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LRA (Lord's Resistance Army)

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2014/05/06 The UN Secretary-General says he understands that LRA leader Joseph Kony is hiding in Sudan-controlled areas of the disputed border area between Sudan and South Sudan, near the border with CAR. Snippet: The UN Secretary-General says he understands that ....
Reference Mini-review
Phil Lancaster and Ledio Cakaj, 2013/07. Loosening Kony’s grip: effective defection strategies for today’s LRA [Report] The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative. Accessed online.

Describes efforts to defeat the LRA, and Joseph Kony in particular. Detects a window of opportunity in the form of current high levels of disaffection in LRA ranks. Recommends stronger and more co-ordinated demobilization, disarmament and reintegration (DDR) efforts for LRA defectors.

Craig Whitlock, 2012/06/17. Contractors run U.S. spying missions in Africa [News item] The Washington Post. Accessed online.

Provides insights into the dynamics of violence along South Sudan's western border.

HSBA, 2012-2013. Lord’s Resistance Army update [Report] Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment, Small Arms Survey. Accessed online.

A useful page which is periodically updated.

Wolfgang Zeller, 2010. Illicit resource flows in Sugango: Making war and profit in the border triangle of Sudan, Uganda and Congo-DRC [Report] In Henni Alava (ed) 'Exploring the security-development nexus: Perspectives from Nepal, Northern Uganda and "Sugango"'. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. Accessed online.
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