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information technology

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2013/02/03 The South Sudan Electronic Payroll System II (SSEPS II) Pilot is launched by the Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development. It will be implemented from February to April and is expected to help identify and remove ghost workers from the payroll. (Justin Jada and Simon Owaka/GOSS-online, 3 Feb 2013) Snippet 678
2012 Kush Land Education Project. Runs computer competence training with support from UNESCO (GOSS website 12 Oct 2012) Snippet 565

Indicator values are shown in the table below alongside the year for which they were assessed. For further information, click on the source and 'details' text. Put the cursor over the indicator values to see selected comparisons.

Year Indicator Value Details
Phone ownership (% of households owning a phone)
Stat 900
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