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2015/05/15 ICRC announces a USD 127 million relief operation, air-dropping food, seed and other items into remote locations. Snippet: ICRC announces a USD 127 million relief operation, air-dropping food, ....
2014/05/13 60 international NGOs sign a public statement mainly urging donors for more emergency funding (through the forthcoming Oslo conference), but also recommending diplomatic support for protection of aid agencies, shift of funds from state-building to community service provision by national agencies, strengthened peace process and ceasefire enforcement, more emphasis on protection in the UNMISS mandate, control of arms flows to South Sudan, and accountability for violence. Snippet: 60 international NGOs sign a public statement mainly urging donors for....
2014/05 A 20-part peacebuilding radio drama series named 'Sawa Shabab' is launched, based on an educational peacebuilding curriculum. It is produced by Free Voice South Sudan with support from USIP, to be aired on Radio Miraya and the Catholic Radio Network and other local stations. Snippet: A 20-part peacebuilding radio drama series named &....
2013/06 to 2013/09 In June 2013 the ICRC formally recognizes SSRC as a national society. In September the IFRC signs a status agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Snippet: In June 2013 the ICRC formally recognizes SSRC as ....
2014/04/17 The first batch of 116 students graduates from [the latest incarnation of] Lainya vocational training institute, in a project run by PLAN International, funded by the EU. Snippet 1830
2014 UNFPA (UN Population Fund) supports 29 international midwives across the ten states, providing emergency obstetric care and kits for deliveries, in conjunction with IMC (International Medical Corps). Snippet 1817
2014/04 The South Sudan Land Alliance holds its second general assembly, supported by Norwegian People's Aid. Snippet
2014/04/11 A 2014-2021 strategic health plan is launched by national and state health ministries at the end of a workshop in Nairobi. The planning process has been supported by USAID, WHO, PSI, Mentor initiative, and malaria control officials from other African countries. Snippet 1788
2014/04 Aid agencies are helping government to eradicate Guinea Worm through a scheme of offering cash rewards to victims who report to treatment centres. The aid agencies concerned are Carter Centre, WHO, UNICEF and Rotary Club. Snippet 1763
2013/06/27 to 2013/06/28 Member of the NLA take part in a workshop 'to better understand how CDF funds have been used in the past, identify deficiencies in the current system from the legislation to the process of accounting for expenditures, and finally to make recommendations on how to improve the use of the CDF in the future'. This is organized by SUNY/CID and Deloitte with the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and the Constituency Fund Committee of the NLA. Snippet
2014/03 Much of the recent killing is driven by motives of ethnic-based revenge rather than political struggle, according to an UNMISS commander and a recent HRW report. Snippet
2014/03/06 A group of CSOs and their international supporters writes an open letter to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), urging it to (1) issue a resolution condemning violations of international law; (2) advocate immediate establishment of the commission of enquiry into human rights abuses which was promised by the AU Commission; (3) promote a culture of respect for human rights and the rule of law in South Sudan through an official visit and other advocacy measures. Snippet 1559
2014/03/04 The agriculture sector needs (1) more government spending (largely on roads), (2) more mechanization (funded by development agencies), (3) more farmer co-operatives, according to the chairperson of the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC), a non-profit company supported by business and international donors. Snippet
2014/02 The clinic, orphanage and schools destroyed - apparently by rebels - in Duk County were built and supported by JDF (John Dau Foundation), a US non-profit set up by a former 'lost boy'. Snippet 1512
2014/01/15 Human Rights Watch says there is 'serious and credible evidence' that cluster bombs have been used in fighting between GOSS and rebels in South Sudan, a claim which South Sudan's defence minister says is 'total lies'. Snippet 1397
2013/10 Tonj North County (Warrap State) launches a campaign to stop civilians carrying illegal firearms. The campaign is supported by Saferworld and The Organization of Children Harmony (TOCH). Tonj North and Tonj East have already agreed to limit the carrying of firearms in each other's territories. Snippet 1355
2013/06 to 2014 The Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation (CNHPR) was launched in July, and spent the second half of 2013 mainly in setting up structures and seeking funds. Structures will include a national secretariat and sub-committees in five states. 2014 is expected to see consultations at all levels leading to the creation of a national agenda for reconciliation. Current donors include the South African based Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR). Snippet 1340
