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2014/06/06 to 2014/06/07 IGAD organizes a ‘multi-stakeholder symposium’ in Addis Ababa ‘to initiate an inclusive phase of the peace process in South Sudan’. The event includes opposition, political parties, faith-based groups and civil society organizations. Snippet: IGAD organizes a ‘multi-stakeholder symposium’ in Addis Ababa ‘t....
2014/06/03 to 2014/06/04 Thousands of IDPs at Melijo (20km from Nimule, Magwi County) are reported in dire need of medical care and other assistance. The EES health minister says there is no IDP camp, but as citizens the people can access facilities in Mogali Payam and Nimule Town. (The IDPs from Jonglei were previously offered relocation to a different part of EES but refused.) However, UNHCR and Health Link South Sudan go ahead with a needs assessment and registration. Snippet: Thousands of IDPs at Melijo (20km from Nimule, Magwi County) are repor....
2014/05/29 to 2-14/05/31 Controversy erupts over the selection of civil society groups to take part in peace talks under IGAD. IGAD mediator Lazaro Sumbeiywo visits Juba and is accused by the South Sudan Civil Society Alliance of rejecting them in favour of Citizens for Peace and Justice (which is not registered with the government). Snippet: Controversy erupts over the selection of civil society groups to take ....
2014/05 A women‘s coalition inspects EES state prison in Torit and finds alarming sanitary and welfare conditions, which a prison officer attributes to inadequate state funding. Snippet: A women‘s coalition inspects EES state prison in....
2014/04/26 The CPJ (Citizens for Peace and Justice) calls on both GRSS and rebels to publicly denounce the crimes committed by their own forces, and hold the perpetrators accountable. It also calls for adherence to January's Cessation of Hostilities agreement, admission of civil society representatives to the IGAD-facilitated negotiations, and free secure access for the AU Commission of Inquiry. Snippet
2014/04/22 The Secretary of the National Workers Union (NWU) says that: civil servants at state level should be paid similar wages to those at national levels; that state governments have been unhappy with the work of the NWU when it tries to follow up on employment rights; and that labour laws need to be reviewed. Snippet
2014/04 The new NPPR (National Platform for Peace and Reconciliation) initiative intends to establish a 'body of truth' by engaging many different parts of society, hearing individual and community grievances going back many years, documenting them systematically, aiming to develop a 'new culture of honesty, openness and truth', which can then support other processes of engagement with powerful actors. Snippet
2014/04/14 The Union of National Banks of South Sudan donates a thousand bags of food (sugar, beans and flour) for displaced people and the army in Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile. Snippet
2014/04 The South Sudan Land Alliance holds its second general assembly, supported by Norwegian People's Aid. Snippet
2013/11 1,851 students sit the South Sudan School Certificate Exams in November 2013. The pass rate is 65%. Church-aided schools perform better than government and private schools. There are no results for two schools whose exam papers were destroyed in events of the rebellion. Results are withheld for three schools where cheating was suspected. Snippet
2014/04/05 A National Platform for Peace and Reconciliation (NPPR) is launched, said to be independent of government, but joining the work of three bodies with government mandates: the the Peace and Reconciliation Commission, the Specialised Committee on Peace and Reconciliation in the National Legislative Assembly, and the Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation. NPPR is fronted by Archbishop Daniel Deng and has major support from churches. President Kiir welcomes the initiative, but VP Wani Igga suggests it has no role until GRSS has reached a high-level agreement with the rebels. Snippet 1753
2014/04/04 SUDRA, the relief department of the Episcopal Church (ECSSS), is active in trying to assist displaced people [mainly Dinka from Jonglei] in Nimule area. Local people originally resisted their settlement, but local government has recently allocated land in Miljok to settle 35,000 persons. Snippet
