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Lakes State

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2014/06/05 The caretaker governor of Lakes orders chiefs and county commissioners to recruit 800 youth per county into the SPLA, and recruit them by force if necessary. Snippet: The caretaker governor of Lakes orders chiefs and county commissioners....
2014/05/26 to 2014/05/28 A peace conference is held for Lakes state traditional leaders and county commissioners trying to stem inter-communal violence. But some chiefs boycott it and it breaks up early. Police complain that the public is trying to isolate the government by not co-operating in criminal investigations. It appears that participants agreed on an idea put forward by the acting Lakes governor, of internal borders supervised by tribal courts. But some observers consider this impractical and likely to engender more conflict. Snippet: A peace conference is held for Lakes state traditional leaders and cou....
2014/05/23 156 people are reported dead in clashes between youth from Rumbek North and Cueibet Counties, Lakes State, according to police. The dead are mainly from Waat and Panyar sections. Many died in an ambush when returning home with raided cattle. Communities do not co-operate much with police investigations. A peace conference had started by 27 May. Snippet: 156 people are reported dead in clashes between youth from Rumbek Nort....
2014/04/11 to 2014/04/12 About 40 people are killed in inter-communal clashes in Rumbek East County (Lakes State): between Durbaar and Durceek clans and between Panyar and Nyuei clans. Snippet
2014/04/08 A peace conference between Rup and Kuei (Dinka) sections in Rumbek Central is set back after two MPs start fighting. Snippet
2013 At least five chiefs are dismissed during 2013 by the acting governor of Lakes State, Matur Chut Dhuol. The main reason is failure to arrest suspects in inter-communal killings. But the chiefs say this is the job of police. Snippet
2014/04 Lakes state bans logging and lumbering (rather than issuing licenses for it as previously). The state also requires charcoal and bamboo dealers to obtain permits. Snippet
2014/04/02 A forum of political parties and civil society organizations is held in Rumbek, facilitated by UNMISS. Snippet 1757
2014/04 Only 25 out of 105 pharmacies in Rumbek Central County are found to meet qualifying standards, when checked by the state health ministry. Snippet 1756
2014/03/30 Adak Costa Mapuor, the Lakes State advisor on gender and human rights, is beaten by soldiers looking for weapons in her home when she questions the disarming of her bodyguard. Snippet 1736
2014/03/31 8 people are reported killed and 14 wounded in an inter-communal attack in Rumbek County (Lakes State). Members of Nyan, Amotnhiim and Panguerkur clans are reported to have attacked members of Dhiei clan during a traditional ceremony. Snippet
2014/03/24 More than 60 cows are raided from Rumbek's central market: the first time a raid has happened there since 2005. Snippet
2014/03/21 A peace process is organized in Rumbek North county to reconcile youth from Gaak and Manuer sub-clans. Local MPs, chiefs and students take part. Snippet
2014/03 Fifteen more people are killed in further feuding between sub-sections of Kook Pacuar (Agar Dinka) in Rumbek East County. The state government is blamed by some for failing to investigate and prosecute the previous crimes, or send security forces to keep the peace. Snippet
2014/03/18 A water-piping system serving 30,000 people is handed over to Yirol County authorities. It was a project of UN-Habitat. A community resource centre by UNDP is also handed over. Snippet
2014/03/17 Soldiers are banned from moving around with firearms in Rumbek Town, by order of the Rumbek Central County commissioner. Snippet
2014/01 to 2014/03 The black market price for dollars in Rumbek falls from SSP 5 in January to SSP 4 in early March, but transport costs for goods from Uganda remain high. Snippet
2014/03 The paramount chief for Greater Bahr El Ghazal, Dhor Ariik Mawien, returns to Wau after two years of medical treatment abroad. Snippet 1630
2014/03 49 people (34 one week, 15 the next) are reported killed in fighting between Waat and Panyar clans in Cueibet County (Lakes State). The conflict was sparked when a girl from Panyaar became pregnant apparently by a man from Waat. Snippet 1623
2014/03/13 Ann Itto, Acting SG of the SPLM, meets the Lakes acting governor and the SPLM state secretary, apparently to try to resolve conflicts between them and promote unity under President Kiir. Snippet
2014/03 A cattle-camp youth in Lakes State claims that government investigation and enforcement of compensation can break the cycle of violence in cattle raiding, but that the government has not kept its promises in this regard. Snippet 1599
2014/03/09 Nine people are killed in fighting between Manuer and Gaak clans in Maper, Rumbek North County, believed to have begun in rivalry of men for a girl. Snippet
2014/03 Roads and telecommunications with a major hospital in Lakes (Mapourdit) remain very poor despite government promises. People resort to climbing trees in order to communicate. Snippet
