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Julia Aker Duany

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2014/03/19 President Kiir dismisses the Vice-Chancellors of seven public universities, and appoints some of them in different universities. John Akec is appointed VC of Juba University, with Pauline Riek and Alfred Sebkt Lokuju as deputies. Samson Wasara is the new VC of the University of Western Bahr el Ghazal in Wau, and Julia Aker Duany the new VC of the John Garang Memorial University in Bor. Snippet 1665
Reference Mini-review
Civil society members, 2014/03/26. South Sudan Civil Society Declaration on Civil Society Engagement in the IGAD-Led Peace Process for Sustainable Peace and Development [Operating document] Gurtong. Accessed online.

This document signed by representatives of various civil society groups currently in Addis Ababa during peace talks, calls for: (1) a stop to the war between GRSS and rebels; (2) humanitarian corridors; (3) immediate amendment of the Transitional Constitution to curb executive powers, increase the independence of the Judiciary, and strengthen the process for creating a new constitution; (4) restructure the SPLA with ethnic diversity and a central command; (5) enhanced role of civil society; (6) peace talks to include a well-reasoned economic vision (7) civil society to be included in talks.

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