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Koch County

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2014/03/14 UNV claims that members of Women Vision, a CBO it has helped set up in Koch County, have successfully persuaded 60 girls to return to school after dropping out. Women Vision also reportedly promotes womens' peacebuilding activities and peacebuilding. Snippet 1618
2013/08/19 Unity State caretaker governor, Joseph Nguen Monytuel sacks and replaces the county commissioners of Payinjiar, Rubkotna and Koch. Snippet
2013/08/01 to 2013/08/08 Heavy rain in Bentiu and other areas of Unity State in the first week of August leads to serious flooding. Snippet
2006 to 2008/04 Officials of Koch County in Unity State claim that 30 people have died in the last two years from the effects of water contamination produced by the Jath oilfield. Samples taken by an NGO called Sign of Hope are said to show nitrate level above 80 miligrams per litre. Snippet
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