2013/09 The ministry of education, UNESCO and Save the Children do not seem to be monitoring progress in illiteracy eradication. Their joint press release for World Literacy Day (8th September) quotes a literacy rate of 27% as 'current'. This is a figure given in the South Sudan Yearbook 2010 (p.48) on the basis of a survey in 2009. Snippet
2013 The number of trained medical staff in Yambio hospital falls from 208 in 2009 to 158 in mid-2013. This decrease is attributed largely to lack of promotion opportunities, so that many leave to join NGOs or become self-employed. Staff policies come under the state government. The impact is felt especially in lower antenatal care service. Meanwhile about 60% of the hospital's work is helped by MSF Spain. Snippet 1318
2013/10 A pioneering effort to extend HIV/AIDS counselling and testing from cities to rural areas is made by YMCA with support from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, in Yambio area. Snippet 1297
2013/09 Radio stations operated by Internews (an international NGO) form radio station associations, a move said to be a step towards community ownership. The stations are: Sobat FM in Upper Nile State, Naath FM in Unity State, Mayardit FM in Warrap State and Nhomlaau FM in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. The Internews project is funded by USAID. Snippet 1294
2013/09 Civil society groups hold a workshop on transparency and accountability in the management of public natural resources. They have a working group on accountability and transparency. Norwegian People's Aid is apparently involved in the workshop. The workshop appears to be a follow-up of the one of September 2012, looking at the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) worldwide coalition of coalitions. Snippet 1222
2013/08 AMREF announces that it is a USD 50,000 donation to provide water and sanitation facilities benefiting 6,000 people in Mangala Payam, Juba County. Snippet
2013/08 IRI is training the 48 state members of parliament of EES, focusing on the role of legislative committees. Snippet
2013/02/15 'South Sudan Law Society in partnership with the Civil Society Resource Team on the Constitution and with support from Justice Africa, Cordaid and IKV Pax Christi has concluded a three day dialogue on the constitution and the constitution review process in Bentiu, Unity State.' (SSLS 17 Feb 2013 via Sudan Tribune) Snippet 726
2013/02 Training on leadership for combating gender-based violence is being run in CES by South Sudan Women Empowerment Network with support from CHF. (SCRN 18 Feb 2013) Snippet 709
2013/02 NPA is supporting SSuLA (South Sudan Land Alliance). (SSuLA/Gurtong, 16 Feb 2013 and SSuLA website, accessed 20 Feb 2013) Snippet 686
2013/02/15 A public hearing at the National Legislative Assemby hears that the National Constitutional Review Commission has made little progress, and its size and duration may be curtailed, due to lack of funding. The meeting was supported by Embassy of Germany, IFES South Sudan and IRI. Snippet 674
2013/02 The Catholic Church related agency Solidarity with South Sudan officially opened a teacher training college in Yambio. Its other existing projects include a teacher training college in Malakal, 'a number of in job training four-year programs, a nursing school in Wau, an farming site in Rimenze and pastoral training programmes in various dioceses'. (SCRN, 15 February 2013) Snippet 670
2013/01 UNHAS (UN Humanitarian Air Services, run by WFP) says it will cease operation, due to lack of donor funds. The NGO forum expresses concern. (Waakhe Simon Wudu/Gurtong, 30 January 2013) Snippet 631
2012/08 PLAN catalyzes setting-up of small agriculture businesses (e.g. Lulu in Magwi County) funded by UNICEF “Small Medium Business Capacity Building” (CRN 25 Aug 2012) Snippet 567
2012/09 NPA is doing natural resource impact monitoring (e.g. in relation to TOTAL) (Miraya 21 Sep 2012) Snippet 566
2012 Khaedu Project – trains 25 mid-level civil servants over a 5-year period. Run by the Public Administration, Leadership and Management Academy (PALAMA) of RSA. (GOSS website, 1 Oct 2012) Snippet 563
2012/09 International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Sep 2012 Supports National Constitutional Review Commission (SCRN 10 Sep) Snippet 558
2012/08 German Foreign Ministry with Max Planck Institute supports conference and seminar helping inform the National Constitutional Review Commission (The Citizen, 21 Aug 2012) Snippet 554
2012/08 Dorcas Aid International supports 3-month training of women entrepreneurs in Wau through Gift of Hope for Women Development Organization (GOHWD)(Gurtong, 25 Aug 2012) Snippet 551
2012/09 In Sept 2012, CORDAID Supports 3-day national conference for civil society groups on resource management organized by Justice Africa. The conference seeks to learn from experiences of civil society groups in other countries under the Publish What You Pay Coalition. Snippet 549
2012/08 CAFOD was funding small loans to women entrepreneurs in groups in WES (CRN 25 Aug 2012) Snippet 546
2012/06 The African Governance Initiative, an NGO set up by Tony Blair, announced that it had begun work advising GOSS in June 2012 (AGI 4 July 2012) Snippet 545
2012/08 In Aug 2012 ACTED was facilitating community-led total sanitation (CLTS) drive with GOSS and UNICEF (ST 18 Aug) Snippet 539
Reference Mini-review
Oxfam, 2014. Above and beyond: Voices of hope from South Sudan [Book] Oxfam. Accessed online.

