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IRI (International Republican Institute)

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2013/08 IRI is training the 48 state members of parliament of EES, focusing on the role of legislative committees. Snippet
2013/02/15 A public hearing at the National Legislative Assemby hears that the National Constitutional Review Commission has made little progress, and its size and duration may be curtailed, due to lack of funding. The meeting was supported by Embassy of Germany, IFES South Sudan and IRI. Snippet 674
Reference Mini-review
IRI, 2013. Survey of South Sudan public opinion: April 24 - May 22, 2013 [Report] International Republican Institute. Accessed online.

Opinion surveys should often be treated with scepticism, due to scope for misunderstanding and hidden motives in the interviews. Nevertheless, this is interesting, particularly when compared with the earlier one of September 2011. There are too many individual points to summarize here, but it is very accessibly presented, so well worth flicking through. Headline is that about 2/3 of people say life is better than before Independence, but a narrow majority says South Sudan is going in the 'wrong direction' as opposed to a narrow majority for 'right direction' in September 2011.

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