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2014/04/01 Environment Minister Deng Deng Hoc Yai returns from UN environment conference in Japan, and warns of desertification if people continue to cut trees without replanting. He also hopes for a co-operation agreement with Japan on environment-friendly urban planning. Snippet
2014/03 Japan announces some details of its aid response to the crisis: USD 2.5m for mine action work through UNMAS and in association with the Japanese engineers in UNMISS; USD 1 million for the monitoring and verification mission; USD 0.5 million for AUHIP's work. Snippet 1616
2013/10/17 A water plant project is launched, funded by JICA (Japan government) to about USD 50 million, expected to supply clean water to about 60% of Juba's inhabitants. Snippet
2013/09 to 2013/10 20 CAHWs (community animal health workers) of Torit County (Eastern Equatoria State) are given a week's training, focussing on the problem East Coast Fever. The training is supported by Japan through the FAO. Snippet 1278
2013/04 JICA launches a $5.5m project to help turn South Sudan TV and radio into a true public servic broadcaster. (Matata Safi/GOSS website, 4 Apr 2013) Snippet 845
2012/07 2012 July: Waste collection system pilot is started with aid from JICA (Miraya 18 July 2012) Snippet 587
2012 Japan is reportedly giving $37m aid (“immediate needs”) to S Sudan in 2012, including 5.4m to IOM for migration and border management work (CRN 21 Aug 2012) JICA also to support TV and radio - $6.4m (CRN 23 Aug 2012, Miraya 23 Aug 2012) $1m for a peri-urban road in Juba, (JICO linked with UNMISS) (Gurtong 11 Oct) Snippet 562
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