may require assistance from UNMISS, but implementation of the agreed increase in UNMISS troop numbers is 'very slow'. Snippet
2014/03/10 At big youth rally attended by senior politicians in Juba, many call for the replacement of Hilde F. Johnson as UN Special Representative for a failure to maintain neutrality during the rebellion. Magel Ring Machar, chairperson of the Political Parties Youth Forum is applauded when calling for power to be contested by constitutional means, not rebellion. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
Hilde F. Johnson, 2014/07/08. Bibliography item: Hilde F. Johnson (2014/07/08) "[Parting statement as SRSG to South Sudan]". (other). United Nations. [other] United Nations. Accessed online.

In a press statement on the last day of her term of office, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General puts the blame for the current crisis and suffering in Sudan on the leaders of the SPLM party, whether currently rebels, dissidents or in government. 'The SPLM is at risk of failing' due to 'a scramble for power'. South Sudan is afflicted by three diseases: corruption, rule of gun (not law), and a self-serving elite.

Daniel van Oudenaren, 2014/05. Bibliography item: Daniel van Oudenaren (2014/05) "Peacekeeping under attack in South Sudan". (Article). Radio Tamazuj. [Article] Radio Tamazuj. Accessed online., Accessed online.

This three-part article is more gripping and incisive than its title suggests. It argues that UNMISS could and should have adopted a less cautious and defensive strategy. After the debacle of Akobo on 19 December, when some of its soldiers were captured and two killed, it focussed on protecting its own bases and the civilians sheltering there when atrocities were happening nearby. It's public statements seem to have been subdued in the face of intimidation by GRSS.

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