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2014/06 The rate of HIV among people tested in Morobo County and Yei River County health facilties has risen sharply. Snippet: The rate of HIV among people tested in Morobo County and Yei River Cou....
2013/10 HIV infection rates appear to be rising sharply in Bor town and its surrounding area. This is attributed to contact with sex workers who mainly come from neighbouring countries in East Africa. Snippet
2013/03 The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Sudan dropped from 3% in 2010 to 2.6% in 2012, according to a GOSS Antenatal Clinic (ANC) surveillance report for 2012. Prevalence is reportedly highest in Western Equatoria (6.8%) and lowest in Northern Bahr el Ghazal (0.3%). Snippet
2013/10 HIV infection rates have fallen in Unity State from 1.6% to 1.3% in the last year, according to state officials. They attribute this to community awareness raising activities carried out mainly through NGOs. Snippet
2013/10 A pioneering effort to extend HIV/AIDS counselling and testing from cities to rural areas is made by YMCA with support from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, in Yambio area. Snippet 1297
2012/02 to 2012/03 The prevalence of HIV in the SPLA is estimated at 'over four percent'. UNFPA distributes condoms to the SPLA to help it reduce HIV infection. Snippet 964
2013/02 UNMISS holds training in Wau for fighting HIV/AIDS. Snippet 690

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Year Indicator Value Details
HIV prevalence (% of the population infected with HIV)
Stat 1369
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