2014/03/28 A peace agreement is initialled by negotiators of GRSS and SSDM-Cobra (David Yauyau militia). The agreement is to create a Greater Pibor Administrative Area, similar to a new state. It also involves a special development fund, increased representation of Murle people in the National Legislative Assembly, and positions for Murle in the national government. The agreement was facilitated by a South Sudanese Church Leaders Mediation Initiative (CLMI). Snippet 1715
2014/03 The Secretary-General of the National Islamic Council appoints a new caretaker Secretary-General for the Islamic Council in WBGS. This is intended to resolve a long-running dispute between the Council's executive and legislative bodies in that state. Snippet
2014/03/22 to 2014/03/26 Sudan Tribune (ST) reports a press statement from one Wani Tombe Lako, claiming to represent an umbrella organization of political parties, NGOs and others called GRECOR (Greater Equatoria Council of Rights). ST says that Wani is a resident of Khartoum but GRECOR has an office in Juba. The statement says GRECOR is joining Riek Machar's negotiating team, as his rebellion promotes governance reforms needed by Equatorians. ST reports that some Equatorians agree with this, but others (including WES Governor Bakosoro) do not. Snippet
2014/03/20 The Anti-Corruption Commission of EES meets with members of the state's Youth Union, saying that limited resources mean it needs them (and other citizens) to help in the fight against corruption. But the youth chairperson complains at lack of transparency in the work of the Commission, and failure to name even one suspect so far. Snippet 1675
2014/01 GRSS signs a cessation of hostilities agreement with David Yau Yau group (Cobra Faction of the South Sudan Democratic Movement/Army). The talks have been facilitated by church leaders. Snippet
2014/03/17 The SSLS in Yei conducts awareness-raising with citizens about the Communities Development Fund (CDF), its scope for corruption, and how citizens should hold to account the MPs and others involved. Snippet
2014/03/14 Culture minister Nadia Arop says the Musicians' Union needs to be legalized within six months. Snippet
2014/03/14 UNV claims that members of Women Vision, a CBO it has helped set up in Koch County, have successfully persuaded 60 girls to return to school after dropping out. Women Vision also reportedly promotes womens' peacebuilding activities and peacebuilding. Snippet 1618
2014/03 A press release from Rally for Peace and Democracy (RPD) expresses alarm at living conditions inside IDP camps run by the UN, claiming that children are dying daily. It also alleges that people in the camps have been shot at and killed by people on the outside as a result of government propaganda from the Information Minister and others that the camps are sheltering armed rebels. Snippet
2014/03 Mapourdit Hospital (Yirol West County) receives patients from four states (Lakes, WES, Warrap and WBGS). It is run by the Catholic church. Snippet
2014/03/10 At big youth rally attended by senior politicians in Juba, many call for the replacement of Hilde F. Johnson as UN Special Representative for a failure to maintain neutrality during the rebellion. Magel Ring Machar, chairperson of the Political Parties Youth Forum is applauded when calling for power to be contested by constitutional means, not rebellion. Snippet
2014/03 A local NGO - the Interchurch Medical Association (IMA) - is under contract from the Ministry of Health to coordinate and deliver services. Snippet 1561
2014/03/06 A group of CSOs and their international supporters writes an open letter to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), urging it to (1) issue a resolution condemning violations of international law; (2) advocate immediate establishment of the commission of enquiry into human rights abuses which was promised by the AU Commission; (3) promote a culture of respect for human rights and the rule of law in South Sudan through an official visit and other advocacy measures. Snippet 1559
2014/03 The WBGS state assembly and the state branch of UJOSS criticize the state government for attempting to stop the media reporting the assembly's voting out of the state finance minister. Snippet
2014/03/06 A leader of the Lakes State Workers Union urges civil servants to continue working normally while the union pursues their grievances (primarily non-payment of allowances) with the government. Snippet
