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Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro

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2013/11 to 2014/03 Loggers associated with Dot Company are in dispute with the government of WES. They say the Governor threatened and locked them up. The government says they did not get the right permissions before felling teak trees in Embe plantation for transport to Uganda, and that protecting the law is done by the police, not the Governor. Snippet
2013/02/15 WES Governor Bakosoro calls for the release of Peter Abdurrahman Sule, leader of the United Democratic Front (UDF), who has been held without trial since 2011. He is alleged to have rebelled since failing to be elected Governor of Central Equatoria State in 2010. Snippet 676
Reference Mini-review
NSS-GIB, 2013. Current political situation and its containment strategy [Operating document] National Security Service - General Intelligence Bureau. Accessed online.

This is apparently a leaked top-secret document which, if genuine, provides insights into the political events of later 2013. It is a funding proposal by the NSS-GIB to enhance their capacity to know about the potentially destabilizing activities of some politicians and their supporters in the run-up to the SPLM's Third National Convention. Also for organizing support campaigns in South Sudan and internationally. It includes a budget for USD 7m. It lists various political figures as suspected of running 'underground political campaigns' (see topic tags and the original document for names).

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