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2014/05/28 Rebel leader Riek Machar meets the President of Kenya in Nairobi, discussing the IGAD peace mechanisms. Snippet: Rebel leader Riek Machar meets the President of Kenya in Nairobi, disc....
2014/05/11 The East African Standard Gauge Railway protocol is signed by the presidents of Kenya and Uganda. The project is expected to link South Sudan to Uganda via Nimule and to Kenya via Nadapal. Work is due to start in October and take three years. The contractor is the China Communications Construction Company. Snippet: The East African Standard Gauge Railway protocol is signed by the pres....
2014/05/07 Kenya President Kenyatta receives the four politicians who were inconclusively tried for coup plotting: Pagan Amum, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, Majak D'Agoot and Oyay Deng. The four are expected to participate in the peace talks in Ethiopia. Snippet: Kenya President Kenyatta receives the four politic....
2014/04/26 President Kenyatta of Kenya makes a strong statement on the need of regional nations to put a stop to atrocities and the possibility of genocide in South Sudan. Snippet
2014/04/18 Kenya decides to increase its troop allocation to UNMISS, from 690 to 1,000. The soldiers are expected to be stationed in Wau. Snippet
2014/04 South Sudan is in the process of buying into the proposed Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) network project for East Africa (along with Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda), according to the project's Joint Technical Committee. This will entail a railway line between Kampala and Juba. Snippet
2014/03/05 Five East African countries have agreed to take part in a protection and stabilization force in South Sudan, by arrangement with IGAD, the AU and the UN. The countries are: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Djibouti and Burundi. Snippet 1542
2014/02/26 Kenyans will be able to obtain visas for South Sudan at the border instead of having to apply in Nairobi, according to a deal agreed when President Kenyatta visited Juba. Snippet
2014/02/26 Kenya President Kenyatta visits President Kiir in Juba and announces 310 extra soldiers for the Kenyan battalion in South Sudan. Snippet 1483
2013/10/29 President Kiir attends the 3rd Infrastructure and Africa Transform Projects Summit in Kigale, along with the presidents of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. They agree to form a Single Custom Territory without non-tariff barriers, and discuss other matters of infrastructure integration and movement of people across their common borders. Snippet 1373
2012/03/02 LAPSSET (the Lamu Port, South Sudan and Ethiopia Transport) corridor project - a Kenya-led regional transportation project - is inaugurated by the leaders of Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia. The project is planned to create: a heavy transportation road from Kenya to Nadapal (Eastern Equatoria State), a railway line connecting Kenya to Nakodok (Eastern Equatoria State) and an oil pipeline connecting South Sudan to Lamu Port in Kenya. Snippet 1320
2013/09 to 2013/10 Neighbouring border communities from the triangle area of South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda hold a peace conference in Kapoeta East. Snippet
2013/01/29 to 2013/01/30 A project conference for upgrading the Eldoret-Juba road is held in Nairobi on 29-30 January. The estimated cost is $1.3bn, and donors/financiers seemed less than enthusiastic. 'The European Union and European Investment Bank questioned the economic viability of the scheme, saying that if the costs were slashed they might reconsider. “We are not in a position to make any firm commitment at this stage. The benefits of this project are not well explained,” said Laurent Kibumbi, the Head of EU Infrastructure in Kenya.' (Mapuor Malual Manguen/The Niles, 7 February 2013). - Compare Snippet 629. Snippet 982
2013/04/09 UN convoy is attacked in Jonglei, killing 12 including five Indian peacekeepers and five employees of a company drilling wells for the UN, four of whom were Kenyans. SPLM attributes attack to Yauyau, but UN has not [yet] conclusively identified the attackers. Snippet 834
2013/02 GOSS officials fell Government of Kenya is too slow in pursuing the Lamu port and pipeline project. Snippet 705
2013/01/29 South Sudan and Kenya will upgrade the Eldoret-Juba road 'to international standards' at a cost of one billion US dollars, according to Minister of Roads, Gier Chuang Aluong and his Kenyan counterpart. The World Bank will co-ordinate syndicated loans for the project. (Eric Ombok/Bloomberg, 29 January 2013) (Compare Snippet 982) Snippet 629
2013/02 'In practice, most of the investment in South Sudan is still from neighboring countries, especially Kenya (for banking and transport), Uganda (for retail and telecoms), Ethiopia (for hotels), and Eritrea (for retail and hotels)' (Alex de Waal, 2013) Snippet 602
Reference Mini-review
IRIN, 2014/03/19. Regional interests at stake in the South Sudan crisis [Article] IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis. Accessed online.

Analysis of the motivations of South Sudan's key neighbours in the current crisis of rebellion and peace negotions.

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