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James Hoth Mai

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2014/04/28 James Hoth Mai, recently sacked as SPLA General Chief of Staff, says the great majority of SPLA soldiers are illiterate and have tribal loyalty to former commanders or warlords who recruited them, and this is a cause of the current crisis. He also says he does not feel bad about being removed from the post, as he was under pressure, blamed by both Dinka and Nuer for being against them. Snippet
2014/04/23 President Kiir dismisses James Hoth Mai as SPLA Chief of General Staff, and replaces him with the Governor of NBGS, Paul Malong Awan. Kiir also dismisses Mac Paul as chief of military intelligence and replaces him with Marial Nuor. Marial Nuor was in 2011 charged with a variety of crimes including corruption and abuses of military power, but has apparently not yet been tried. Snippet 1863
2014/02 Eight senior SPLM officers gain masters degrees in Transformational Leadership and Change, from the International Leadership Institute (Ethiopia) in collaboration with the University of Greenwich (UK). The eight include: James Wani Igga, Clement Wani Konga, James Hoth Mai, and Joy Kwaje Eluzai. Snippet 1451
2013/08 Military exercises are held near Salva Kiir's weekend residence at Luri. Reportedly these are for a military unit which Kiir has ordered to be stationed in the area against the wishes of army Chief of Staff, James Hoth. Snippet 1062
2013/07/25 President Kiir is reported to have had difficulty appointing a new Vice-President. John Luk Jok, James Hoth Mai and Riek Gai Kok are reported to have turned down the job, while James Wani Igga was accused in consultative meetings of 'weakness and lack of seriousness as a leader'. Snippet 1032
Reference Mini-review
Deng Vanang, 2014/04/03. General James Hoth, SPLA Chief of General Staff [Article] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online.

Biographical article which probes the loyalties and motivations of James Hoth Mai, who, since the rebellion of December 2013 seems the most powerful Nuer office-holder remaining in GRSS.

Hume, 2007/03/25. Bibliography item: Hume (2007/03/25) "SPLA Chief of Staff says he might be replaced". (Operating document). USG/Wikileaks. [Operating document] USG/Wikileaks. Accessed online.

This leaked diplomatic cable recounts an interview of a US official with the then Chief of Staff of the SPLA, Oyai Deng. Oyai thinks he may be sacked soon, as he has disagreements with Salva Kiir. The cable is also of interest in detailing allegations of corruption by Mamur Mete.

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