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Johnson Ulony

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2014/02 General Johnson Ulony, leading GOSS forces in the battle with rebels for Malakal, is a Shilluk by tribe, who has been affiliated with Lam Akol's SPLM-DC. SPLM-DC appears to have sided with GOSS against the rebels. Snippet
2014/02/18 Rebels capture Malakal. State government officials escape with GOSS forces. GOSS/SPLM-DC general Johnson Ulony is wounded in the neck. Snippet
2013/04/26 President Kiir issues republican decree granting pardon to rebel forces, naming those of Maj. Gen. Gordon Kong, Maj. Gen. David Yau Yau, Maj. Gen. Bapiny Moyntuil Wicjang, Maj. Gen. Oyuog Ogot, Maj. Gen. Johnson Olwin and Maj. Gen. Munto Abdalla Munto. Snippet 1231
Reference Mini-review
HSBA, 2014/03/18. The Conflict in Upper Nile State [Article] Human Security Baseline Assessment for Sudan and South Sudan, Small Arms Survey. Accessed online.

2,000-word narrative on the rebellion-related fighting in Upper Nile State since December 2013.

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