2014/03/01 The Teachers Professional Union in CES complains about non-payment of allowances so far this year, especially in view of high living costs in Juba. Snippet
2014/02/28 Trucks bearing relief aid from Juba are having to pay heavy 'taxes' at roadblocks - USD 1 to 3 thousand to Bor; 3 to 6 thousand to Bentiu - according to civil society organization CEPO. Snippet 1493
2014/02 MATD (Minyori Agency for Transformation and Development) conducts a constitution review workshop in Tore Payam, Yei River County. Outcomes reported by Radio Easter focussed on participants' views of appropriate punishments for crimes, including dropping out of school. Snippet
2014/02/22 A press release from Citizens for Peace and Justice (CPJ) notes delays and lack of transparency in human rights investigations launched by the AU and GRSS since the outbreak of rebellion in December 2013. It calls on GRSS to facilitate rather than obstruct human rights investigations by South Sudanese human rights organizations. Snippet 1446
2014/02/18 Citizens for Peace and Justice (CJP - a coalition of CSOs from inside South Sudan and from the diaspora) at a meeting in Nairobi agrees recommendations on the peace talks, including the participation of civil society. Snippet
2013/10 Tonj North County (Warrap State) launches a campaign to stop civilians carrying illegal firearms. The campaign is supported by Saferworld and The Organization of Children Harmony (TOCH). Tonj North and Tonj East have already agreed to limit the carrying of firearms in each other's territories. Snippet 1355
2013/10/10 Civil society group CEPO petitions the AU to stick to a fixed timetable for the Abyei referendum, rather than continuing to call for negotiations. Snippet
2013/10/08 The head of the SSWU (South Sudan Workers Union) calls on Juba University teaching staff to cancel their strike threat, following positive action by the government. Professors basic pay had been reduced from about USD 2,700 to USD 1,500, and pay of teaching assistants from USD 870 to USD 500. Their allowances are said to be in arrears of 14 months. President Kiir has ordered a reinstatement of allowances. Snippet
2013/10/09 The South Sudan Law Society calls for an end to the death penalty as a judicial sentence in South Sudan. Snippet
2013/10 A Jonglei-based group called Youth Mama Church Farmers is trying to promote peace through demonstration of farming for self-reliance. Snippet
2013/10 A pioneering effort to extend HIV/AIDS counselling and testing from cities to rural areas is made by YMCA with support from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, in Yambio area. Snippet 1297
2012 to 2013 UJOSS (the Union of Journalists of South Sudan), together with AMDISS (Association of Media Development in South Sudan) have been organizing national and state-level dialogue with security agencies, including the SPLA's Directorate of Information and Moral Orientation. UJOSS has registered more than 20 incidents of trouble between journalists and security agencies in 2013, but its chairperson says that in general it is a problem of 'misunderstanding'. Snippet
2013/10/03 Local government administrative unions send letter of protest and appeal to the acting governor of Lakes State, after Yirol West county commissioner orders (apparently illegally) the arrest and detention (possibly involving torture) of county administrators, teachers and students. This follows violent protests after MP David Deng Athorbei was prevented from addressing a meeting. It is also reported that the commissioner attempted to transfer 14 of the prisoners to Rumbek Central County, but the vehicles turned back due to 'pressure from top authority in Juba'. Snippet
2013/09 The Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) joins the Federation of African Journalists, a move which is expected to help it promote press standards and rights. Snippet
2013/09 Civil society groups hold a workshop on transparency and accountability in the management of public natural resources. They have a working group on accountability and transparency. Norwegian People's Aid is apparently involved in the workshop. The workshop appears to be a follow-up of the one of September 2012, looking at the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) worldwide coalition of coalitions. Snippet 1222