2014/03 Mapourdit Hospital (Yirol West County) receives patients from four states (Lakes, WES, Warrap and WBGS). It is run by the Catholic church. Snippet
2014/03/06 A leader of the Lakes State Workers Union urges civil servants to continue working normally while the union pursues their grievances (primarily non-payment of allowances) with the government. Snippet
2014/03/04 SPLM officials in Lakes State boycott the swearing-in of the new state cabinet because they had not been informed of the reshuffle or been given a special invitation to the ceremony, which they consider their right. Snippet 1544
2014/02/28 Lakes State acting governor Matur reshuffles his cabinet, appointing some of his sharpest critics from the legislature. Snippet
2014/02/25 Notorious military prisons in Lakes State - Langcok and Ngatina/Ajakangau are closed down on orders of President Kiir, having been set up by the acting Lakes governor, Matur Dhuol, 13 months previously. Snippet
2014/02 Four Lakes state officials are suspended, apparently on orders from caretaker governor Dhuol, after allegedly organizing teachers' demonstrations against the state's stoppage of civil servant allowances. The governor says the allowances are only for the military, but others say they are due for all civil servants. Snippet
2014/01 Over a hundred students from Lakes State studying in East Africa complain because the Lakes State governor has stopped the allowances which in many cases they depended on. Snippet 1408
2013/10/29 The speaker of the Lakes state assembly is replaced, apparently largely through the agency of the SPLM chairman for the state, Daniel Awet Akot, changing a previous decision of SPLM members of the assembly. In the end, MPs are asked to choose among candidates from one particular county: Cueibet. Snippet
2013/10/16 A Darfurian businessman is murdered in Rumbek. Most trading shops in Rumbek are owned by Darfurians. Many foreign-owned shops and bars seem to have been closing recently in Lakes State, due to insecurity and harassment by security services. Snippet
2013/10/08 The torture by lashing of 23 uncharged detainees, and various abuses in office by the commissioner of Yirol West County, are alleged in a press release from Yirol West Youth Union in Juba. This follows the incident at Yirol Boys Primary School on 27th September. The press release also argues that the legitimate work of the local MP, David Deng Athorbei, is being prevented by the commissioner and the acting state governor. Snippet
2013/10 36 members of the Lakes State assembly declare a 14-day strike (no participation in house business) in an attempt to remove the house speaker, who is accused of following too much the will of the caretaker governor (Matur Chut Dhuol) rather than the state constitution. Snippet
2013/10/08 The Unity State Assembly only now approves the communiqué and resolutions of June's Tri-State Conference on issues of border security with Lakes and Warrap States. Snippet 1325
2013/06/19 The governors of Unity, Warrap and Lakes states sign a communique at the end of a Tri-State Conference on Cross-Border Security Issues, following recent violence. The communique reports resolutions and immediate action points. Snippet
2013/10 The acting governor of Lakes State, Matur Chuot Dhuol, stops an inauguration ceremony for the officers of Lakes State University Students Union at the last minute. Snippet
2013/10/06 The Lakes State governor sets up an investigation committee into the recent disturbances and controversial arrests in Yirol West County, saying they should be seen as a personal case between the county commissioner, Colonel Majak Ruei, and MP David Deng Athorbei. Snippet
2013/10 A screening finds that, out of 483 civil servants on the payroll of Lakes State, 74 were on medical leave, 134 on approved study leave, 29 had died in service, 79 had left the job. 124 names had been wrongly added to the payroll. The Lakes governor had stopped the salaries of those on medical leave, study leave, and secondment to NGOs, and now all salaries are suspended. Snippet
2013/10/02 The acting governor of Lakes State, Matur Chut Dhuol, swore in a new set of state ministers without the approval of the state assembly. An MP said this was illegal. Snippet
2013/03 to 2013/10 Lakes State government has been operating without a properly-approved budget, due to disagreement between the acting governor and the state parliament Snippet
2013/10/03 Local government administrative unions send letter of protest and appeal to the acting governor of Lakes State, after Yirol West county commissioner orders (apparently illegally) the arrest and detention (possibly involving torture) of county administrators, teachers and students. This follows violent protests after MP David Deng Athorbei was prevented from addressing a meeting. It is also reported that the commissioner attempted to transfer 14 of the prisoners to Rumbek Central County, but the vehicles turned back due to 'pressure from top authority in Juba'. Snippet
2013/10/01 Lakes State acting governor, Matur Chut Dhuol, sacks David Mayom Riak as commissioner of Awerial County and replaces him with Andrew Ayueu Karo. Snippet
