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Lam Akol Ajawin

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2014/06/01 Lam Akol (leader of parliamentary opposition party SPLM-DC) adds his voice to calls for a federal system of governance, and de-linking of the national army from the ruling SPLM party. Snippet: Lam Akol (leader of parliamentary opposition party SPLM-DC) adds his v....
2014/04/23 SPLM-DC Chairman, Lam Akol, in Juba, urges youth not to allow themselves to be exploited for others' political and military ambitions. Snippet
2014/02 General Johnson Ulony, leading GOSS forces in the battle with rebels for Malakal, is a Shilluk by tribe, who has been affiliated with Lam Akol's SPLM-DC. SPLM-DC appears to have sided with GOSS against the rebels. Snippet
2011/10/11 Lam Akol Ajawin takes President Kiir's recent pardoning of him to amount to a guarantee of his security, saying that it enables him to return to South Sudan. Snippet
2013/10/7 President Kiir issues a Republican Order pardoning Dr Lam Akol Ajawin, without specifying what offence is pardoned, but saying 'he is free to come back home'. Snippet
Reference Mini-review
NSS-GIB, 2013. Current political situation and its containment strategy [Operating document] National Security Service - General Intelligence Bureau. Accessed online.

This is apparently a leaked top-secret document which, if genuine, provides insights into the political events of later 2013. It is a funding proposal by the NSS-GIB to enhance their capacity to know about the potentially destabilizing activities of some politicians and their supporters in the run-up to the SPLM's Third National Convention. Also for organizing support campaigns in South Sudan and internationally. It includes a budget for USD 7m. It lists various political figures as suspected of running 'underground political campaigns' (see topic tags and the original document for names).

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