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labour rights and conditions

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2014/05 Employees of AKC (Africa Kongdai Company, a roads contractor) complain at non-payment of salaries and harassment. Snippet: Employees of AKC (Africa Kongdai Company, a roads contractor) complain....
2014/04/22 The Secretary of the National Workers Union (NWU) says that: civil servants at state level should be paid similar wages to those at national levels; that state governments have been unhappy with the work of the NWU when it tries to follow up on employment rights; and that labour laws need to be reviewed. Snippet
2014/03 Unpaid road workers employed by Africa Kongdai in NBGS are on strike over unpaid salaries. Some say they have not been paid for seven months. Snippet
2013/10 The forthcoming Labour Act is expected to provide protections for physically disabled people. Officials say that 15 per cent of the South Sudan population is physically disabled. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
US Department of State, 2014. Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013: South Sudan [Report] US Department of State. Accessed online.

Lengthy, careful and systematic (though inevitably not comprehensive) account of human rights practices, cagegorized by: (1) respect for the integrity of the person; (2) respect for civil liberties; (3) respect for political rights; (4) corruption and lack of transparency in government; (5) governmental attitude to human rights investigations; (6) discrimination, societal abuses and trafficking in persons; and (7) worker rights.

US Department of State, 2013. South Sudan [Report] Trafficking in persons report 2013, pp.336-339. Accessed online.

Reports that trafficking occurs both across South Sudan's international borders and internally. Internally it is associated with population displacements, rural-urban migration and inter-ethnic abductions. Many of the victims are women and children in prostitution or domestic service in the cities, and children put to work in other ways. GRSS made negligable efforts to prevent trafficking or protect victims except in the area of recruitment to the police and army. The report recommends adoption and implementation of a national action plan to combat human trafficking.

John A. Akec, 2012/11. Oil industry labour practices in South Sudan [Report] Academics and Researchers' Forum for Development. Accessed online.

Report in the form of a slide presentation, which opens up an important field of concern. The abuses it finds are not startling, but mean there is plenty of room for improvement both by oil companies and government authorities, particularly regarding the abuse of short-term contracts, poor health-and-safety training, and a lack of systematic monitoring by government labour offices.

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