2013/08 International trade bodies and the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce discuss the formation of a South Sudan Shippers Council, which would help tackle such problems as slow clearance of containers in Mombasa. (Currently there are about 66 uncleared containers, apparently partly because some importers judge that the accumulation of fees makes them uneconomic to clear.) Snippet
2013/08/15 The South Sudan Law Society condemns death threats made against lawyers representing Pagan Amum, which it believes to have been made by government officials. Snippet 1139
2013/08 Dialogue between representatives of media and National Security is being organized in various states by the Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) and the Association of Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS). Snippet
2013/07 The General Assembly of the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC) decides to split the organization, forming a separate South Sudan Council of Churches. Festus Abdel Aziz James is elected as General Secretary. Snippet 1035
2013/07/25 The president of the Civil Society Alliance, Deng Athuai, welcomes the mass sacking of ministers, on grounds that they were largely corrupt, and asks for them to be replaced with new faces. Snippet 1028
2013/07/19 The Civil Society Resource Team (CSRT) on the constitutional review process completes a set of citizens' dialogues in all the states of South Sudan, and issues a summary of the views expressed. Snippet 994
2013/02/15 'South Sudan Law Society in partnership with the Civil Society Resource Team on the Constitution and with support from Justice Africa, Cordaid and IKV Pax Christi has concluded a three day dialogue on the constitution and the constitution review process in Bentiu, Unity State.' (SSLS 17 Feb 2013 via Sudan Tribune) Snippet 726
2013/02 Yambio Youth County Association is formed and Yambio Youth Information Centre is opened. Senior county authorities evidently hope for less conflict among the youth. Snippet 723
2013/02 Himango - a small local NGO - opens a vocational training centre for youth in Tonj South County. Snippet 722
2013/02 Catholic church in Juba and Yei claims that people are taking its land and government sometimes supports this. (SCRN, 18 Feb) Snippet 719
2013/02 Training on leadership for combating gender-based violence is being run in CES by South Sudan Women Empowerment Network with support from CHF. (SCRN 18 Feb 2013) Snippet 709
2013/02 NPA is supporting SSuLA (South Sudan Land Alliance). (SSuLA/Gurtong, 16 Feb 2013 and SSuLA website, accessed 20 Feb 2013) Snippet 686
2013/01 Community Empowerment Progress Organization (CEPO) launches a project for consultation and lobbying on a comprehensive Bill of Rights for the forthcoming constitution, including translation into national languages (?of the interim Bill of Rights?). It is funded by the EU (70,000 Euros). (Yoal Manyang/Upper Nile Times, 29 January 2013, Catholic Radio Network, 29 January 2013). Snippet 626
2012/08 Sept 2012: the office of South Susan Human Rights Society For Advocacy (SSHURSA) was raided by unknown gunmen (ST 6 Sep) Snippet 568
2012 Kush Land Education Project. Runs computer competence training with support from UNESCO (GOSS website 12 Oct 2012) Snippet 565
2012/08 Dorcas Aid International supports 3-month training of women entrepreneurs in Wau through Gift of Hope for Women Development Organization (GOHWD)(Gurtong, 25 Aug 2012) Snippet 551
2012 Diar for Rehabilitation and Development Association identifies and implements community projects funded by TOTAL in Block 3 (Miraya 21 Sept) Snippet 550
2012/09 In Sept 2012, CORDAID Supports 3-day national conference for civil society groups on resource management organized by Justice Africa. The conference seeks to learn from experiences of civil society groups in other countries under the Publish What You Pay Coalition. Snippet 549
2012/07 In July 2012, CEPO (Community Empowerment for Progress Organization) presents report of 50 killings in Juba over six months, many apparently by police (Miraya 18 July 2012) Snippet 547
Reference Mini-review
ABA Rule of Law Initiative, 2014/06. Bibliography item: ABA Rule of Law Initiative (2014/06) "Assessment of Justice, Accountability and Reconciliation Measures in South Sudan". (Report). American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative. [Report] American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative. Accessed online.

