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Human Rights Commission

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2014/05/05 The Human Rights Commission is developing a human rights curriculum and teaching materials for both primary and secondary schools. Snippet: The Human Rights Commission is developing a human ....
2014/03/19 The chair of the South Sudan Human Rights Commission says it has presented a report on abuses during the recent rebellion to the National Legislative Assembly for action. Snippet
2013/10 The South Sudan Human Rights Commission (SSHRC) does not support abolishing the death penalty at present, according to its chairperson, Lawrence Korbandy. A process of education and changing values is required first. SSHRC is planning to introduce human rights literature in schools. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
SSHRC, 2014/03. Interim Report on South Sudan Internal Conflict December 15, 2013 - March 15, 2014 [Report] South Sudan Human Rights Commission. Accessed online.

This 13-page report by the Human Rights Commission finds that there was 'mass violation of human rights'. It details some of this, mostly without being able to attribute responsibility further than to say there was 'loss of control over forces by the government and rebel force commanders respectively'. It insists on facing up to the problem of ethnic hatred rather than denying that killings were ethnically motivated. It urges further investigation by the Government and AU commissions of inquiry, leading to prosecutions. And it doubts government claims that 100 SPLA suspects were detained.

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