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International Criminal Court

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2012/11 GOSS says it cannot currently ratify the Rome Statute (of the ICC) because of the co-operation agreements it has signed with Sudan. (Ratifying the statute would commit it to arresting President Bashir if he visited South Sudan.) Snippet 985
2012/11 As of November 2012, South Sudan still had not signed the Cotonou Agreement, which would increase its eligibility for aid from the European Union. It missed a deadline. The delay is partly because it also involves signing up to the International Criminal Court (ICC). (Misuk Moses Mule/Gurtong, 9 November 2012). Snippet 638
Reference Mini-review
David K. Deng, 2014/05. Bibliography item: David K. Deng (2014/05) "Special Court for Serious Crimes (SCSC): A Proposal for Justice and Accountability in South Sudan". (Report). South Sudan Law Society. [Report] South Sudan Law Society. Accessed online.

This 12-page working paper is an important step in developing the idea of using a hybrid court to try people responsible for gross atrocities in the recent violent conflict. It considers many practical implications of the idea and creates a solid framework for further discussion and action. Its key recommendations are: (1)  Include language in a peace agreement providing for justice and accountability; (2) Prohibit amnesties for international crimes; (3) Educate people about the court; (4) Assess national capacity to administer a hybrid court; (5) Adopt regional and international treaties.

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