21-page report. Probably the most authoritative assessment so far that GRSS has failed seriously to investigate the atrocities since December 2013 or move to prosecute perpetrators. Reporting fears that the AU Commission of Inquiry might deflect such investigation and prosecution, the report calls for a new mechanism involving professional investigation teams with a UN Chapter VII mandate. It also calls for international reinforcement of the National Platform for Peace and Reconciliation (NPPR) initiative. (The report was funded but not necessarily endorsed by the US State Department.)

David K. Deng, 2014/05. Bibliography item: David K. Deng (2014/05) "Special Court for Serious Crimes (SCSC): A Proposal for Justice and Accountability in South Sudan". (Report). South Sudan Law Society. [Report] South Sudan Law Society. Accessed online.

This 12-page working paper is an important step in developing the idea of using a hybrid court to try people responsible for gross atrocities in the recent violent conflict. It considers many practical implications of the idea and creates a solid framework for further discussion and action. Its key recommendations are: (1)  Include language in a peace agreement providing for justice and accountability; (2) Prohibit amnesties for international crimes; (3) Educate people about the court; (4) Assess national capacity to administer a hybrid court; (5) Adopt regional and international treaties.

Awak Bior and others, 2014/03/31. [Letter to African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan] Re: Initial Recommendations on the Implementation of the Mandate of the Commission of Inquiry [Operating document] South Sudan News Agency. Accessed online.

This clear-visioned open letter from members of CPJ (Citizens for Peace and Justice) gives advice to the AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan, and sets out 'Five Pillars of a "Just Peace"'. The advice is about: (1) stakeholders in civil society who should be engaged with; (2) need for the Commission to communicate with the public; (3) suggested first steps when they arrive in South Sudan. The 'Five Pillars' are: (1) Truth before forgiveness; (2) Justice is non-negotiable; (3) Reparations: A Transition from Victimhood to Citizenship; (4) Institutional reform; (5) Memorialization.

Civil society members, 2014/03/26. South Sudan Civil Society Declaration on Civil Society Engagement in the IGAD-Led Peace Process for Sustainable Peace and Development [Operating document] Gurtong. Accessed online.

This document signed by representatives of various civil society groups currently in Addis Ababa during peace talks, calls for: (1) a stop to the war between GRSS and rebels; (2) humanitarian corridors; (3) immediate amendment of the Transitional Constitution to curb executive powers, increase the independence of the Judiciary, and strengthen the process for creating a new constitution; (4) restructure the SPLA with ethnic diversity and a central command; (5) enhanced role of civil society; (6) peace talks to include a well-reasoned economic vision (7) civil society to be included in talks.

Elena Balatti, 2014/03/07. Malakal: An Eye-Witness Diary [Article] Gurtong. Accessed online.

Valuable testimony by a nun, which helps one visualise more clearly what happened in Malakal during in early 2014.

CSRT, 2013/07/19. The Civil Society Resource Team on the Constitution Review Process upon Completion of the Citizens’ Dialogues on the Constitution in all ten states of South Sudan [Publicity document] Civil Society Resource Team on the Constitutional Review Process. Accessed online.

This press release outlines the schedule of state-level civil society consultations undertaken by the CSRT and summarizes the main views expressed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the views are broadly in line with international conventions on human, civil and political rights. Most distinctively, the reported views call for reduction in presidential powers and more devolution of powers and resources to the states. While one could question the representativeness of the consultation process, this document helps clarify a progressive agenda on the constitution.

George Jangara Modi, 2013. Cardinal Zubeir Wako: 50 years in service of souls [Book] (Unknown publisher).

Biography of the senior Roman Catholic figure in Sudan and South Sudan

Nicola Loise de Jager, 2009/07. Bibliography item: Nicola Loise de Jager (2009/07) "Voice and accountability in one party dominant systems: A comparative case study of Mexico and South Africa". (Thesis). University of Pretoria. [Thesis] University of Pretoria. Accessed online.

Argues that dominant parties ruling in a state tend to be caught up in a dynamic of centralization. They can adopt strategies such as patronage, cadre deployment, the establishment of economic and ideological monopolies, which lead to increased authoritarianism. Opposition parties and civil society can partly resist this dynamic by representing citzen interests, mobilizing the public in political participation, maintaining pressure on the government for public accountability.

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