This short magazine-style book comprises accounts by individual South Sudanese people of their experiences in the aftermath of the violence and rebellion of December 2013. It is both moving and important: a vivid documentation of horrors which affected many people, but also crucially of the humanity and heroism of many South Sudanese.

AWEPA, 2013/12/02. Trainer’s manual on gender in local councils in the Republic of South Sudan [Book] Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa (AWEPA). Accessed online.

This 100-page manual is a collection of annotated checklists which could be useful beyond the exact purpose specified in the title. For instance, it could help people checking the gender-sensitivity of development programmes in many different countries. It is not very inspirational as regards the problem of making a mass of information and doctrine come to life educationally. There is also a Participants' Guide which presents much of the content in the same way, but leaves parts out, and adds space for taking notes.

AWEPA, 2013/12. Background to Decentralisation and the Local Government System [Book] Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa (AWEPA). Accessed online.

Published as a manual for training local councils in South Sudan, this book provides a useful outline of the institutional structure of local government.

Mark Akec Ciien, 2013/04/08. Update on South Sudan national healing and reconciliation [Publicity document] Sudan Council of Churches. Accessed online.

Communiqué which, on behalf of the leaders of the Sudan Council of Churches, expresses support in principle for the national reconciliation process started by Vice-President Riek Machar, and commitment to participate actively, but also suspicion of 'vested interests' particularly in government. It calls for discussion among church leaders, to formulate a common position.

IRI, 2013. Survey of South Sudan public opinion: April 24 - May 22, 2013 [Report] International Republican Institute. Accessed online.

Opinion surveys should often be treated with scepticism, due to scope for misunderstanding and hidden motives in the interviews. Nevertheless, this is interesting, particularly when compared with the earlier one of September 2011. There are too many individual points to summarize here, but it is very accessibly presented, so well worth flicking through. Headline is that about 2/3 of people say life is better than before Independence, but a narrow majority says South Sudan is going in the 'wrong direction' as opposed to a narrow majority for 'right direction' in September 2011.

Skills for South Sudan, 2011. Facing the future with determination [Publicity document] Skills for South Sudan. Accessed online.

Brochure about the agency

Skills for South Sudan, 2011. Building a new nation: Skills for South Sudan strategic plan 2012 - 2016 [Operating document] Skills for South Sudan. Accessed online.
Burlington Free Press, 2009/01/27. Lost boys charity regroups after turmoil [News item] Burlington Free Press. Accessed online.

Presents a salutory case of the difficulties of a US-based non-profit organisation trying to run a cutting-edge school project in South Sudan.

AWEPA (c2012-2014) South Sudan’s Legislative Assembly (SSLA) and State Assemblies
AWEPA (c2013-2014) South Sudan National Legislative Assembly (SSNLA) and Local Councils
DFID (2005-2010) Action Contre la Faim(ACF): Nutrition, Bentiu 2005
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Global Communities (c2013) Improving Market Potential for Returnees through Opportunities for Viable Economic development (IMPROVE)
Global Communities (c2013) Partnership Against Violence and Exploitation (PAVE)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Bold response initiatives to deter GBV in equatorial Sudan (BRIDGES)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Community livelihood improvement program for Southern Sudan (CLIPSS)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Southern Sudan radio distribution initiative (SSRDI)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Supporting economic transition by transforming livelihoods and environments (SETTLE)
Global Communities (pre-2013) Women’s empowerment to abate violence and exploitation (WEAVE)
IofC (2013-) South Sudan Initiative
MDG-F (2009-2012) Creating opportunities for youth employment in South Sudan
NESEI (2007-2015) The New Sudan School of Health Sciences
Skills for South Sudan (2008 - ) Support to effective administrative and democratic governance in Southern Sudan (SEADGOSS)
USAID (2013-2016) PROGRESS (Project for Good Governance in the Republic of South Sudan)
World Bank (perennial) Development Marketplace program
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