2013/09/30 The parliament of Lakes State re-opens after six months of recess. Under the constitution, recess should not be longer than three months. The delay was partly due to struggle over the position of speaker. On a recent visit to Lakes, President Kiir directed that the existing speaker should remain in office. The parliament was originally shut by acting governor Matur Chuol Dhuol. In re-opening it he said that security had improved but did not present evidence. Snippet
2013/09/30 The acting governor of Lakes State sacks his cabinet, shortly after a visit to the state by President Kiir. The number of ministries is to be reduced from 14 to 10 Snippet 1236
2013/03/21 The 60-day deadline apparently required in law is broken, for the holding of gubernatorial elections in Lakes State, following the sacking of Chol Tong Mayay as governor in January. The acting governor appointed by President Kiir - Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol - remains in place. Snippet
2013/09/27 to 2013/09/30 The Lakes State government apparently tries to stop a meeting being addressed by MP and former minister David Deng Athorbei. Deng returns to Juba, but there are then demonstrations and damage to the county commissioner's office, resulting in many arrests, of teachers and administrators as well as youth. Snippet 1234
2013/09/26 China signs agreements with South Sudan for providing anti-malarial medicines, and training staff in Rumbek hospital. Transfer of money through the Chinese Exim bank for other projects has been delayed, but is expected to go ahead soon. Snippet
2013/06 In June, Lakes State Governor, Matur Chut Dhuol, bans alcohol in the state in an effort to reduce fighting. However it takes away an income source for many, while producers with good connections are said to be able to sell it for consumption in big hotels. Snippet
2013/08/02 The caretaker governor of Lakes State, Matur Chut Dhuol, urges all civilians to surrender their weapons, and orders the army to shoot any armed civilian. (?in Rumbek East County?) Snippet
2013/08/02 Following the killing of two teachers, apparently in feuding involving the Pamany sub-section, the caretaker governor of Lakes State, Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol orders the closure of all primary schools in Rumbek East County, and threatens chiefs with dismissal if they don't identify the likely culprits. Snippet
2013/07 There is a new round of at least three killings in the feud between Pathoth and Pamany sub-sections of Kok Dinka in Rumbek East. Snippet
2013/02 The acting governor of Lakes State orders imprisonment of 50 members of Pamany and Pathoth, feuding sub-sections of Kok Dinka. They are held without charge. Snippet 1041
2013/03 Australian Consul-General, Jeffrey Houston, is harrassed by Lakes State authorities at Rumbek airport, when apparently assisting a locally-born Australian citizen to leave. Snippet 846
2013/01 Government of Lakes State attempts to enforce 2008 Child Act prohibition on traditional mutilation. (Aping Kuluel, 2013) Snippet 624
2012/09 Daniel Awet Akot, as SPLM chairperson for Lakes State (he is also Deputy Speaker of the SSLA), appoints Mabor Ater Dhuol as Secretary for the SPLM in Lakes: a move which is seen as unconstitutional by some other Lakes SPLM officials, who say it did not involve consultation (Sudan Tribune, 5 February 2013) Snippet 610
2013/02 Lakes State caretaker governor, Major General Matur Chut Dhuol, threatens to shut down the state parliament if it discusses ethnically-sensitive politics. He also says that human rights people will not have access to people arrested for recent inter-ethnic clashes. Snippet 609
2013/01/22 President Salva Kiir by decree sacks Chol Tong Mayay as Governor of Lakes State, and replaces him by a caretaker military governor, Major General Matur Chut Dhuol, after further inter-clan clashes between Amothnhom and Panyon sections of the Dinka cost 25 lives earlier in the month. Major General Matur's mandate is to restore peace and security. (Sudan Tribune, 5 February 2013) Snippet 608
2012/08 TOTAL supports women’s co-op in Rumbek East, (CRN 25 Aug 2012) Snippet 569
Reference Mini-review
Juma Mabor Marial, 2014/05/11. Bibliography item: Juma Mabor Marial (2014/05/11) "The Genesis and Phenomenon of Intra-Clans’ Conflict and Revenge Attacks in Lakes State". (Article). South Sudan News Agency. [Article] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online., Accessed online., Accessed online.

In this three-part article, totalling over six thousand words, Juma Mabor Marial suggests there is an innate tendency for clan feuding among the Galweng (cattle-herding youth), and blames leaders and educated elites for failing to curb it. He says it was limited more effectively during the war before 2005, due to the strength of relatively uninhibited military rule. But since then, although governors have had military backgrounds, the peacetime conditions did not allow them to impose force so easily, and they were not educated enough to find civil ways of governing.

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